Give The Gift of Better Sleep With Dreampad

Getting enough sleep and learning to shut off your mind is really tough for millions of Americans.

We all know that quality sleep = health and Dreampad is making it easier than ever to get quality snooze time. The Dreampad is a revolutionary smart pillow designed specifically to help you shut off your brain and fall asleep quickly. Available in Memory, Medium, Firm and Slim (Travel) this pillow is a favorite in my house. 

Check out a video here and see below for more details.

Help your loved one

get the rest they deserve with this therapeutic pillow

Shopping for someone who can’t sleep? You’re not alone. Close to a quarter of American workers experience some form of insomnia, which can increase health proble

ms such as heart attack, stroke, and obesity. There’s nothing better than waking up well rested. This Holiday season, help your loved one get the sleep they deserve with Dreampad, a clinically proven, technology-based solution for reducing stress and improving sleep.

More than a pillow, each Dreampad prompts your body to relax, converting specially-treated music into gentle vibrations only you can hear. Everybody needs sleep – and most of us wish we got more of it. So this year, why not give someone that very thing?

 Take a Holiday sneak peek at the functional features of this helpful sleep aid:

  • Eight different soundscape options, or you can program your own music
  • Dreampad FREE music app includes timer, alarm, and range of settings for listening
  • Dreampad’s Intrasound Technology™ helps body and mind relax
  • Supported by peer-reviewed research
  • Safely demonstrated by 4+ years in hundreds of clinics, including pediatric hospitals of Duke, Stanford, and Harvard
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Prices ranging from $149-$179
  • Available in Bluetooth, iOS/Android, or MP3 Player

Whether it’s for your Mom, Dad, sister, partner, or even your friend, help them get some much-needed rest and relaxation with Dreampad – a spa for your brain!

Available in Memory Support, Firm Support, Medium Support, and Slim Support, there is a Dreampad for every sleep style. Travelers love the Slim Support pillow for keeping in their suitcase to stay rested on personal or business trips.

To learn more about the Dreampad, visit

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