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WINKY LUX just raised $2M

WINKY LUX, a digitally native Gen-Z beauty brand known for its whimsical packaging and rapid-fire innovation, has raised $2 million in seed funding led by Female Founders Fund (“F3”). Other notable investors include venture capital firms BBG Ventures, GGV, SoGal Ventures and TGZ Capital, a new fund whose managers include celebrity YouTuber Cameron Dallas.

In addition to the sales on, the WINKY LUX brand is sold in more than 1000 global retail locations including top retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Mecca Maxima. In the fall it will be an anchor offering in the hotly anticipated “Riley Rose” beauty concept store created by Forever 21. Known to it’s customers by the hashtag #ItsAWinkyWorld, the less-than-two year old brand has cultivated a fanatical following of young consumers seeking luxury experiences at an approachable price.

WINKY’s ability to leverage the accessibility of the brand in both technology and traditional sales is what attracted the interest of the investing partners, who saw an opportunity to help the company continue to build a digital beauty brand with the perfect combination of both traditional retail and a digital-direct e-commerce model. “As a nascent brand, WINKY LUX has been able to successfully tap into today’s digital customer and we are excited to work together for this next phase of growth.” Anu Duggal from Female Founders Fund.

Funds will be used to expand digital campaigns, increase the product offering and open the first WINKY LUX pop-up shop in lower Manhattan. WINKY LUX will continue to acquire customers through influencer collaborations and trend driven content, and with their unique supply chain, new products can be developed and launched in as little as 45 days. This fast production cycle allows the brand to leverage trends at the speed at which they happen.

“We’re thrilled to partner with like-minded investors who have track records of backing great innovation. Our goal is to provide a beautiful luxury experience to our customers through data driven personalization, indulgent packaging and extraordinary experiences both online and offline. Our customer’s happiness is paramount and our new partnerships will increase our ability to captivate and delight her.” says co-founder Natalie Mackey.

Winky Lux is a fast-to-market cosmetics brand that launched in October 2015. All of the products are paraben free, cruelty-free, non-toxic and heavily pigmented. The collection consists of lip pills, glosses, eye palettes, complexion powder, blush, rainbow brow palettes and the innovative Flower Balm lip balm. Each product is indulgently packaged in custom white lacquer, silver, and gold and comes in a luxurious box. High color payoffs, long-lasting wear, and silky finishes create the ultimate beauty experience.




There’s no law that says Nursing Bras have to be frumpy & beige. I checked.

Celebrate Motherhood in Style With You! Lingerie

Sexy, stylish maternity and nursing bras,

sleep and loungewear designed with mom in mind

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful, your nursing and maternity lingerie should be too. Designed to embrace and celebrate your new curves during pregnancy and breastfeeding, You! Lingerie provides a perfect balance between functionality, support and comfort without sacrificing style, ever! All the nursing bras, tank tops and sleepwear exude luxurious sensuality, playful style and femininity in its wearer with the functionality of discreetly breastfeeding that hungry baby!

You! Lingerie was born when founder Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger searched endlessly for beautiful nursing lingerie as a first-time breastfeeding mom. The more she searched, the more daunting it became to find a cute, well-made and affordable maternity and nursing bra. Equipped with her Duke MBA and experience as a brand manager, Uyo took matters into her own hands, resulting in the launch of You! Lingerie in 2010. With a mission to make breastfeeding and expecting moms feel confident and beautiful every day, You! Lingerie is designed to not only be sexy, colorful and luxurious, but have also been crafted to provide great support and functionality to pregnant and nursing mothers.

Would you kill for a drop-dead gorgeous nursing bra? Look no further! Explore the sexy, stylish designs from You! Lingerie:

Chloe Maternity & Nursing Bra:  Your other black bras are about to get super jealous of your Chloe Nursing bra. Beautifully constructed maternity and nursing bras feature full molded black cups, black butterfly shimmer lace with caged straps detailing embellished with the brand’s signature splash of hot pink color throughout – cup lining, nursing clips, and decorative bows. Providing both function and everyday comfort, the Chloe nursing bra is lined with 100% cotton for breathable comfort.

Darcy Super Mom Super Tired Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set:  Including a super soft gray cotton nursing tank top and PJ pants in white and pale pink stripes that are perfect for late nights breastfeeding or all day lounging. We know you’re a “super mom,” but you’re also “super tired.” Being a mom is a full-time job, so unwind and recharge those super mom powers in this effortlessly chic pajama set.

About You! Lingerie:

You! Lingerie’s collection of sexy, stylish maternity and nursing bras, sleep and loungewear is designed with the fashionista mom in mind. Made to not only be sexy, colorful and luxurious, they also have been crafted to provide great support and functionality to pregnant and nursing mothers. On a mission to make breastfeeding and expecting moms feel confident everyday, You! Lingerie believes that motherhood is beautiful, your nursing and maternity lingerie should be too.


ECO-Mom’s Ocean-Friendly Line is at Target!

Last month, the June 8th was World Oceans Day, and we never stop to protect the ocean. Families like yours can now help save our oceans by making one small lifestyle change: Go plastic-free at lunchtime! ECO-mom Sandra Harris has provided one such solution with her award-winning brand, ECOlunchbox (, which is available at Target stores nationwide June 25th.

ECOlunchbox’s mission is to help families reduce their dependence on plastics and use products that produce zero waste to the environment. The accumulation of plastic waste has severely harmed our ocean life, having contributed to hazards like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the decay of the Great Barrier Reef.

In fact, recent studies found that by the year 2050 – there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans! Learn more about the perils of plastic, here.  

This is why ECOlunchbox offers a plastic-free lunchware alternative to regular food-packing containers.  Every item in the ECOlunchbox line is made with non-toxic materials such as stainless steel, cotton or plastic-free silicone.  The line boasts an array of eco-friendly food accessories, bentos, and bags that come in various shapes and sizes – even the container lids are made of silicone and embossed with inspiring ocean motifs.

Harris explains that if the silicone lids were to get lost in the environment, the silicone material won’t break down into small bits like plastic does in our oceans, where it’s ingested by marine birds and animals. According to the Washington Post, “Plastic has wound up in the stomachs of more than half the world’s sea turtles and nearly all of its marine birds, studies say. 

Thanks to ECOlunchbox, tens of millions of pieces of trash has already been averts from use and disposal – confirmed by the company’s “Planet Impact Study” It’s easy for you to help do the same: Next time you plan on packing food on the go, opt for a plastic-free lunch and shop ECOlunchbox at Target. Two of their ocean-inspired products from the line’s Blue Water Bento collection – the Seal Cup Trio and the Splash Box, is sold at select Target Stores Nationwide beginning June 25th, 2017. 

More about ECOlunchbox:

ECOlunchbox is a woman-owned, mission-based social enterprise built on the passion, excellence, innovation and love of healthy people and planet. ECOlunchbox is best in class when it comes to trends in lunchware: with its sleek and polished design, ECOlunchbox products are lightweight, easy to pack, reusable, stackable and clippable, hassle-free, and are easy to wash by hand or toss in dishwasher. This affordable line is sold at major retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, is coming to Target in June of 2017, and sold online, here.  In an additional effort to help our Ocean life, ECOlunchbox has recently partnered with


WEN Says So Long to Suds!

Say so long to lather and give up suds for good! While the co-washing movement has taken the beauty industry by storm, it was Chaz Dean who put the ban of ‘poo on the map with his collection of cleansing conditioners from WEN Hair & Body Care. Formulated in scents you’ll love with an exclusive amino acid complex and nourishing peptides, Chaz’s line of conditioners includes the perfect match for every hair type and concern.

Also available from WEN by Chaz Dean, are his collections of limited edition seasonal scents, featuring Summer Tropical ParadiseSummer Coconut Lime VerbenaSummer Honey Peach and Summer Mango Coconut.

The Bamboo Green Tea collection is a gluten-free, rice-based formula designed for all hair types. With an exclusive blend of green, black, white and red teas, and the WEN amino acid and peptide complexes, Bamboo Green Tea is a powerfully nourishing line.

The Cucumber Aloe collection is the lightest formula from WEN Hair and Body. Designed to address an oily scalp, while keeping your hair hydrated and healthy, the collection is ideal for those with fine hair that is easily weighed down.

One of the most hydrating formulas, Fig is designed for thick, coarse or curly hair as it penetrates deeply, giving hair the hydration it needs. Fig is also the perfect choice for hair damaged by harsh chemical processes and heated styling tools.

For hair that needs a boost in volume, the Lavender collection is lightweight and deeply hydrating. This formula is ideal for hair that is easily weighed down or becomes flat by the end of the day. 

With Amino Acids, Peptides, Four Tea Complex and an exclusive Bamboo Water Complex, the Mandarin Italian Fig collection promotes hair growth and repair. By restoring and protecting hair, volume, shine and strength is improved for all hair types.

This gluten-free, soy based formula is perfect for anyone with a sensitivity to wheat, but can be used by anyone. The Pomegranate collection provides the perfect balance of nourishment and hydration to all hair types and textures.

The first formula Chaz created and still the brand’s most popular, the Sweet Almond Mint collection is designed for all hair types and textures. Great for first timers, the Sweet Almond Mint collection is the perfect introduction to WEN Hair and Body Care.

The Tea Tree formula is designed to address common hair and scalp issues by nourishing and healing. The medicinal properties of tea tree deeply cleanse and hydrate, ideal for all hair types.