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Back to School Season Beauty and Health Routines

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Seasons change and our environment changes with them. There’s a beautiful shift a couple of times a year where everything we’ve gotten used to gets a fresh twist. Accordingly, us ladies should pamper ourselves with corresponding beauty and health routines.

Near Mr. September

During the year, kids don’t have it easy while they’re in school which makes them want to make the best of their holidays in order to be mentally and physically ready for a new school season. It’s not just school kids though, working women are constantly learning too, and growing both personally and professionally. At the end of the day, it’s the same process seen from different perspectives and with different responsibilities.

Peas in a pod

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Although happy to make their youngsters carefree, moms tend to put too much weight on their shoulders while making sure the kids’ routines are taken care of. Health checks, bedtime-school balance, making sure they eat right, getting school supplies, buying clothes… and a couple of extra surprises to minimize the stress kids feel – that often leaves moms with no time for self-care they need just as much. Since season shift isn’t only relevant for kids, moms should treat themselves to cozy, elegant and warm sweaters and other season clothing for all occasions; or drive somewhere to a spa session after they’ve dropped kiddos home from school. In all that chaos, moms need to pay attention to their own needs, as well.

Stay Tuned to You

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A working woman, whatever her background; needs a tidy plan on how to juggle her needs and responsibilities, so that both career and personal life are in a healthy balance at all times, no matter the season. That is quite difficult to achieve without a strong immunity, nourishment and beauty routines which are, when practiced regularly, a true pleasure and a great benefit to our health and well-being.

Consistent work schedule is dependent on a body that can keep up with the pace and sometimes even be one step ahead. Genuine and thorough care for health and beauty should be supported by and formed around health-aiding Biocare products that further help us with our stress-release routines. They can also help us maintain our desired fitness level and appearance, despite the worn out feeling we have when exhaustion and the anxiety of upcoming work season hit us. Adding recommended supplements and vitamins to our everyday nutrition is essential to keep our minds and bodies ready for any challenge.

Do the Fun Part

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Restock your skincare and makeup products with classic pieces: deep hydrating facial creams, scrubs, protective oils, foundations and basic makeup sets; also, don’t forget the brushes and cleaning tools. Add bold red and brown colors to your lipstick collection and expand your wardrobe with a couple of fashion must haves for the upcoming season – a leather jacket, burgundy boots, elegant caps or leisure suits.

Customize the set of hair care and body-nourishing products by intensifying hydration, to make sure you have an extra layer of care and protection during this season when the weather changes frequently, and temperatures and humidity affect skin and hair quality. Make sure you have the right protective oils, masks and lotions, and feel free to play with hairstyles this season!


Good, well-developed self-care doesn’t take much time – it’s an investment in a long-term relationship with yourself no matter the season. Joy is in responding to its gifts and tricks with classic, back-to-school routines.


A life to be enjoyed: Amazing and Attractive reasons to retire abroad

A lot of old people often accept the fact that eventually, they will live out the rest of their lives in nursing homes on their pensions. With all the hard work in the past, it may seem fair that retirees should live in more favorable conditions that each of them would personally choose. They often buy a lot of properties, enjoy time with their family, and relax for the rest of their lives.

Families choose a nursing home because of, mainly, safety and security reasons. With numerous professionals adept at taking care of the elderly, many families opt for this path, considering it would be safer and more secure for retiring. The advantages that come with it are also considered good.

One of these benefits is the relatively short distance it requires for families to visit them. A nursing home that is in the heart of cities and near countrysides makes it even more ideal for the perfect retirement plan.

Another advantage of nursing homes is that when it comes to medical treatment, families can be sure that they get what they paid for when it comes to the quality of services. Geriatric care is certainly making more and more presence in healthcare due to the rising numbers of pensioners opting for homes for the aged. This particular attention in the field requires for stricter guidelines and implementations further cementing the fact that the care rendered in these places are second to none.

The “real” countryside makes perfect sense when people choose it as a place to retire. The simple ways of living often attract a lot of retirees. It gives them a sense of nostalgia of the old ways that they experienced. From getting water from wells, starting a fire from matches and tinder, and raising farm animals, pensioners simply cannot resist the ways of old.

Another thing that the countryside boasts is that pollution is minimal. Ideal living conditions which retirees also find quite attractive are the good weather, equal amounts of warm and cold climate, clean water, and the cozy feeling that the country breeze brings with it. When families also visit, some areas are a perfect match to their dream vacation resorts.

For some, meanwhile, retiring and old age are opportunities to travel and live overseas.  The chance to face the unknown certainly makes it hard to resist. A change in the landscape also adds to the excitement. Although there are countless reasons as to why one should retire in a different country, here are some of the most attractive ones:

Change in Climate

Trees and Grass Field Under Cloudy Sky during Daytime

For some, one’s home country might be subject to cold weather. With ailing knees and increasing aches, some might want to get out and experience something more tropical. A lot of Eastern and Asian countries would meet the criteria.

Do not be hasty. Some should know how warm or hot a country gets. A lot of incidents happen where retirees retreat to tropical countries which seem ok for the first few days only to turn out miserable in the coming weeks or months. Options concerning health must be considered in choosing the right country which pensioners want to retire in.

Saving for the Rainy days

Water Droplets on Clear Glass

With just pensions as the only means of financial support, the rising prices of gas and electricity bills make it worse for old people. To make conditions more suitable to their liking, retirees often cut their usage to save up. Living like this would make a more challenging life rather than being able to enjoy a more comfortable one.

Retiring abroad, however, opens up the possibility of lower energy costs. Instead of saving for a more comfortable life, pensioners would live to their heart’s demands and save more for the things that they want to enjoy. Choosing a country that would suit their need would certainly be an attractive reason for them in retiring abroad.

Home is where the heart is

apartment, architecture, bookcase

The rising costs of housing in some countries understandably makes it difficult for pensioners to live well. A study by The Guardian details that rising prices for houses tend to build up to six figures, well above the typical pension retirees receive.

Some countries have lots allocated to international buyers for the purpose of increasing sales and raising the economic values of some areas. Situations like this, make for low costing allocations which are more affordable than the rates that exist in a retiree’s home country.  

Security and Care

Most retirees choose countries that treat them better with multiple laws that concern their protection and welfare. The United States, in particular, is a preferred destination for a lot of people to retire. Homes in Florida and Houston have a warm approach when it comes to retirees.


Another research done in the UK states that a lot of houses are inaccessible. This study makes other properties much more expensive due to their advantage in convenience. In other countries with specific building codes and unique architectural styles, retirees can have no problem whatsoever in finding a new home.

An example of such country is Australia, where bungalows are the housing trends. These houses are modeled for modern tastes and are restricted to a single floor allowing retirees to live safely, comfortably, and independently.

Tourist spots

Green Palm Tree on Beach during Daytime

Another attractive reason to retire abroad is for the numerous tourist attractions a country has to offer. For those adventure type pensioners, this can be perfect if the costs in getting to those places are relatively more reasonable than taking a full-scale vacation from their home countries.

In some cases, the journey itself becomes the destination. New ways to travel emerge, a car may surprisingly be absent in a country, but a Kalesa or a rickshaw could be much better.

Warmest Embraces

Surprisingly, a lot of Countries can be more welcoming to foreigners compared to others. This fact surely becomes one of the driving points in deciding to retire abroad. Countries such as New Zealand which tops the world in “The most friendly country to foreigners” can be a choice.

Another Country which is known for its warm acceptance of immigrants is the Philippines. People are friendly and warm to its visitors. Also known for having numerous natural attractions, this country also boasts of its tourist spots considered by most foreign retirees.


barbecue, bbq, cooking

Another essential part of living abroad is trying out the new delicacies a new country has to offer. For the daring types, trying to eat weird food may become routinary once they get accustomed to it. Thailand, which ranks #8 in CNN’s top countries with the best food is a good example of this.

Other things to consider

While there are a lot of attracting advantages to retiring overseas, one has to think about the possible difficulties it brings. Conditions of visa eligibility, distance from other family members, and adjusting to a new life are just some of the things to consider.

Medical Bills

Medical treatment and insurance undoubtedly differ from country to country. For example, UK residents may have to give up their rights to EHIC health care just to move to another country. Certain destinations may have shared services, while others do not. Private Insurance Companies may also offer similar health care plans and become the only means to a quick and easier way in accessing medical services.

Pension Problems

Upon reaching the right conditions for receiving pension abroad, retirees might be in certain constraints once they begin living overseas. A perfect example of this is the UK state pension. Should it be drawn elsewhere, the amount becomes frozen.

Financial support from pensions that are frozen remains frozen unless the UK has exclusive agreements concerning social security with the new country of residence. Several Countries like Switzerland, Jamaica, Barbados and even the United States are countries which do not have social security agreements with the UK.


For some retirees, the thought of losing home and family might not sink in immediately. Coupled with new ways of living, new people and new culture, some consider moving back to their country of origin and end up suffering because of the choices they make.


active, bikes, cyclist

With the rising number of retirees every year, it is not surprising that a lot of them consider retiring to other countries. The routine and boring life in nursing homes become dreadful to them. Rising costs in properties, bills and increasing demands of just living in one’s country, while living off of pension alone, contribute to the increasing numbers of people who want to retire overseas.

Others may love the fact of embracing a new culture and way of life. They become so accustomed to it that they essentially become one with the people. The warm embrace of locals, the low-cost way of living, numerous attractions, and a new way of living makes them see it as a reward, making their move worth it.

For some, though, the regrets that come with moving to a far away and unknown land seem to follow them. They begin missing family that they usually see every day. Eating becomes a new thing as they struggle to keep up with the local delicacies. Health care also may not be on par with the care that they receive back home as others provide facilities with personnel assisting elderly clients. A lot of things makes them consider returning. Sadly, they move back to their countries of origin, settling to content with their usual ways of living.


Dress Up Cocktail Hour with Stirrings Simply Better Cocktail Mixers

Putting on the party of the season is stressful enough. Take the hassle out of hosting and enjoy the fun with Stirrings cocktail mixers, rimmer garnishes, and bar ingredients. With Stirrings, anyone can be a master mixologist serving up signature drinks at backyard summer barbecues, girls nights, and big holiday events. Each of their enticing creations is made with real juice and without artificial preservatives so you can stir, shake, and garnish your way to a simply better cocktail.

Get your ideas flowing:

  • Simple Peach Bellini Mix – No holiday brunch would be complete without a signature champagne drink. Enjoy the ever-popular Bellini by adding an tantalizing splash of peach to a glass of prosecco.
  • Simple Margarita Mix + Margarita Rimmer – When cold weather has you dreaming of sandy beaches, whip up a batch of fruity margaritas.
  • Dirty Martini Mix – Made with imported olive brine, this bar ingredient will put the finishing touch on that always classy, always classic cocktail.

Whether you’re throwing the ultimate end of summer barbecue or packing the perfect holiday gift basket, keep things simple with Stirrings.

Stirrings can be found nationwide at major grocery stores and retailers, including Walmart, Publix, and Total Wines & More, as well as online at their website or at Amazon and



The Art of Mastering The Perfect Blowout

It is time to drop your weekly hair appointment to the salon, and pick up the blow dryer yourself! You know what they say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Okay so maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but what if your favorite hair dresser is on vacation and you have an important date? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep these skills in your pocket for a rainy day. Mastering the perfect blowout isn’t as hard as you think. Check out my tips below!

The perfect blowout starts in the shower with a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for your hair. I have fine and frizzy hair so I like to use sulfate-free shampoos. My personal favorites are the Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. The gentle hydrating shampoo and conditioner has antioxidant argon oil & replenishing nutrients to help cleanse & hydrate dehydrated hair. Make sure to get all the product out of your hair to make sure you have a long-lasting blowout. The conditioner leaves an oily residue in your hair that makes your blowout look greasy.

Price: $9.50/$10.00 for a 2.4 oz bottle

Apply a heat protecting spray to damp clean hair to avoid damaging your hair when using the dryer. I love the TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave‑In Spray. I have used this spray since High School when I flat-ironed my hair daily *cringe*. You can get it at Target for $4 and it works just as well as any fancy brand.

Price: $3.99

Next up, divide the hair into small sections. I divide my hair into 5 sections because my arm gets tired quite fast( I really need to hit the gym) and my hair is very thin making it easier to dry. There is no magic number for how many sections you can have but stick to working with a small amount of hair at a time to make sure that the hair is properly dried.

Here’s a more visual description provided by NEXXUS:

Start in the back of your head and using a large round brush wrap the hair around the brush. Start drying your hair with the brush vertically. Make sure the blow dryer isn’t directly touching your hair to avoid damaging your strands. Take your time with each section and add volume by putting the brush under the hair at the crown of your head. Twirl hair away from your face for that desired bouncy effect.

Conair – Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer

Price: $32.99

Ceramic + Ion Thermal Hairbrush

Price: $19.95

Spray your hair with a finishing spray to avoid any fly aways. I personally use HASK Flexible Finish HairSpray- Light Hold. It helps seal my hair without making my hair stiff.

Price: $4


8 Products That Are Basically Made For Summer!

Summer is nearly here and we’re so ready to embrace the biggest trends of 2017. From face masks to hair care to brunch shirts, these innovative finds make it easier than ever to look gorgeous all summer long.


Glowing confidence always starts with beautiful skin! A little bit of YLLO‘s face mask goes a long way. Each pack gives you a whoppin’ 20 treatments and is 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free. After your first use, you’ll see teddy bear soft skin, a glowing complexion, as well as reduced redness and inflammation. With continued use, you’ll be fighting acne, fading scarring, preventing wrinkles, and lightening (and eventually stopping) facial hair growth.
Ingredients: Organic Turmeric, Chickpea Flour, Coconut Oil, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Lemon Oil


When you scroll through Instagram, one thing you’ll notice on the regular is large, full lips; a game changer. If your pout isn’t exactly at Scarlett Johansson status, it might be time to change up your beauty routine. Give your lips a lift with JuvaLips – the leading, safe and effective do-it-at-home or on-the-go lip plumper! No more painful injections, coloring outside the lines with a lip liner, or dealing with the burn of a lip gloss. JuvaLips is a simple, painless and non-toxic way to naturally enlarge your lips.

FACE atelier:

Glisten, glitter, gleam. Sexy, sultry, sinful. Colour your eye in ways you never dreamed using these ultra-fine, perfectly pigmented loose Shimmers. FACE atelier’s Shimmers won’t flake, are non-creasing and long lasting. A little Shimmer goes a long way – apply sparingly for a subtle wash of color, or apply more for a dazzling display! *Please select shade from website.

Green Goo:

Treat your skin with the nourishment it deserves. The high-quality, healing ingredients of Green Goo by Sierra Sage will nurture you from head to toe. Each product is made with natural, organic, pure products and packaged in recycled containers. Their Skin Repair can work magic in so many ways. It can reduce puffy eyes and remove dark circles, while clearing sunspots and sunburns. Skin Repair is also great for any scars and fine lines you may have. If you get a minor burn, just put on some Skin Repair for a quick fix. Known to “make you glow”, this incredibly affordable anti-aging formula is replacing expensive, high end products by dermatologists around the world.

– Hair Care –

 Mixed Chicks:

Adapting to weather changes is a core part of day-to-day life. As we prep to put our swimsuits on to soak in the golden haze of summer, we also must adjust our hair care techniques to beat the heat. With the Mixed Chicks Co-Wash, keep summer living easy with this all in one product for cleaning, detangling and hydrating!

  • Hydrates, removes impurities, detangles

  • Creamy, no lather cleanser

  • Revitalizing shampoo alternative

  • Uses jojoba and castor oils to restore strength and flexibility

  • 8 oz/ 236 ml

– Clothes –

Twelve & Faye:

Inspire a whole new range of style moments with Twelve & Faye! Cheers over champagne with the perfect, cheeky attire for high-spirited women. Taking a totally new spin on a range of fashion, Twelve & Faye are cool, must-have styles with lively, sassy and fun-loving messages befitting any proud, feisty women wearing them. *Please select size and design from website.


After a long, cold winter, it’s time to pull out that sun dress, but don’t get caught out with something see-through thanks to the easy-to-wear modern undergarment solution, Bumbrella! The fashion game-changer makes dressing a breeze, creating a sleek look without the squeeze. No more slippage, twisting or transparency with Bumbrella! Feel naked without looking naked! *Please select size and design from website.

Crazy Cool Threads:

Soft and sophisticated shirts that allow you to share your faith are perfect for this Summer. Celebrate your God while you keep up with the latest trends. Inspirational clothes are all the rage this season. Crazy Cool Threads offer clothes that are faith-based and oh-so stylish! Sport your favorite muscle tee styles that are fashionable and flattering. Crazy Cool Threads are trendy and meaningful all rolled into one magical fashion statement. *Please select size and design from website.



Fashion and Accessories: Work Edition

Working environments often put us under pressure when it comes to combining the outfit for a busy day. That’s why every businessperson should have coziness and comfort in mind when choosing a perfect office outfit. Being careless when it comes to business attire can leave a bad impression. However, channeling an effortless vibe can help you kick off a great productive day and complete your tasks with ease.

When it comes to adding the right jewelry and accessories to the office outfit, apart from the aesthetics, you should be practical above all. Also, the key to every business dress code is to dress appropriately and be respectful towards other colleagues and employees. Whether you work for a big corporation or a small local business, having a lunch with a colleague or meeting with the entire board, your style should convey an impeccable taste that speaks about your professionalism.

Start off sharp

If you’re leading or managing a team, it’s important to be sharp and elegant. Choosing a too tight outfit with zippers and buttons may not be the best choice for a work environment. Combining a stretchy pencil leather skirt with closed toe heels and comfy white blouse under navy blazer can set the desired tone. By adding the right jewelry, you will break the monotony and add a touch of elegance to your business look. A pair of discrete earrings, a bracelet and a ring will emphasize your feminine side. If your position in a company requires you to be responsible, tone down the bling in your accessories since only a demure outfit will send the right message to your business partners.

Creative mess

For a unique business style, choosing a sharp-cut skirt in unusual designs, bold colors and interesting materials to go with a cozy simple sweater is a great way to fuse a messy-looking style with a polished neat look. A simple hand bag and lower heels are a neutral base that allows you to be more playful in the accessories department. Choose one oversized piece of jewelry, i.e. a bracelet or chainlet, and combine it with a neutral nail polish and a pair of earrings, bolder eye makeup and simple nude lips. Alternatively, take the opposite direction – stick to minimalist jewelry design and go for bolder makeup or nail colors. Be creative with layers but be careful not to overdo it. Smartly choosing the accessories will complete your business look.

Lunches and meetings

Greeting and meeting people, having work-related discussions or important business meetings are the situations that mustn’t be dressed appropriately for the occasion. A laid-back outfit can easily be turned into a formal business-like appearance when accompanied with elegant jewelry. A rather simple style based on subtle color choices and clear-cut simple skirt, shirt and cardigan designs can be elevated with the right accessories. There are many different kinds of wrist watches that can be incorporated in endlessly creative ways to lift up even the simplest of outfits. Today, you can shop for a wide variety of watches online and find one that will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Accessorizing is a very tricky part of putting an outfit together. When it comes to work, jewelry shouldn’t be in the spotlight, but rather complement your business style. If a woman works in a more traditional niche like politics, education or health, she should carefully analyze the choice of accessories her superiors and more experienced colleagues use. If you pick a few colors for the outfit, stick to simple yet elegant jewelry. Express your individuality with a classy approach to business attire.