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7 Day Countdown until Cosmoprof Asia 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong is just around the corner and I am happy and excited that I have been invited back again as their Official Blogger. You will get to learn all about the show and beauty trends by following my social media and checking for my Cosmoprof posts!  Here are seven reasons why you should (and I am) visiting Comsoprof Asia in Hong Kong.

The 22nd edition Cosmoprof Asia will continue the successful formula of “1 Fair, 2 Venues”, occupying two locations: AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) from 14 to 16 November and the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 15 to 17 November. With two venues, Cosmoprof Asia will accommodate more exhibitors offering a larger variety of innovations for all attendees, as well as special initiatives and tailor-made services in both venues to maximise the business opportunities. With enlarged exhibition area and continued growth over the years, Cosmoprof Asia has confirmed its position as the most powerful networking event for the beauty industry in Asia Pacific.

#7: Over 22 Countries of Beauty! Each country will have a pavilion at Cosmoprof representing the best in innovation, technology, formula, packaging and more. I can’t say which one is my favorite just yet, but I do love the Latvian design sensibility, the OEM packaging that is now synonymous with K-Beauty and the Polish formulation superstars like that of Inglot. 23 Country & Group Pavilions: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, California, China, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA

#6: Focus on Bath and Body I know you know that I love color cosmetics and have been collecting for over 2 decades now but since 3 years ago when I started my own soap company, I have had an increased interest in this sector. Lush can’t be the only player in town right?  I am looking forward to “CosmoLab”: the multisensorial laboratory located inside thematic zone Ingredients & Lab! CosmoLab will show the production and technology of how a bath fizzer is made. The bath fizzers produced will be distributed to attendees. Woohoo!

#5: Light Powder Factory Highlighter has been all the rage in the US but did you know that the glowy ‘gwang’ look is so popular in Asia too? Light up your journey at Cosmoprof Asia by getting exclusive highlighting powder at the “LIGHT POWDER EXPERIENCE” booth. I will definitely try to get all 4 highlighting palettes, especially designed for the show to light up your beauty. *kira kira* time!

#4: Lan Vu The founder of Beautystreams and trend expert, I love Lan and look forward to hearing her ‘Cosmotalks’. The beauty industry is fascinating and I admire the focus she picked to specialize in. I will report back what prestigious beauty industry experts predict to be the key concepts, colors, and textures emerging throughout Asia.

#3: WGSN The best way to predict the future is to create it. So excited that Theresa Yee of WGSN will be sharing what 2019 looks like in the world of beauty based on global trends. From supply chain to manufacturing to every single step from concept to your face is impacted by global beauty trends. The insider information from this Cosmotalks will be so worth it! If you are blogger/trend consulting/marketing/product developer/millennial entrepreneur – You need to be there!

#2. Networking I will make sure I have plenty of business cards ready for my trip! This is one serious networking event and with so many international visitors, you never know who you might meet. It is really an art to be able to pitch yourself in 15 seconds and remember to follow up with everyone you meet. If you see me, please say hi!

#1:  Hong Kong One of the best reasons to visit is because it is in that amazing city of Hong Kong! I am looking forward to checking out the super trendy haircuts, fashion, sensibility, fresh mango mochi, and visiting with old friends and making new ones!

Here is the pre-show catalog to see more updates on the show:

Cosmoprof Asia 2017 Presents “1 Fair 2 Venues” and Introduces Cosmopack Asia a “Show Within the Show” at AsiaWorld-Expo Cosmoprof Asia returns in November with “One Fair, Two Venues”, following a record-breaking year. 76,818 visitors from 129 countries and regions attended Cosmoprof Asia 2016, an increase of 21% from the previous year. 2,698 exhibiting companies from 49 countries and regions, including 24 country and
group pavilions took up 98,000 sqm of space at the two venues. With such impressive growth year-on-
year, Cosmoprof Asia has firmly confirmed its position as the most powerful networking event for the
beauty industry in Asia Pacific.

Alice Suen, Cosmoprof Asia Event Director, applauded the creativity of exhibitors last year. “We were
inspired by the innovative products and services on display and the high caliber of our exhibitors once
again drew in buyers from all around the world. We look forward to an even more important event this

New for 2017: Cosmopack Asia
The 22th edition of Cosmoprof Asia will draw attention to the cosmetics supply chain with the rebranding
of the event at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) from 14 to 16 November as “Cosmopack Asia”, mirroring
Cosmopack, held in Bologna, Italy, alongside Cosmoprof Worldwide. “With the development of Cosmopack Asia, we aim to reinforce the brand identity of the entire supply chain and create new business opportunities for our customers”, says Enrico Zannini, Director of Cosmoprof Worldwide.

Cosmopack Asia will host companies representing the entire cosmetics supply chain: raw materials and
ingredients, contract manufacturing and private label, machinery, primary and secondary packaging.
Cosmopack Asia will open one day before Cosmoprof Asia on 14 November and this gives brands,
including those exhibiting at HKCEC, plenty of time to visit the many suppliers from all over the world at
AWE. Shuttle bus service will be provided during the entire show period to connect the two show

A spotlight at Cosmopack Asia will be the new zone “Ingredients & Lab” dedicated to ingredients,
fragrances, testing lab equipment and regulatory solutions, providing an ideal networking and sourcing
platform for formulators, R&D personnel, business development and marketing professionals. In addition
to the new Ingredients & Lab, Cosmopack Asia will also introduce Print & Label, which will be a
showcase of decorative packaging and labels.

Featured marketing initiatives will be organized with the focus on new concepts, designs and innovative
technologies that aligned to the entire supply chain. The headline event will be “The Powder Factory”
which gives a live demonstration of the manufacturing process of a cosmetic powder with the
collaboration of leading international suppliers.

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre
From 15 to 17 November, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) will host exhibitors
of finished products ranging from cosmetics & toiletries, natural & organic, beauty salon, hair salon and
nail and accessories.

At HKCEC an exciting new addition will be “Discover Trends” allowing visitors to see the most cutting-edge
and trendsetting beauty brands launched onto the market. New products in the home beauty
devices area will be on display along with baby care as well as Halal beauty products. The “Natural &
Organic” sector will display an eco-friendly and organic range alongside the Wellness and Spa products
focusing on the wellbeing industry.

Events Highlights
The Cosmoprof Awards will be the benchmark of excellence and a jury comprising international beauty
experts, bloggers, and top beauty brands will select the winners for the most outstanding
accomplishments in beauty. The “Innovation Circle” award will recognize achievements in packaging,
design and formulation and the “Beauty Circle” award will celebrate the most impressive finished

Cosmotalks is a four-day immersive experience offering a strong knowledge programme with a range of
innovative, creative and cutting-edge sessions delivered by leading industry experts. Sessions at AWE
will cover topics on packaging innovation, ingredients, and formulation to enhance professional
knowledge on the transformational power of technology and innovation on the business landscape.
HKCEC will host dynamic, innovative, ‘bite-sized’ sessions covering a wide variety of topics including
sustainability, industry research, market trends and the latest key issues and hot topics dedicated to the
beauty industry.

For further information and visitor pre-registration:

The 22nd edition of Cosmoprof Asia will take place from 14 to 16 November 2017 at AsiaWorld-Expo and from 15 to 17 November 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.

See you at Cosmoprof Asia 2017!!


How to Cut Down A Tree In Your Garden Safely


Cutting down a tree sometimes is a sad thing. I still remember when my family decides to chop down the big old poplar we used to play around when we were kids. However, when uprooted or collapse in natural disasters, the big guys may pose some threats to our loving house and family.

Therefore, we should learn how to cut it down safely when the tree is more dangerous than beneficial. Prepare yourself so we can start!

Equip Yourself with a Proper Safety Gear

Cutting trees down is more dangerous than it may seem. Remember, you are working with an object of hundreds of kilograms, and a running chainsaw. One mistake can cause you injuries or even more severe consequences.


An appropriate safety gear includes:

– A logger’s helmet. You will need it to prevent your head from hitting falling branches. They may look small when you see from afar, but a direct hit may send you into a coma.

– Earmuffs and protecting goggles to protect your eyes and ears

– Kevlar chaps for chainsaw usage. So in case you happen to drop the machine on your leg, it will be stopped instantly

Grab Some Felling Wedges


Without the useful tools, you will find your chained pinched while cutting.

Estimate the Felling Zones

You cannot get the right height of the tree just with eyes. However, you can estimate the approximate measurement by the simple trick.

Hold an ax right straight from your chest at an arm’s length. Close one eye, and step back when you see the treetop is even with the ax top and the root with the tool’s bottom. Where you are standing will be where the treetop lays when it falls. Spare some extra space from the spot, and you can call it the safety felling zones.

Besides, you should also create two more alternative routes in the non-falling zones in case some unexpected situations happen. Each one should be 45 degrees apart.

Cut the First Notch


Make the cutting done with a chainsaw. However, the machine is often not used frequently, so if the blade is dull, you should seek a high-quality chainsaw sharpener.

The first cut should be big enough, so it goes further than half of the tree’s diameter. You should make the notch from the direction to which you want the tree to fall. In most cases, the tree will fall right to where you want to if you do the step right.

Even though the first cut is nearly fool-proof, you should mind your hand not to let it go too far. Otherwise, the tree may fall to wrong directions or, the worst, on your body.

Make the Felling Notch

Go to the opposite side of the big groove, and make the ultimate cut. When the chain gets close, the tree will start leaning to the planned direction.

If you want to be more careful, you should tie a rope to the top of the tree.

Cutting the Log into Firewood


Turning the tree into something useful is a way to respect the nature after you have cut it down. You can make a bench from it, but in the article, we can only show you how to make firewood from the log

Separate the Log

Firstly, use the chainsaw to remove all the branches from your log. Secure the trunk so it will not move when the machine is running. You should estimate to cut it into 16-inch length, which is suitable for most woodstoves or traditional fireplace.

Then, make some shallow cut into the log, each 16 inches apart to mark where the chain will go down.

Don’t try to cut the log by only one move, because your chain may hit rocks or dirt under the wood. Cut three quarters through the trunk first, then roll it over and get the job done. If your chain hit things by accident and become dull, you should find a high-quality chainsaw sharpener.

Splitting into Firewood

The right tool for the task is a good splitting maul. It looks somehow like an ax or a sledgehammer. The tool comes in a wide range of size, but you should choose one that is suitable for your physical features. A too large maul will hinder your movements and cause you a backache.

Put the tip of the maul on top of the log and stand securely with your feet spreading shoulders’-width. Raise the tool over your head, and slam it down onto the wood at the center. After that, you may consider splitting the log halves into quarters or leave them as the whole.


Cutting down a tree is a hard and dangerous task, but when you know what you are doing, it will be less threatening. The tips are getting yourself prepared and having the right tools.

If you love gardening and have something to share with us, leave it here so everyone can hear your voice. You opinions are welcome in every topic.


3 Simple Ways to Remove Dead Leaves from Your Lawn

dried leaves

The fact is that not everyone considers dead leaves as a free gift from nature to decorate their lawn in the garden. How to remove that nuisance from the garden is cared more.

This will depend on your yard’s size and how many trees are grown on that land. If dead leaves cover your lawn, grass can’t reach sunlight and air causing turf disease. Even our problem may be worse when it’s rainy or snowy. Thus, in this post, I will let you know the best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn:

Best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn – 3 choices:

Mulch dead leaves:


A lawn mower will help you mulch dead leaves until they have the size of dimes to nicely blend with the turf and become the perfect free fertilizer for your lawn. But, you ought to invest in the best vacuum mulcher if there is a long-term mulching plan.

Just make sure that the amount of mulched leaves isn’t so excessive that grass is suffocated. In case there are too many dead leaves, you can apply a part of the mulched mixture for flower beds, or there is no need to mulch them all (you can use 2 other ways for leaf residue). Typically, you don’t have to chop leaves finely, but oak leaves as they are quite hard which are difficult to break down

Don’t be worried about mulched brown leaves can ruin your spotless year-round lawn. Over time, these will disappear within range of vision by filtering through the grass. Moreover, the advantage of this action, if you do in fall, is that you will own a luscious lawn without crabgrass and dandelions in spring and summer.

Rake dead leaves:


The best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn is the hand raking since it’s environment-friendly. What’s more, this option is also an exercise activity to keep your body healthy. However, there are some notes you need to know before anything else. First of all, you had better rake in a no wind day or towards the same direction with the wind blowing. Next, rake when it’s dry because wet leaves are always heavier than dry ones which take more effort on your end.

Although raking dead leaves helps you maintain a neat and healthy lawn, they can cause some environmental issues if you don’t throw bags of leaves in the landfill. The problem happens when you rake them into streets. After that, city workers will sweep them into gutters where lead to waterways and streams. At these places, dead leaves will release phosphorus and nitrogen into water that speeds up the development of algae. Finally, excessive growth of algae results in killing lives of fishes and other aquatic due to the depletion of oxygen in the water.

Compost dead leaves:


There are several composting ways. One of them is the compost bin. What you need to do is to mix leaves with grass clippings and layer with twigs and plant-based food. However, keep in mind 2 following rules to compost dead leaves successfully:

Add nitrogen to your piles of dead leaves to break down quickly. I highly recommend you use the mixture of 5 parts of leaf piles and a part of manure from your vegetarian animals like bunny poop (the best nitrogen supplement). Other choices for nitrogen include granite, bone meal, cottonseed meal, and dried blood. How nitrogen works in the piles of leaves to compost is that it heats up and provides enough food for bacteria.

To simplify the long-term composting process, you should grind or shred your pile of leaves to control and handle quickly.

The bottom line:

Removing dead leaves is an essential and easy task to keep your lawn healthy and neat. A gardening blog may give you more useful advice to perform this work as well as possible. However, you just need to follow what I mentioned below_ best way to remove dead leaves from your lawn you can enjoy a cup of tea and dawn on the beautiful lawn.

Can my ways help you solve the problem? How is your result? Please let me know what you are thinking about my post in the comment section below and share with your loved ones if you feel this is an informative post.


Men’s Products Women can and SHOULD Use

If you’ve ever swiped your boyfriend’s toiletries, you know that their products work just as well – or even better. AND a recent study proved they’re even cheaper too.

Baxter of California Deodorant ($19,

We all know men’s deodorant is much stronger and works WAY better than women’s. This Aluminum-free formula perfect for sensitive skin. Tackles odor as it detoxifies and conditions the skin.

Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner ($18,

This toner removes residual dirt, oil and impurities cleansers can miss and it preps skin to receive further product like serums and moisturizers, boosting their efficacy? A soothing botanical blend of rosemary, mint, cucumber and myrrh reduces redness as they tone and balance oil production. Also known for cleaning makeup brushes.

Supersmile Oral Rinse Mouthwash ($16,

Perfect quick fix to freshen your breath. Instantly eliminates bacteria that causes, plaque, bad breath, and gingivitis.

Supersmile Professional Whitening Floss ($9,

Formulated with Calprox and baking soda to safely remove bacteria and plaque, eliminate stains, and fight against gingivitis between the teeth and under the gyms.

TENZING All-Over Body Wash ($24,

Packed with anti-aging antioxidants this body wash will deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin leaving it feeling clean, smooth and refreshed. Infused with activated charcoal & eucalyptus.

TENZING Daily face Wash ($20,

Soap-free, skin stimulated face wash combines energizing guarana and green tea to gently wash away impurities, while exfoliating minerals remove dulling, dead surface cells.