Posts Written On July 10, 2017

Customize your time with accessories for your Apple Watch or Fitbit

With spring and summer here to stay, take your style to the next level with the accessories from iPops! Black can be so boring, mix and match those spring styles with cute charms for your Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, and other silicone watch-like brands. Find the perfect iPop for you from over 130 designs guaranteed to help you count every step and keep chic! Wear it on the weekend, to work and to go out – these adorable accessories are the perfect combination of function and fashion.

Lucy, creator of iPops, started the brand from a bright idea that popped into her head from looking down at her watch, “What if I create a way to customize my watch? Could I make a watch a little more exciting? A little more ME?” Realizing that a lot of us wear watches and Fitbits every day, which makes it difficult to wear other, more personal, wrist accessories like charms and other bracelets, Lucy started iPops as a little idea that has grown into a booming brand!
Let your style bloom with the spring must-haves from iPops:
  • Sail Away: Get some vitamin sea with this nautical pack of three iPops. This pack includes a striking gold tone stud, an anchor and a ship’s wheel to help you accessorize your Apple Watch and or Fitbit band. Recall your passion for the water while you mix and match with other iPop packs to display your personal style to the world around you!

  • Travel the World: Show off your passion for traveling the world with these cute, cultured charms to decorate your Apple Watch band. Whether you’ve been to Paris or just day dream of faraway places, snag this stylish set! Includes a silver toned stud, sleek airplane and the Eiffel Tower.

  • Whisker Love: Let everyone know how much you love your favorite feline with this a-meow-zing pack of iPops! The purrfect present for your cat loving Momma, this pack includes a kitty outline, a heart with a crystal center and a wide mouthed fishy. All three are silver toned metal.
Simply pop them into the holes of your band to customize your time with iPops! Give your Apple Watch or Fitbit some bling this spring with the creative charms that will be your newest obsession.
iPops are available in Single ($6.99), Double ($12.99), and Triple ($14.99) Packs at



Fashion Inspiration from a Film: Moonrise Kingdom Fashion Essentials


A person cannot consider themselves to be a nerdy character if they haven’t watched at least one eccentric Wes Anderson’s movie. He entices us in his stories with the livelihood of his quirky characters, the vividness of the geographical areas, times he locates his stories in; still, what draws us in the most are uniquely nerdy costumes, which are definitely a never-ending source of style inspiration.


His keen eye for surprising outfit combinations is best seen in a coming-of-age phenomenon, Moonrise Kingdom. Our darling Sam and Suzy, aside from their creativity and 60s-inspired free pubescent spirits, are surely going to be remembered as two distinct fashion icons.


Although they could be described as fairly edgy, Suzy and Sam’s styles are, in fact, composed of ready-to-wear clothing items we can easily get the hand of if we just did a bit of online research. My dear Millennial, this is 60s we’re talking about – it’s highly likely you’ll be able to put together this nerdy combination by roaming through your parents’ closet, or if it happens that they are just a decade younger and have missed out on the entire era of freedom, take advantage of the fact that you’re a part of a digital generation and find great deals online.

But, what exactly are we looking for?

Peter Pan Collar


While Suzy enjoys reading books about characters with magical powers, so it reflects on her bookworm-ish outfits. In almost every scene, she’s in a simple, distinct yellow, orange or pink pastel frock, always featuring Peter Pan collar and ever-popular roll-up sleeves. Although it is possible to stumble upon the same outfit in some of the stores today, if you wish to re-create a bit less literal and summer-appropriate look, you might want to opt for a shift dress with a couple of cut-out parts that add a touch of modern vibe.   

Controversially khaki combination


This ever-popular shade is most present on our favorite male lead; this good-natured orphan managed to win everyone’s hearts with his radiating kindness, as well as cute Khaki Scouts uniform. Since a twenty-something-year-old might seem a bit cuckoo trying to fit into her Brownie outfit, we suggest a rather casual olive-green dress with trendy pockets to resemble Sam’s uniform, accompanied, of course, with a Ray Ban Wayfarer.    

Sunday school shoes

No, such outfits cannot be taken out for a walk without a complementing pair of shoes; Oxfords are not just Suzy’s number one choice for every occasion, but ours as well. Or, if you prefer a bit simpler pair of Sunday school shoes, you can rest assured the loveable mousy-shaped ones will follow you on your every adventure. Just don’t forget about the knee-high socks, obligatory accessory in every adorably-nerdy girl’s outfit.  

Authentic Accessories   

The details, that’s what the world is made of.
-Wes Anderson

… And details are going to complete the Moonrise Kingdom look. So what are the must-haves our favorite characters don’t dare to embark on the quest without?

Suzy never leaves here binoculars behind; they are her magic power, they let her see things closer. No matter how enchanting this may be in a movie, in real life it might seem somewhat strange, so you might want to settle for a tiny, yet extremely stylish necklace with bronze binocular-shaped pendant.


When it comes to purses, to recreate Sam’s satchel, you can opt for modern Italian designer handbags that fit just about anything you want to carry with you, and yet provides you with a freedom of movement.

And finally, we have to thank our little protagonist for bringing back the brooches; for him, they have a sentimental value, just like they had for our parents and grandparents. Take a sneak peak at your grandmother’s old jewelry box and you might just find the one she got from your granddad for their first anniversary.  

Le temps de l’amour


While re-creating a nerdy fashion style of these two magnificent characters, we are paying homage to their innocent, yet true love. New Penzance might be an out-of-this-world island, but it did bring its uniquely dorky vibe to our lives.


Unique Proposal Ideas

So, you’re ready to pop the question and enjoy the life of happiness with the awesome person of your choosing. Well good, the easy part is over, but now you’ve got some thinking to do. Do you just get down on one knee and ask them in the middle of the street? No, probably not, not unless you want them to be too stunned to even give you a reply. We all want to make it unique for our lovers because they’re great, they deserve it. However, figuring out the logistics and finding a way to make it all work in your favour isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But fear not, we’ve got some tips to turn your proposal into something lovely and special, something that’s bound to make them say yes in under a second.

Scavenger hunt

Every couple, during the course of their relationship, gathers up a lot of memories, and a lot of places that become meaningful to them. All those inside jokes, the secrets you’ve shared only with them, the songs and books that you both know by heart. Take this knowledge and make something truly unique from it by organizing a mini scavenger hunt for your darling. Start from home and write them a little note, detailing the rules of the hunt and giving them the first clue. Lead them around slowly and then, as the grand prize, just when they reach the end, get down on one knee and propose. From a fun game where they probably expected nothing more than maybe a dinner date, watch the joy on their face as you hold the engagement ring and ask them to wed you. Just do keep in mind not to make the clues overly complicated because you could confuse them and have the whole thing last too long.

A crafty proposal

If you’re clever with your hands, you could actually craft your proposal in the form of a scrapbook, or a photo album. Take a pretty notebook and print out pictures of you as a couple. Stick them inside the notebook and write quotes, lyrics, jokes, anything you two find important. You can put anything in there, from the movie tickets from your first date to your thoughts about them and how much they mean to you. Give it to them and tell them it’s just a cute scrapbook that you put together. Let them turn the pages slowly, and talk to them, enjoy the memories, enjoy the laughter. Then, when they finally come to the last page, the one where you wrote “Will you marry me?” pull out the ring and tell them how much you love them. This kind of scrapbook is pretty amazing because you can keep it forever and pass it on to your kids, and it’s a great way for them to see how much effort you’ve put into it, how much it matters to you.

Romance outdoors

Plan a romantic camping trip just for the two of you, and make sure to check the forecast so that the weather doesn’t ruin your plans. Just imagine that camping atmosphere – the quiet of the nature, the warmth and crackling of the campfire and roasting marshmallows, the two of you alone and undisturbed. It’s the perfect time for those long, meaningful conversations, for the declaration of love, for the vow to always want them near. And then, you pop the question and pull out a shiny diamond and practically have them cry from happiness. When browsing diamond engagement rings, make sure to pick the right one. There are many shapes, and you want to choose the one that will suit your partner perfectly. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to get a diamond ring but, regardless of what you pick, make sure to keep it safe. It’s easy to lose things outdoors, so keep it in a place where it won’t fall out.

Organizing a good proposal doesn’t need to be complicated. All you have to do is rely on your knowledge of your partner and remember to speak from your heart.