Everybody Poops… but no one needs to know with Toilies!

Have you ever been uncomfortable using the restroom in public or shared spaces?

Toilies® are the patented, portable solution for blocking odors. Unlike sprays and drops, Toilies® are sold in a single-use package that is virtually weightless and paper-thin. Perfectly sized to discreetly stash in a wallet, purse or pocket for those unexpected times when you have to “go” away from home. Leakproof, spill proof, and effective… Toilies® are like having a personal air freshener!

Toilies’s® unique scent is released once the packet is opened. When dropped on the water, it magically dissolves and creates a barrier that traps unpleasant odors. The Toilies® scent is a proprietary blend of natural essential oils…entirely effective, but not overwhelming as other bathroom drops and sprays tend to be. No airborne particulates to irritate lungs or damage finishes, either. With a mixture that includes cool peppermint and tranquil lavender, the aroma therapeutic properties of this scented blend evoke relaxation, calmness and refreshment. Toilies® are also non-toxic, chemical-free and septic safe.

Toilies®: the newest and best solution for any situation where one might have to go – on the go. Traveling, public restrooms, dating, dorm rooms, offices, shared hotel rooms and more. They’re a thoughtful addition to the guest bathroom at home, too.

Toilies® retail for $6.50 for a package of 10 and are available online at www.toilies.com


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