Posts Written On August 15, 2017

What Does A Goat And Your Hand Have In Common?

Who knew that goats were the answer to fabulous hands? Dionis Skincare has the best goat milk skincare products on the market!

Moisturize with the power of goat milk hand cream

Goats are not only adorable to watch on YouTube, but they provide the key ingredient to Dionis! Treat your hands to a luxury hand cream to make your hands look, feel and smell amazing!

For 35 years Dionis has been making their products in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They believe in using quality ingredients for their superior line that is dermatologist tested, cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free. Dionis believes in producing only the highest quality products that will nourish every skin type and keeping you smelling fresh and confident all day long!

No longer do you have to dread putting on hand creams because you don’t want that greasy residue to get all over your clothes, papers, steering wheel or even babies! Dionis hand creams are made to absorb into your skin leaving your hands hydrated and healthy no matter what your hands get into.

The Dionis difference is Goat Milk! Dionis uses Goat Milk as their main ingredient because:

  • Goat Milk is packed with essential vitamins including A, C, E and D as well as B Complexes, Lipids and Triglycerides.

  • Goat Milk will fortify your skin and prevent moisture loss.

  • People have reported the following when using Goat Milk skincare products:

    • Acne Treatment

    • Protects Skin

    • Only skincare option for sensitive skin (including Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris)

  • Easily absorbs into the skin because we share the same PH as goats.

  • Our lightweight formula absorbs quickly with no greasy feeling.

Do your hands a favor and give them the gift of Dionis Goat Milk Hand Cream!

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DIONIS is passionate about making quality goat milk products to make you look and feel great everyday. Founded in the highlands of Virginia and later moved to Bucks County, PA, DIONIS has always manufactured quality personal care products made with goat milk and other quality ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. Stemmed from CCP, DIONIS Skin Care is out to change the way you care for your skin with safe and soothing products.