Posts Written On September 11, 2017

Back-to-School Beauty Checklist

Photo by Luke Pamer on Unsplash

While the summer quietly passes by, clearing the path for burgundy leaves and hot bourbon toddies, I’ve been wondering about something – isn’t it just the right time to clear our beauty checklist for some old school entries? Just like the morning dew accentuates the simple beauty of this season, it often inspires you to pour a few fresh drops of back-to-school beauty treatment for yourself – a real do-it-for-you sweet kind of temptation.

Back to basics

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First of all – fall in love with your skincare – it’s an essential base for all our makeup and fashion endeavors. Start your days with a shower, a hydrating face cream for a softer skin, brush your hair and teeth gently and use a cold spoon trick for fresher eyes. Keep your skin healthy with masks, natural oils and morning facial massages. Modify the list of skincare products, making sure it doesn’t contain any chemicals that could damage your skin, i.e. unhealthy oils and parabens. Whether you prefer DIY simple skin care or a professional approach, either way is a good way when pretty matches healthy.

A good hair day

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No matter the length, nourished hair is a must if you want the hairstyles on your wish list to look good when you finally try them out. Quality shampoos, natural oils, hair masks, massages and quality brushes give you the healthy base you can use to play with style choices, just like with skin care and your make up.

Particularly trendy lately, healthy long hair matches any outfit you chose and it allows of carefree hairstyles like ponytails, simple braids, free edgy bangs or voluminous sleek buns. It can make your entire look quite compelling. There’s a broad range of choices for hair-accessory lovers worldwide. You can find plenty of high-quality hair extensions online in Australia.

Hair extensions are always the right choice for a newer and fresher look, whether your checklist is on a casual or a chic side. Right now, long hair reigns supreme. Choose among beautiful color palettes or pull off some simple natural hair colors which you can accessorize with a high bold bun, waves and curls, or straight long hairstyle which is highly accentuated lately as a fashion ”yes”.

Play with makeup

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Expand your makeup horizons and don’t be afraid to experiment – a touch of mascara and a natural shade for the eyes, with bold and natural brows, a slight touch of peach or strawberry on both of your cheeks, neat contour and bold lipstick will give you the look that you’ll just love. If you prefer shine and diamond, i.e. stunning cat-eye makeup, accompany that with a lip gloss or a tinted lip balm. Also, for girls that love natural or a nude look, highlighter and a hydrating lip balm are a must have. And last but definitely not the least – you can always skip the routine by using the ultimate trick that never got off of our beauty checklists – no makeup except red lipstick.

Overall, a good deep care routine is irreplaceable when it comes to your skin and hair. When you take your time to prepare your favorite cake from scratch, you always pay extra attention to the finishing touches – do the same thing with your beauty routine and the way you express yourself; make your beauty checklist both the base and cherry on the top.


How to Unleash Your Inner Goth

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Edge is not something you can fake – neither in life nor your outfits. That edge is a very specific feeling that comes naturally with everything that you do and shines through even the pink you wear – and it’s absolutely thrilling. When you think about it – anyone can fake a Cinderella but not everyone can pull off an edge, because edge – edge is in the character of the person – the way they think, laugh, feel and act. So, once you feel it and realize it’s there, use it to your advantage and turn it into a signature fashion vibe… we know we have!

Understand the trend

The common misconception people have about anyone who’s rocking a slightly “different” and “dark” style is that they are depressed, unhappy and often emotionally-challenged individuals whose dark, edgy outfits are coping mechanisms and a form of detachment from the mundane. And while it may be true that the trend started off like that, it has evolved past that prejudice and become a fashion statement for all the individuals who like something more challenging than a nude dress or a jean jacket. Your bubbly personality shouldn’t suffer because of your nipple or nose piercing, your leather jacket or unicorn hair. It’s all good – stay happy, dress Goth and give people something to gossip about.

Read on to get some little Goth and edgy inspiration for your next outfit:

Love your black


Sure, it’s a cliché but don’t diss your black just because it’s an expected Goth vibe. Instead, embrace it and add a twist to it – combine it with other colors and shades of black, interesting cuts, lace and fishnets to give your outfit a different flair.

Say YES to the platform


Whether we are talking mid-calf Martins or Ranger boots, the platform is the thing to walk your Goth in. Velvet is often loved by Goth girls, so combining a dangerous-looking platform with a set of purple or mauve details will bring just enough juxtaposition to your footwear and still have you looking Goth enough. Open toes are also cool, as long as your platform is unusual.

Be a girly Goth

Whoever said Goth girls can’t wear tutu skirts, bodycon dresses, pencil skirts, maxi dresses and other beautiful girly items, obviously never encountered a 21st century Goth girl. Lace, jipon, velvet, asymmetry, mermaid cut, corset dresses, high-neck, printed and/or graphic dresses are your best bet. We love the designs signed by Tragic Beautiful – they always manage to deliver a beautiful cohesive combination of edgy, girly and glamorous Goth. Colors you can go with are black (obviously), red, purple, gray or any similar variant. Quirky graphics like skulls, space-inspired elements (planets, stars, milky way, etc), dried out roses, bats, fangs, blood splashes, black plaid and other similar motifs are a perfect choice.

Embrace the body art, makeup and unicorns

Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash

Prominent staple elements of every Goth chic are body and face piercings, tattoos, undercuts and unicorn hair. Goth girls are often sporting nose or septum rings, eyebrow piercings, tear piercings, underlip or snake piercings and a range of earlobe, tragus and rook piercings. Bellybutton and nipple piercings are also common, although any type of pierced body embellishment is a matter of personal preference. Tattoos are yet another gorgeous body ornament to embrace if you are into a Goth look, although – it’s not necessary. Goth girls often go with long black/ginger/red/unicorn hair, straight cut hair ala Morticia Addams and/or Pulp Fiction bangs. Undercuts are also very common as are bald or really short dos.

As for makeup – the more daring, the better. Pale face is often a must, with thick lashes and liners giving the eyes a very prominent, almost scary pop. The brows are dark and pointy (often). Lips – red, muted maroon/purple or pale.

With Goth, everything is about twisting and turning staple trend pieces into elements that agree with one’s personality and the level of their Goth. Dare to experiment!