NovaFab Mini Razors


NovaFab Products Work Well for Men and Women. Here’s why:  For a man with a beard, a trimmed and refined look is mandatory—as is the right tool to achieve it. NovaFab’s Solo Trim™ and Razor Comb Personal Grooming tools allow for precision trimming and effortless shaving of even the most troublesome spots—including eyebrows. The smaller size of the razor and blades navigates tiny nooks and crannies far easier and more efficiently than traditional sized razors. 


The inspiration for the NovaFab products came after many years of struggling to find the right tools to refine and trim a beard or mustache. To reach all the different angles of a man’s face can be very difficult; regular sized razors are too big and hard to manage in smaller areas, electric trimmers can pull and twist hair causing irritation and pain, and it’s hard to work with scissors and combs.

The Solo Trim razor eliminates the struggle. Its compact, lightweight, and sharp design allow for ease in reaching any nook or cranny in need of shaping, trimming, or eliminating unwanted hair. The NovaFab Razor Comb is perfect for the other areas of a man’s face that need trimming such as around ears or eyebrows. The Razor Comb allows for a smooth, uniform cut with minimal effort. It thins out bushy or thick eyebrows without leaving bald spots or unevenness.

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