Posts Written On December 31, 2017

Detox Your Face This New Year… with Adore’s Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Mask!

Need a beauty vamp-up this New Year? Do your face need an intense (but gentle) detoxing mask? We’d like to introduce you to Adore’s ICON Edition Detoxing Activated Charcoal Mask. Complete with ingredients that are gentle enough to nourish your skin – think avocado oil, olive oil, aloe vera, and bergamot – this mask will also penetrate deeply to clear away clogged pores and tired-looking skin.

Retailing at $72.00, Adore uses Organic Plant Stem Cells cultivated from organic, rare Swiss apples. Combining this technology with Algae Extract and Activated Charcoal powder will smooth out roughness and draw out excess sebum. Organic Ivy Leaf Extract and Organic Black Walnut Leaf Extract combat puffiness, while amino rich Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice acts as an all-around detoxifier.

Start your New Year off right, with Adore’s ICON Detoxing Activated Charcoal Mask. The Detoxing Activated Charcoal Mask is part of a new line from Adore Cosmetics, for those who want glamour on a budget. The product will be released later this autumn.