Posts Written On July 19, 2017

MIISTS: The Ultimate Pocket Size Essentials For Those on The Go!

Whether you’re heading to the beach for a weekend getaway or you plan on getting in touch with nature on a camping trip this summer or fall, MiiSTS has got you covered with the ultimate travel essentials! Make the most of your vacation by packing the ideal travel spray for life’s little annoyances. Whether you’re flying, driving, pushing, carrying or even sometimes dragging your children around the world, plan a trip with this USA-made, on-the-go spray.

Personalize. Impress. Enhance with MiiSTS! Whether you want your business’ logo or picture, cute wedding party gifts, or even birthday party favors, personalize your MiiSTS withprivate label packaging.

Carry your everyday items with high quality, on-the-go products from MiiSTS:

  • SPF 50 Sunscreen: Who needs sun protection? Everyone! Developed using the latest research and FDA guidelines, this greaseless formula is free of gluten and nut oils, making it the preferred sunscreen for children and people with sensitive skin. Ultra-portable and water resistant for up to 80 minutes, this is the go-to spray for any outdoor activity or summer event!
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray: Looking to stay germ-free all summer? Clean up your kiddo’s tiny, dirty hands with a strong, germ fighting tool – anytime, anywhere. Killing 99.9% of most common germs including MRSA, Influenza A and E.Coli, this spray isn’t just for hands! Unlike common sanitizers, MiiStS can also be used for sterilizing ATM’s, dining tables, hotel remotes, or you can even wipe down that yoga mat or stinky shoes!

Be be ready to go at a moment’s notice with ultra-slim, long-lasting sprays that are virtually invisible in your pocket.

Looking for eco-friendly essentials on the go? Visit for more information. MiiSTS are available onAmazon (with FREE shipping!) and select CVS stores, Cibo airport stores, Camping World, Flight 001, and independent stores/gift shops and on the order page.