Posts Written On November 16, 2017

Eco-Friendly, Water-Resistant Beauty Bag!

Going to somewhere warm for holiday vacations, it’s time to do some organizing on your bathroom’s beauty counter. Whether you want to keep your essentials from leaking or need a new cosmetics case to covet, Wander Wet Bags™ is the perfect accessory! Eco-friendly, reusable bags made with the style-conscious, jetsetter in mind, they aren’t just water resistant – you can show off your vibrant personality with the beautiful, on-trend cotton prints created right under the SoCal sun.

Ditch the free gift bag you got with that perfume years ago and upgrade to a sophisticated bathroom essential that stashes your keys, wallet and other valuables while being chic enough to bring on your next vacation!

You shouldn’t have to choose between pretty and practical when packing your toiletries. Discover the different designs to add to your beautiful bathroom decor:

Free Spirit

Whether the crisp, cold weather begs for a warm, relaxing yoga or an impromptu escape to a wellness retreat, unleash your Free Spirit with this feather inspired print. Ready to help you glow whichever way you choose, this bag comes in Champagne Gold or Platinum in three must-have sizes.

Coronado in Infinity Pool Aqua

Inspired by the timeless elegance of the Hotel Del Coronado, the chic, luxurious accessory will make you feel like an Old Hollywood celebrity. Perfect for a weekend getaway, this Wander Wet Bag™ is a must-have on your What to Pack list!



The Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos is said to have lived at the edge of the sea, was blessed with a set of white-feathered wings, and always wore a tiara. In other words, she’s our kind of woman. Available in Champagne Gold or Platinum in three sizes.

Take some of the stress out of finding the perfect bag for your favorite eyeliner, mascara or lipstick – invest in an eco-friendly, water-resistant must-have from Wander Wet Bags™!

All Wander Wet Bags™ start at $30, and are available at select boutiques and resorts online at


Designed for the life adventurer, Wander Wet Bags are the super cute, water-resistant and eco-friendly option for all your travels. Created for the style conscious explorer, choose from gorgeous, 100% cotton prints that are handmade under the SoCal sun. Sneak in that last minute dip in the hotel pool before jumping on your flight home. Go to Pilates before giving that keynote presentation. Your Wander Wet Bag will keep your wet bikini or post workout gear separate from clean and dry items in your tote.


Discover Soupure – Whole Food Nutrition on The Go for Busy Lifestyles

Are you always stuck in the office during lunch hour? Looking for ways to eat healthier while on-the-go?

Raise a toast to your health with Soupure — an innovative brand of flavorful and nutrient packed soups you can enjoy from the office to the carpool lane. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Maria Shriver, Victoria Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio and more are fans of the brand that makes eating smart easier than ever.

Developed by nutritionists and handcrafted by artisans, these whole food soups are nutrition powerhouses packed full of vitamins, micronutrients and fiber. Fueled by natural superfoods and whole food ingredients, Soupure’s nutrient and fiber rich plant based soups naturally provide an efficient food source which your body can quickly assimilate. The plant fiber and volume mean eating less to get more.  As a bonus, studies show on average, consumers who ate a low calorie soup, like Soupure’s, with their meal ended up eating 20% less calories overall.

Why Soupure?

  • Uses over 100 Whole Food Ingredients

  • Fiber-rich to fill you up while consuming 20% less

  • Made with Organic ingredients

  • Dairy-Free

  • Preservative-Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Responsibly Sourced

Get ready for Soup season and dive into the flavors with their seasonal Pumpkin Miso and comforting Japanese Sweet Potato, or take a walk on the wild side with their veggie packed Kale Minestrone and invigorating Spicy Asparagus soups. With  a range of varieties to choose from, Soupure also has raw, cold soup “Southies,” Bone Broths and more available on

Ideal for weight loss without the hunger, they also offer solution based programs like 1, 3, and 5 day soup cleanses so you can detox without sacrificing taste or letting your blood sugar spike.

Soupure can be purchased online at, as well as through select natural foods retailers and their retail store in Los Angeles.


Soupure is an up-and-coming whole food  brand of grab and go products that truly believes food is medicine. With this core philosophy guiding every aspect of the brand, their products are designed around a better and easier way to get the most from natural foods and to eat clean.  All in a grab and go bottle packed with colorful superfoods that include everything you need to feel and look great. Their artisanal offerings are created by nutrition experts and culinary artists to showcase the robust flavors of locally grown produce and organic ingredients with flavors that dance on your palate.  The seed of Soupure was born to be bottled.


Prepare For Back to School Jitters!

As a parent, it’s important to make sure your children feel comfortable. There’s no better way to ease your child’s first day of school anxiety as they transition from their long, playful summer days than with a little advanced preparation. A reliable backpack that transcends the unique personality of the young scholar can make all the difference. Help make them feel confident as they enter those classroom doors and hallways again with the spacious, reliable, and fashionable backpacks from Beckmann.

Beckmann is safety and design conscious to not only walk in style, but provide function and safety to kids. The Norwegian backpack company is committed to offering safe and durable school bags, while adding flair to them along the way. A wide selection of styles and sizes, they are built and designed based on your child’s age and grade level for the ultimate comfort and fit!

Learn why Beckmann’s will take care of your child through the year:

  • Each backpack is designed to keep the weight away from the spine and shoulders of your little ones.

  • The straps and back have good padding that provide relief as well as assist in good posture maintenance.

  • The built-in flashing LED light and highly reflective piping keeps your children visible anywhere they are!

  • The highly reflective built-in rain fly cover keeps your children visible and the bag dry in any kind of weather condition, as well as protects it from the sun rays in warm weather from fading the bag itself.

  • 2 year warranty on all backpacks!


Beckmann of Norway is Norway’s oldest and largest brand of schoolbags which prides itself on safety, accuracy, and quality. During world war 2 in Norway, Olav Beckmann a young man with creativity and determination had an idea for a backpack that transcends all weather, wear and tear. He worked on many odd projects till the early 1950s to save up enough money to go ahead with the idea. Production started in the small living room at the Beckmann family home, his children and the neighborhood kids were the models and by the start of the 70s the Klassik” leather backpack was born and sales began to soar. Every day at Beckmann they work to find both the right materials and optimize functionality and design so you get the best safe product as they carry on the legacy of Olav Beckmann.


Cosmopack at Cosmoprof Asia 2017

I am back at CosmoprofAsia this year in Hong Kong! This is my second year covering the show as one of the six Official Bloggers selected to trend scout. The show has millions of people, thousands of booths and so many brands and sectors to check out. The six of us were assigned to cover specific areas of the show through the two venues.

The challenge with expos across all industries today, in general, is none other than social media. The gift and the curse of social media is a factor for attendance rates and brand participation as well. It’s the culprit of prior to release leaks, designs being copied and dupe coming out at lightning speed all cross the globe. Luckily, the beauty industry leader, Cosmoprof remains strong with millions of people attending just to touch, feel, see, smell and experience everything!

Though many of the booths were similar to last year, there are some stand out items that are worth mentioning. Here is what I found this year!


1. High Speed Technology – (Machine)

If there was a key word to summarize what Cosmopack 2017 is about it would be – TEXTURE. High speed mixers demonstrated just how this technology enabled new textures to be created in skincare and cosmetics. Using emulsifiers and standard mixers created the products we know and love. But with the new blades, speeds and digital programming, the textures created definitely inspired the marketing and the product development. Air whip, soft touch, custard, jelly, suspension, cloud like, dry foam and cooling sleeping packs is just the beginning!

2. Power Spray – (Packaging) 

The creation from Yonwoo Corporation (Korea) won the package design award in Innovation and the Special Jury Award! The Powder Spray is truly revolutionary and has really changed the game. It is easy to use by pushing the button like normal cosmetics. Powder spray can be applied to body & hair. Look out for this component to be used in dry shampoos, highlighters in 2018! All you have to do is Press a button to spray a certain amount of powder. When the button is pressed, the dip-tube for preventing the powder to harden. Also “Button Lock” system blocks a path of pumping system to prevent getting moisture into the powder ingredient.

3. Custom Lipstick Bullets – (OEM)

One of the leading brands in the US that has experimented and invested into custom molds is Paul & Joe. With the new technology and accessibility in Korean Original  Equipment Manufacturing, the cost is lowered and the production can be done much faster! First a wax mold of the custom bullet will be carved and made by a traditional sculptor (Similar to jewelry production), then a plaster mold is created. Stainless steel is poured into the plaster mold and then the last step is the creation of the silicone mold using the stainless steel bullet. Lipstick formulation is then cast by these molds and inserted into the lipstick components. Some trends we are seeing is the dual color bullets, dual formulation bullets and embossed/deboss logos and patterns and intricate designs and typography for an extra lux feel.

4. Crocodile Oil – (Ingredient)

The rise of Modern Muslim awareness in fashion and beauty has lead to the discovery of Halal ingredients. One of the many interesting oils I discovered during Cosmopack is Crocodile oil! With Halal production sourcing, creativity and resourcefulness plays a huge part. Find out more about Halal Cosmetics on Matrade’s Cosmotalk session you can find here.

5. Magnetism – Ingredient

The cosmetics world is always finding out the next way to draw you into their latest and greatest and this one is no different. Creating designs with magnetic elements were first seen in the nail polish world and now in eye shadow design and pore cleansing masks as well.  Art Cosmetics – Italy demonstrated the stunning effects of this trend in fashion forward components with high pay off pigments.

6. Nano Technology – (Machine)

Beauty Device is so specific that it can be called microscopic. The Nano technology dominated the Discover Beauty sector this year at Cosmoprof. Nano Technology atomizers can disperse toner, moisture and other liquids without affecting make up application. Handy and compact, this little device surely packs a punch. Other nano technology has also been seen in sheet masks that are now 20x more absorbent and effective in staying on the face during application.

7. Ocean + Marine Everything (OEM)

If you thought the rainbow trend is over, you are wrong. It just shape shifted under the sea.  The unicorn and fairy dust sprinkled into the ocean and everything marine is about to explode in 2018. Mermaid, Seashells, Dolphins, Whales, Kelp, Starfish will be the craze for this coming year.

8. Minimalist and Functional – Packaging

If you read the New Potato or Kinfolk, you will already be onto this trend. This is what COS and & Other Stories is all about, functional, arty and very minimalist with muted colors. This sub-trend is reminiscent of mid-century modernism and funky pop art shapes we all know and love.

9. Digital Natural World – Packaging

Inspiration can come from everything and this juxtaposition is topic on the minds of everyone. Using digital technology every minute of everyday yet trying to eat clean and drink green juice to detox. We see this trend packaging with rain texture with dew like effect and bionic laser engraved pressed powder compacts.

10. Patent Anti-Microbial Orange Oil – (Ingredient)

Baby products are challenging as they need to be effective, as natural as possible and also usable. Taiwan based product development company has tackled this issue head on. They have created Probo line that is both plant based and anti bacterial, anti microbial and anti fungal using their patented ingredient: Orange Oil! This special ingredient SDC is found in their laundry detergent, mosquito sticker, shampoo, wipes, bottle wash and masks.