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Shimmer for Every Season! Make Your Eyes POP with Hikari

4th of July may be over, but keep that sparkle alive with Hikari Cosmetics! Their highly pigmented cream shadows are perfect for adding that pop of wow. Whether you need that finishing touch for a sun-kissed look or something more dramatic, this makeup will last you from dusk till dawn.

Bold, vibrant, brilliant – that’s the look of the face this fall. Accentuate your natural beauty with strong, sexy, rich lips and knockout metallic, shimmery eyes with Hikari Cosmetics. Hikari Cosmetics helps you create the latest looks with the most sought-after colors and products. This fall you’ll want every one of its stunning lipsticks, from Cabernet to Peony. Go edgy glam and make your eyes pop with shades of gold, silver and bronze shimmer. Then finish the look off with a long-lasting eyeliner that will give you the perfect cat eye every time.

Cream Pigment Eyeshadows – These highly pigmented cream shadows can add either definition or highlights. Pick Frozen, Mink or Shine if you’re looking for silver, bronze or gold shine or Cosmic or Skyline for a deep purple or blue pop. Each of Hikari’s 12 striking colors is infused with shimmer to help you shine on!

Liquid Eyeliner – Perfect precision is what you’ll get with this long-lasting eyeliner that goes on smooth and easy. With these gorgeous shades, you can make a dramatic statement or something more subtle.

Lipsticks – Flawlessly formulated for long lasting coverage in an array of vivid shades. Go bold with Cranberry or Cabernet or soft and romantic with Dune or Romance, either way your lips will say it all!

You don’t have to be rich to enjoy these luxurious looks, Hikari Cosmetics are reasonably-priced. They’re designed so every woman can afford to look her best, and she can feel good too, knowing none of Hikari’s products are ever tested on animals.


Founded on the principles of delivering glamorous, sophisticated makeup to women at an affordable cost, Hikari is dedicated to taking the makeup world to the next level. From high-shine, vivid lip gloss collections to the perfect eye color combinations, this beauty brand has something every woman can look and feel gorgeous in. From the Japanese word meaning “light”, get glowing with Hikari Cosmetics.


Smile All Summer With Humble Brush

Summer can sneak up on all of us – don’t let self-care fall short of your routine this season.

Add Humble Brush to your summer essential list! 100% biodegradable, this toothbrush is made from naturally sustainable bamboo. Perfect for all eco-friendly adventures, this socially responsible toothbrush was designed to be kind to our planet. With a non-slip surface, HumbleBrush’s ergonomic grip and sleek, timeless design will have you smiling for days.

Handmade to perfection, each brush addresses two major issues with toothbrushes today:leaving an environmental footprint and not everyone owns one. On a mission to solve these problems, Humble Brush is not only humble to the planet, but also helps people in need. GoHumble, Give Smiles – Every Humble Brush sold helps children in need participate in a comprehensive preventive oral care program.

Kick back and relax with your friends this summer without worrying about your teeth. Discover why Humble Brush is a must-have this season:

  • 100% Biodegradable: Made with eco-friendly bamboo, this bold brush offers a non-slip surface and sleek, sustainable design. With a guarantee to last you just as long as any mass produced, plastic toothbrush, Humble Brush is the right decision for your teeth.
  • It’s in the Details: With sturdy bristles made from Nylon 6, this eco brush will keep your pearly whites protected. Degrading faster than lower grades of nylon, the bristles vary in thickness to provide options for both adults and kids!
  • Designed to Perfection:Easy to use with a specific curved head shape that helps with access to all areas of the mouth, this trendy toothbrush is comfortable to hold and effective in removing plaque. With the natural, lightweight bamboo handle, both adults and children can makebrushing a breeze!
  • Laser Engraved: To give a finishing touch, Humble Brushis laser etched with extreme precision using an advanced and precise galvo fiber laser.
  • Humble & Colorful: Available in a range of bold colors,Humble Brush also gives a choice of bristles and cool colors for kids.
  • Eco-friendly Attitude: Every year, the world consumes over 3.6 billion toothbrushes. We throw away about 2 billion – most ending up in landfills and oceans. With the majority made from plastic, which does not degrade and is produced from fossil fuels, we are locked into a cycle of harming our home. Humble Brush aims to break that cycle with bamboo – a natural plant that grows back.

More than just a toothbrush, Humble Brush is the eco-friendly, socially responsible answer to modern day oral care. With a commitment to health and the environment, stock up on the essentials this summer with a toothbrush that actually works – and helps those in need.

Together we can change the world. Every toothbrush sold helps children in need participate in a comprehensive preventive oral care program run by the Humble Smile Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to oral health outreach projects for children who live in the world’s most vulnerable areas.

The Humble Brush is available in more than 20,000 stores around the world with major retailers including Waitrose, Rossman, Whole Foods UK, Carrefour, Douglas, Mothercare and many moreHumble Brush is also available in the US on Amazon with prices ranging from $4.99-$5.49.


Two easy-to-make cocktail recipes with Cabrito Tequila

This year, National Tequila Day falls on a Monday. But that’s not a bummer, the truth is that there’s no wrong time to enjoy tequila! High temperatures across the country may be enough excuse to sip on some refreshing cocktails with moderation. To help you celebrate, below you can find 2 great cocktail recipes created by the Cabrito Tequila family. 

Remember that if you want to make great memories, all you have to do is start with some tequila.

Purse Strings


  • 1 ½ oz Tequila Cabrito Blanco
  • 2 oz Grapefruit juice
  • ½ oz Cinnamon Syrup (Monin or house-made)
  • ¼ oz Lemon Juice
  • ½ oz Kombucha (Synergy Trilogy)


  1. Shake and strain tequila, syrup and juices over fresh ice into a rocks glass.
  2. Top with Kombucha and gently stir.
  3. Garnish with grapefruit wheel* (if desired) and grated cinnamon.

*Citrus can be dehydrated by slicing into wheels and placing into a 200-degree oven on a wire grate for 2-3 hours.

Two Cents


  • 2 oz Tequila Cabrito Blanco
  • ¾ oz Lime Juice
  • 1 oz Honey Habanero Syrup*
  • 2 drops of Orange Flower Water
  • Maldon Sea Salt (to rim the coupe)

*Dilute one part water with one part honey and stir to incorporate. Chop one habanero pepper into quarters and add it to the honey water syrup for 15 minutes. Remove peppers and store syrup in a sealed container.


  1. Shake and strain all ingredients.
  2. Garnish with a lime.



Cure Your “Wunderlust” With Feya Candle Co.’s NEW Collection

Candles always set a festive mood, no matter the season. Illuminate your home with the enchanting scents from Feya Candle Co.! Whether you’re throwing a summer bash, need a summer wedding gift, or gearing up for back to school and holiday presents, the sweet summer aromas of Feya Candle Co. will elevate your space.

Looking to cure that case of wanderlust? Explore the NEW Wunderlust Collection! Rooted in inspiration from world travels, Feya has carefully curated a fragrance line to highlight the beauty and magnificence of cities across the globe that have influenced Feya and how they give back. With so much need in this world, Feya is developing a luxurious and beautiful soap line designed just for you, and a one for one soap program to give cleansing bars to those who need them most with each one sold.

Keep your home smelling lovely all summer long with the unique scents from Feya Candle Co.:

  • Bergamot & Grapefruit: A delightful combination of natural Bergamot fragrance, fused with the tart and uplifting grapefruit we all know and love.
  • Brown Sugar & Fig: An all-time favorite, this sweet and smooth candle has notes of brown sugar and vanilla, balanced with the light scent of freshly cut figs.
  • Lavender: The calming experience of walking the fields of the French countryside alongside miles of lavender. Sit back, relax and enjoy this true natural lavender fragrance!

Every Feya Candle comes complete with gift box and 10-piece matchbox inside!

Feya Candle Co. partners with organizations working to improve communities around the world. These organizations include Jacob’s Well – Haiti, Haiti Children’s Hope, and a community organization in ChontalesNicaragua.

When Feya gives food, they fund the purchasing of meals in the villages they serve – boosting the local economy, and help in any way they can to serve the food to those who need it most. Honored to connect with the individuals they serve, they don’t stop with food. Feya Candle Co. makes a point to provide support, kindness, and a helping hand with anything else needed while present in every village.


Asian Skin Care Secrets Revealed Here!

Every season requires special attention for your skin, and now that summer is upon us, we want to uncover the Japanese secrets to keep your skin healthy! Lena & Lina has formulated a revolutionary skincare system that allows your skin to reap the benefits of brightening, plumping and hydrating while remaining clean and natural in a market overpowered by synthetics and unwanted chemicals!

The secret to the success of Lena & Lina is that they have safely extracted the brightening and reparative properties of kojic acid. This innovative Japanese fermentation process has allowed Lena & Lina to use the naturally occurring culture that’s been used for centuries to make products like soy sauce, sake and miso, to create a safe and effective powerhouse skincare line!

By combining the art and science of fermentation they harnessed the power of modern Japanese R&D and ancient Asian traditions to introduce a powerful skin care line using the world’s first Natural Human-Type Ceramide. This cruelty-free, eco-conscious skin care system is designed to awaken all skin types for a youthfully radiant glow!

Lena & Lina Collection Includes: 

  • Creme Rejuve+ – This historic use of powerful Hydra-Ceramide has been formulated to reinvigorate the skins’ moisture lock and creates a barrier of defense while locking in moisture for hydrated, brightened and supple skin.

  • Restorative Ceramide Serum+ – This historic use of powerful Hydra-Ceramide has been formulated to reinvigorate the skins’ moisture lock and promote a repaired and refined timeless complexion. While many brightening agents can be aggressive, Ceramide Serum withstands brightening and hydration lock simultaneously.

  • Hydra Cleanse+ – This historic use of powerful Hydra-Ceramide has been formulated to reinvigorate the skins’ moisture lock and creates a barrier of defense while locking in moisture for a hydrated, brightened and balanced pH. A cleanse that will not strip away at your pH. It works away only dead skin cells and makeup, and leaves the skins moisture levels balanced.

  • Ceramide Infused Essence Mist+ – Essence Mist+ locks in, refreshes, and revives your complexion as the final seal of protection. No matter what lifestyle, Essence Mist+ is the ultimate insurance policy for skins radiance and protection.

Lena & Lina has also incorporated Korean skin secrets with the release of their new face masks! The masks are made from fermentation of Kombucha microorganisms. Ingredients Newaple, SC glucan, Beta Glucan, Rhodiola extract all are great against pollution and urban lifestyle.

Masks include:

  • Detox Mask Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask – Designed to rescue cells from harmful pollutants – their revolutionary bio-cellulose facial mask with Pollushield serum creates a skin barrier with highly potent and patented technology to resist external stimulus and protect cells from harmful air pollutants.

  • Stress Mask Bio-Cellulose Facial Mask – Designed to rescue all complexions from today’s urban stress and daily irritants- their revolutionary bio-cellulose facial mask with Stresshield serum revitalizes skin with highly potent and patented, antioxidant ingredients to calm sensitive skin and eliminate fatigue.

Key Benefits of Lena & Lina Include:

  • Renews, rebuilds and restores aging skin

  • Barrier against harmful pollutants

  • Increases water-retention capacity

  • Protects and prevents moisture loss and helps cell regulation

  • Improves skin texture

  • Reduces roughness and dryness

Harness the powers of Lena & Lina so you can feel confident in your skin this summer and year round!


Lena & Lina was founded in 2015 to create a skin care line using revolutionary and the world’s first natural Human-Type Ceramide as the key ingredient. They specialize in cutting-edge Asian technology to produce a remarkably effective skin care line for all ages and skin types. The laboratory extracts Natural Human-Type Ceramide via the ancient art of plant-based soy fermentation to deliver clinically proven, visible results. Lena & Lina products are safe, natural and ecologically conscious.


Smart, Compact & Portable Travel Items That Make a BIG Difference!

We are always on the lookout for small items that make a big difference in our comfort level while traveling & on-the-go! Below are four smart, compact and innovative travel products that will make any trip, long or short, a little bit more enjoyable! Now, if we could just avoid those long TSA lines…


Tired of tangled ear buds while traveling? The Magneat by onanoff is a fashionable yet simple accessory is magnetically attached to keep headphone cables neat, untangled and light on the ears. With its range of sleek and chic designs and amazing effectiveness, it is the perfect companion for travel, late night runs, hikes and for day to day use. Magneat is available in a range of solid colors, trendy designs and reflective stickers for added safety while using it in an outdoor environment. Popular models include I Can’t Hear You, Star, US Flag and single colors with reflective safety stickers.

BugBand Towelettes

Worried about mosquito-borne illnesses while traveling? Keep pests away with BugBand Towelettes! The BugBand Towelette is a very handy, easy-to use method of applying Geraniol DEET-FREE insect repellent for heavy duty insect protection. The towelettes travel anywhere, are lightweight and take up very little space. Safe and effective, the towelettes allow for exact application of Geraniol lotion on exposed skin. They’re ideal for using around your face or neck without over-applying. The towelettes can be folded and stored in the foil container for future use. BugBand Towelettes use naturally derived active ingredients to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and no-seems. Safe for the entire family, even pets!

NapAnywhere Travel Pillow

A stiff neck may be inevitable on a long flight…but to the rescue is NapAnywhere, a portable head-support pillow developed specifically by a physician for frequent travelers. This comfortable, portable device can be used effectively while traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars as a passenger. Small and compact, it fits easily into your carry-on, backpack, laptop bag or purse. The NapAnywhere is available in five colors, including Crimson, Cobalt, Lime, Pink and Black. It is stain-resistant, and can be wiped clean with either mild soapy water or a light solvent like rubbing alcohol. A carrying pouch is included to help protect the NapAnywhere when not in use.

Ice Chips® Sugar-Free Candy

Want something sweet that will keep you away from the tempting smell of Cinnabon at the airport terminal? Ice Chips® provides a delicious, all-natural and sugar-free candy that helps keeps smiles bright and breath fresh …no matter where you may roam! Place a tin in your backpack, carry-on bag, or purse for refreshment while traveling. Made with xylitol and safe for diabetics, Ice Chips® is available in 20 tantalizing flavors, such as Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Strawberry Daiquiri, and more!