Posts Written On November 21, 2017

Cleaning Hacks for the Newlywed

It’s hard to believe that our 5 year wedding anniversary is just around the corner (in Feb!). Being married is awesome and I guess we are not newlyweds anymore. But I do have some advice for those of you who are. We really have taken our time in learning about each other’s quirks and how to co-exist. This is a huge part of making a relationship work and the foundation of a solid marriage.  I am so happy with how we have taken our time to truly know and deeply love each other before bringing more tiny people into the fold. So maybe we will also catch baby fever in the coming year?!

So – One of the biggest differences between my husband and I… actually our level of neatness! I am a kind of messy and I live by the cycle of 1 clean day then 6 messy days, then 1 clean day and 6 messy days. So basically my house, car, closet, life is predominately messy and clean barely. It is clean the day I clean it and then goes back to the chaos that it is. But this is something I am working on and improving upon vastly!  I can safely say that it is getting more to the 3 days clean/3 days messy cycle!

Before/After cleaning with Mean Green

I started by tackling the kitchen. Putting things away, cleaning, not buying too much, closing jars lids, keeping the fridge at bay are all improvements that I have made since living together (7 years ago). I actually never washed a dish in my life until I lived on my own and my mom did everything for me. Very spoiled yes, but now that I am a grown woman, I am more aware of how to clean and what to do it with.

Mean Green recently sent me a box of product to try and I didn’t know about this brand before. I tried the products and I love it. The All Purpose Cleaner is my favorite and the Wipes are also very handy. Did you know that you can also use Mean Green to kill bugs?


Mean Green works better because it contains more cleaning ingredients than other brands. The unique combination of powerful, yet safe, cleaners and degreasers can tackle just about any mess.

The chemistry proves it! The surfactant/detergent in Mean Green is cutting edge technology in the field of nonionic surfactants from one of the world’s leading developers of specialty chemicals. The competitors use less effective formulations that just don’t add up to the power of Mean Green.

Inside and Outside…Mean Green’s one of a kind formulation makes it unbeatable
on the toughest messes!

So my hack? Just one – Get Mean Green and toss out everything else 🙂 




Illustration by Lulu Qu

Forevermark unveiled its Forevermark Tribute™ Collection, a celebration of women through diamonds, at a private cocktail event in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.  The new Forevermark Tribute™ Collection pays tribute to the unique qualities and characteristics of a woman. Celebrities including Chrissy TeigenZendayaAshley GrahamFreida PintoChloë MoretzHalima Aden, and Arizona Muse attended, adorned in Forevermark diamonds, to catch a glimpse of the dazzling multi-diamond designs and reflect on their own unique qualities worth celebrating, while DJ Alexandra Richards provided music.

Pinto’s hair was done with Biolage R.A.W stylers, by Chris Naselli.

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection is comprised of an assortment of layered pendants, stackable rings and drop earrings featuring multiple Forevermark diamonds in different shapes, set in 18k white, yellow, and rose gold. Each Forevermark diamond in the collection is representative of a woman’s individual qualities, which together, make her the unique, multi-dimensional person that she is. The pieces can be harmoniously stacked or layered to pay tribute to the distinct characteristics, personality and style of the woman wearing them.

Chrissy Teigen and Forevermark President Charles Stanley attend the Forevermark Tribute event on November 7, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for Forevermark)

Charles Stanley, President of Forevermark US, explains, “Just as each diamond tells a story, each woman has her own story to tell. The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection symbolizes the unique and multi-dimensioned woman wearing it. It makes the perfect gift to buy for a loved one to celebrate her many amazing qualities, or to buy for oneself, to recognize one’s own individual characteristics and achievements.”

The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection is available at participating Forevermark jewelers. The national television commercial debuted on November 6th and will run until Christmas, along with digital and print creative and social media.

At the event, Forevermark also previewed its newest collaboration with featured designer Jade Trau. The Forevermark x Jade Trau Alchemy Collection is the next evolution of the five year partnership between the designer and the brand, marrying the world’s most carefully selected diamonds with Jade’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.

As a fifth generation diamantaire, Jade intrinsically understands how to design jewelry that best showcases a diamond’s true brilliance. With four diamond shapes – emerald, round, pear, and marquise – at the core of the Alchemy collection, it was Jade’s intention to design jewelry that evokes the same connection to diamonds that she developed at a young age. This passion is imbued into the Forevermark x Jade Trau Collection, inspiring women to form this bond and radiate the essence of who they are through the diamond shapes as Jade has conveyed with her designs.  

The Forevermark x Jade Trau Alchemy Collection will be available at select Forevermark Jewelers in early 2018.


Every Forevermark diamond undergoes a journey of rigorous selection. Our unique inscription is an assurance that every Forevermark diamond meets the exceptional standards of beauty, rarity and is responsibly sourced. 


Forevermark goes beyond the standard 4Cs to select diamonds that are genuine, natural and untreated. Forevermark diamonds are cut and polished by master craftsmen to reveal their ultimate beauty and natural brilliance.


Less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark inscription.


Each Forevermark diamond is responsibly sourced and embodies our principles of integrity, striving to create opportunities for women and our dedication to protection of the natural world. The inscription is an assurance of the physical integrity of our diamonds throughout their journey, as well as the conscientious integrity with which we run our business.


Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with an icon and individual number as an assurance that it has met Forevermark’s standards of beauty and rarity and that it is responsibly sourced. The Forevermark inscription is placed on the table facet of a Forevermark diamond. Invisible to the naked eye, the inscription is 1/5000th of a human hair and can only be seen using a special Forevermark viewer available at Authorized Forevermark Jewellers. Authorized Forevermark Jewellers are able to supply aForevermark Diamond Grading Report to their customers providing an accurate blueprint of the qualities – cut, colour, clarity and caratage – of each Forevermarkdiamond. Forevermark is the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies and benefits from over 125 years of diamond expertise. Forevermark diamonds are carefully selected and come from sources committed to high standards; they are beautifully crafted by a select group of Diamantaires and exclusively available from select Authorized Forevermark jewelers. For more information and to find your nearest Authorized Forevermark jeweler go to