Posts Written On July 31, 2017

Serendipitous Perfume

Legendary restaurant, Serendipity 3 – the world’s only restaurant to have their own signature perfume, Serendipitous!

14901.jpgSerendipity 3, the home of the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, has been on the cutting edge of food, fashion and fun for 63 years.  Owner/founder Stephen Bruce, is the central creative force behind the restaurant and general store, and continues to reinvent a whimsical world full of outrageous food, decadent desserts, and outlandish merchandise, such as the chocolate perfumed Serendipitous.

Serendipitous, a scrumptious, luscious, irresistible fragrance that is as comforting as cocoa, as tempting as a Grand Marnier truffle, as decadent as hot fudge by the spoonful.  A lovely, wearable chocolate with hints of Tahitian vanilla and blood orange, Serendipitous has been captivating the world since its inception, over a decade ago.

Serendipity 3 is the world’s only restaurant to launch a major fragrance.  The scent is available at boutiques, and at and

Eat it, drink it, wear it!


Fabula Nebulae Celebrates Online Shop’s Two-Year Anniversary, Launches Maine Gift Box of Sought-After Natural Skincare Products

A “love letter to Maine” is what Fabula Nebulae ( calls its new Maine gift box — a collection of popular, all-natural products that has something for just about everyone. The release of the gift box also coincides with the online shop’s second anniversary. A woman-owned family business dedicated to providing consumers with safe, natural, handcrafted and unique skincare products, Fabula Nebulae has already cultivated a loyal following across the U.S. and Canada.  “After using them personally and having friends and family test them, we are convinced that these are natural, nourishing skin balms of superior quality,” – Beth Santmyire-Rosenberger, MD PhD, Board Certified dermatologist.

Maine Gift Box by Fabula Nebulae (PRNewsfoto/Fabula Nebulae)

The Maine gift box is a decorative birch wood box in the shape of the Pine Tree State, and evocative of its blueberry hills and rocky coastline. Each gift box contains the following items:

  • Bath Soak with Maine sea salt
  • Gentle Face Wash with milk and blueberries
  • Honey and Herb lip butter
  • Salve to Quiet the Storm
  • Desert Rain hydrating skin salve
  • Natural unscented candle
  • Kitchen and Garden hand scrub
  • Calming lavender sugar scrub
  • Muscle and Joint soother

Since opening for business in August 2015, Fabula Nebulae has shipped over 6,000 products and built relationships with over a dozen retailers. The Grapefruit and Ginger lip butter was recently named a finalist in the CertClean Clean Beauty Awards. Customer comments and reviews have been equally enthusiastic on their website and on, with Fabula Nebulae earning 99% 5-star reviews.

“This lip balm is incredible,” raves Morgan. “It got me through winter and is incredibly moisturizing. It also smells wonderful, but then I love the smell of citrus (mine is in grapefruit), and it has a glossy finish to it so it’s like two products in one.”

Fabula Nebulae believes strongly in giving back and helping make the world a better place; to that end, the company contributes to the mission of Bee Informed Partnership, a nonprofit organization working to find causes and solutions for bee population issues. The company is a member of “Maine Made: America’s Best,” an association celebrating and promoting the state’s tradition of superior craftsmanship, as well as the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild.

Looking ahead, Fabula Nebulae plans to move to a larger space by year’s end. The company also looks to hire its first part-time employees. Several new products are now in development that will likely be released by early 2018. These products include a magnesium-based deodorant for highly sensitive skin, a tattoo salve, and an anti-chafing balm. A more long-term objective for Fabula Nebulae is FDA approval of the new facility, which would enable development of a wider range of all-natural products.

The founders of Fabula Nebulae, on their family farm in Maine. (PRNewsfoto/Fabula Nebulae)

About Fabula Nebulae

Fabula Nebulae is a small, family collaboration in Maine that handcrafts effective, all-natural products for body, baby and bath. They choose their organic and fair-trade components carefully and purposefully, and use only natural, gentle, and straightforward ingredients.