Boost the benefits of your sunscreen and help skin recover 
from UV exposure with LIFTLAB’S  anti-redness, anti-irritation, 
anti-aging serum, powered with nature’s most powerful and 
protective protein-patented Cell Protection Protein®
As reported in a survey conducted by The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), not all of us play by the sun safety rules. Despite the awareness of how cumulative exposure to harmful UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer and accelerates skin aging, too many people either skimp on sunscreen and/or slack off on reapplying.
Sun-Smarts: For optimal protection, the AAD recommends that you apply 1 ounce of a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen (enough to fill a shot glass) and reapply every 2 hours-and always after swimming or working up a sweat. For extra sun care insurance, consider LIFTLAB‘s innovative, soothing skin saver, LIFT + FIX™ ($95.00 / 2 oz.). Just a pump or two of this ultra-light, highly concentrated serum after cleansing can reinforce the protection of your sunscreen. LIFT + FIX™ also helps to counteract the damaging effects of UV exposure après-sun.
Protect and Repair: Infused with clinically-tested ingredients at concentrations clinically proven to be effective, LIFT + FIX™ is formulated to strengthen the skin’s barrier to help heal redness and sensitivity as it helps to protect against other environmental aggressors such as smog and pollution. Applied before and after exposure to the elements, the fast-absorbing, non-comedogenic and allergy-tested formula also calms irritation, offers redness relief and enhances healing. The high-tech anti-inflammatory formula is also infused with botanicals to diminish puffiness, provide instant firming action and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Clinically-proven results: Like all products in the LIFTLAB Skin Regeneration collection LIFT + FIX™ is powered with patented Cell Protection Protein® (CPP®), first discovered in marine and plant life in the Arctic, to optimize the skin’s own natural rejuvenation process as well as protect against inflammation caused by the forces of Nature. Exclusive to LIFTLAB, this anti-aging skin care secret also balances skin’s moisture levels. Clinical trials show that CPP® applied before sun exposure reduces redness and irritation caused by UV rays by 95% within 72 hours.* Another study shows that CPP®encourages the formation of 40 other proteins needed for healthy, younger-looking skin.**
Anti-Redness Ritual: Dispense one or two pumps of LIFT + FIX™ into the palms of your hands, rub them together, and then gently press into cleansed skin. You’ll not only calm, eliminate and help prevent inflammation, you’ll also slow the signs of skin aging, giving your complexion everything it needs to look fresher, calmer and visibly younger.
*Results of AMA Laboratories Inc. study comparing skin treated with CPP® to untreated skin.
**Results of DNA microarray results from study by BioInnovation Laboratories.
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