Give the Gift of Adventure with UncommonGreen

What do you give to the person who seems to have everything? A glass from UncommonGreen. Everyone loves to remember those special places they’ve traveled to, lived, or had memorable events at (first kiss, weddings, honeymoons . . .) and UncommonGreen makes it easy with their etched maps glassware. Each glass has a detailed etched map of either the town, mountain, or island, which wraps around the entire glass, making it a unique and thoughtful gift. Read on to learn more!

With all of life’s exciting adventures that we look forward to, dream about, or remember fondly – why shouldn’t you be able to bring those places into the palm of your hands? Whether you’re an adventurer, a geek, a misfit, a thinker, dreamer, or runner, give the affordable, thoughtful gift of UncommonGreen! Celebrate an accomplishment, memory or destination with timeless home products that provide everyone the ability to bring their lives’ adventures home.

Timeless glassware etched in stunning detail with the streets, neighborhoods and landmarks of great cities around the U.S. and the world, UncommonGreen designs make unique, fun gifts and conversation starters! UncommonGreen designs glasses for wine, pints, coffee and more, featuring nearly 100 cities and counting.

Explore these UncommonGreen pieces:

City Glassware – From weddings in Washington to graduations in Gainesville, these glasses make unforgettable gifts. Choose from stemless wine glasses, rocks glasses, carafes and more, and add a personalized touch with custom-engraved text.

Island Collection – Relive the cool summer breeze from your Nantucket honeymoon or the magic of Martinique in the moonlight. Every time you pick up a glass from UncommonGreen’s Island Collection you’ll be transported to a place you won’t want to leave.

Hometown Collection – You can travel the world, but there really is no place like home. This collection enables customers to order custom glasses from ANY city, town or locale in the US!

Reminisce your favorite trip with the intricately designed pieces from UncommonGreen this holiday season!

About UncommonGreen

UncommonGreen began in 2009, when designer Brian Johnson wanted to make everyday products that featured artistry paired with functionality, practicality, sustainability, and style. When his three college friends, Dave Reddy, Neil Angis, and Colin Woodworth came onboard, they decided to focus their vision on great design that can make the world a better place to live. Creating exceptional goods with a conscience, UncommonGreen uses materials and packaging from the US, and employs Earth-friendly practices to create their unique form of art.

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