Prepare For Back to School Jitters!

As a parent, it’s important to make sure your children feel comfortable. There’s no better way to ease your child’s first day of school anxiety as they transition from their long, playful summer days than with a little advanced preparation. A reliable backpack that transcends the unique personality of the young scholar can make all the difference. Help make them feel confident as they enter those classroom doors and hallways again with the spacious, reliable, and fashionable backpacks from Beckmann.

Beckmann is safety and design conscious to not only walk in style, but provide function and safety to kids. The Norwegian backpack company is committed to offering safe and durable school bags, while adding flair to them along the way. A wide selection of styles and sizes, they are built and designed based on your child’s age and grade level for the ultimate comfort and fit!

Learn why Beckmann’s will take care of your child through the year:

  • Each backpack is designed to keep the weight away from the spine and shoulders of your little ones.

  • The straps and back have good padding that provide relief as well as assist in good posture maintenance.

  • The built-in flashing LED light and highly reflective piping keeps your children visible anywhere they are!

  • The highly reflective built-in rain fly cover keeps your children visible and the bag dry in any kind of weather condition, as well as protects it from the sun rays in warm weather from fading the bag itself.

  • 2 year warranty on all backpacks!


Beckmann of Norway is Norway’s oldest and largest brand of schoolbags which prides itself on safety, accuracy, and quality. During world war 2 in Norway, Olav Beckmann a young man with creativity and determination had an idea for a backpack that transcends all weather, wear and tear. He worked on many odd projects till the early 1950s to save up enough money to go ahead with the idea. Production started in the small living room at the Beckmann family home, his children and the neighborhood kids were the models and by the start of the 70s the Klassik” leather backpack was born and sales began to soar. Every day at Beckmann they work to find both the right materials and optimize functionality and design so you get the best safe product as they carry on the legacy of Olav Beckmann.

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