Add A Fresh Twist to Fall with Poppy Popcorn

Popcorn — for me, this evokes memories of my youth — sitting with my family, watching movies, having game night — even today it’s still one of my all-time favorite snacks. Which is why I’m super excited to let you know about Poppy Popcorn. Made with non-GMO popcorn, Poppy Popcorn comes in a wide array of flavors — from Cinnamon Bourbon Pecan to White Cheddar, there is something to please your palette. Read on to learn more!

Pure, simple, popcorn happiness for any occasion

Ditch the microwave popcorn bags and take movie night to a whole new level with the handcrafted fall flavors from Poppy Popcorn! Made with all natural ingredients – no preservatives, artificial sweeteners and made ​with ​N​on-GMO popcorn and ​Non-GMO corn ​syrup​, Poppy Popcorn is the kind of snack you’ve always wanted to eat, but it just hadn’t been created yet. Perfectly sweet and not too sugary, put a little POP in your fall festivities with Poppy Popcorn!

Created ​by a mom of two with a love for homemade popcorn, Poppy Popcorn began after years of making popcorn for after-school snacks and movie nights. When a friend suggested she open a popcorn shop so everyone could enjoy these sweet and salty treats, the challenge was accepted. Spending countless hours researching and whipping up several batches of not-so-great popcorn, they figured out what worked and what didn’t. From ​classic flavors like salted caramel and spicy jalapeño cheddar to favorites like dark chocolate pretzel, the team behind Poppy Popcorn never gets tired ​of​ crafting and perfecting different, unique flavors.

Feast on the delicious fall flavors from Poppy Popcorn:

· Pumpkin Spice Caramel ($9.95): Let’s be honest – fall is all about pumpkin spice and everything nice! ​With people waiting patiently each year for its release, indulge your taste buds in the caramel and pumpkin spices added. Bonus: There are even pumpkin seeds in the mix as well – yum!

· Chocolate Peanut Butter ($9.95): There’s nothing chocolate and peanut butter can’t fix. With salted caramel, Belgian dark chocolate and ground peanuts, people just love this fun, rich flavor!

· Salted Caramel ($7.95): Do you have a sweet tooth, or are you more of a salty fan? Get the best of both worlds with this ​crunchy, sweet and salty caramel creation! Poppy Popcorn’s best-selling treat, it’s handcrafted with only the tastiest ingredients including brown sugar, molasses, and most importantly – butter.

·Poppy Mix ($​7​.95): Save your appetite for something savory, sweet AND spicy​! ​ The best match with a cold beer, this popcorn has just the right amount of NON-GMO cheddar​, crunchy caramel– with a little jalapeño kick!

Put a fall twist on a classic ​​snacking with the savory and sweet bites from Poppy Popcorn!

All snacks available in Po​ppy Market Bags (for a longer shelf life) and Poppy Classic bags and tins! ​

Visit to shop the different flavors!

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