Posts Written On November 25, 2017

CosmprofAsia Wrap Up

Hong Kong is always an adventure! I am sad to say that this is my last day in Hong Kong and I enjoyed attending CosmoprofAsia for the second time. 

Overall, in the Packaging and Manufacturing, there is innovation. With the majority of production in China, S Korea and Taiwan are also in the races to create more user friendly, environmental friendly packaging options. We saw a surge in OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturing but consumers are looking for more than a cute packaging. Discerning customers and savvy buyers alike are looking for ‘instant’ results and great formulation.

While the minimalist trend that is huge in America has not exactly translated to the Asian consumer. The juice is very important and many brands are using the ‘juice’ as a part of the packaging. This creates a challenge for packaging manufactures to become more innovative and change more than just the shape or color. Pragmatic design that is effective in form and function has more longevity than kitschy shapes that we have seen prevalent in the K-Beauty Trend thus far.

Celebeau (S Korean) Brand has taken note of this trend and created this gentle make up remover.

The overall learning from CosmoprofAsia this year is that with the power of social media, global trends are transferred and cross-pollinated faster than ever. These don’t exactly always translate but a version of this emerges into something beautiful. The most important note is that each country/culture has its own unique features and beauty brands must be aware of them to create new products. Consumers are looking for new items but they are also coveted new favorites.

I look forward to seeing what is in store for Cosmoprof Asia next year!



IT Cosmetics 2017 Holiday Collection

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to pass along IT Cosmetics’ 2017 Holiday Collection!

IT Girl Eye & Cheek Palette – $48 (ULTA Beauty)

All That Shimmers Brush Set – $58 (ULTA Beauty)

Chic in the City Brush Set – $68 (ULTA Beauty)

CC Cream Ornament – $15 (ULTA Beauty)

Superhero Mascara Ornament – $12 (

Confidence in a Cream Ornament – $16 (ULTA Beauty)

Kabuki Ornament – $19.50 (ULTA Beauty)

Je Ne Sais Quoi Your Perfect Pink Duo – $24 (ULTA Beauty)

Treat Your Skin with Your IT Best-Sellers – $48 (Sephora)

Your Most Beautiful Eyes Set – $15 (Sephora)

Heavenly Luxe 6 Pc Travel Brush Set – $50 (

Travel with IT Brush Roll – $35 (