Posts Written On September 2017

Don’t let stains ruin your clothes with the newly updated Dryel Stain Pen

Summer travel is upon us. Whether you’re headed to a backyard barbecue, wedding shower or an all-inclusive trip to an exotic location, you’ll want to bring along one item: The newly updated Dryel Stain Pen.

Formulated to work on a variety of fabrics, including dry-clean only clothes, this pen outperforms others:

  • Its uniquely designed applicator with soft touch tip helps power out stains without damaging your clothes.

  • It’s safe on dry clean-only clothes, delicates and hand-washables, plus it contains NO peroxides.

  • Because the nubs aren’t fabric, you won’t get the infamous stink common to other stain pens.

Best of all, studies prove that the Dryel Stain Pen is more effective than the leading stain pen.