Keep Your Kids Creative With Wipenote

Summer vacation is almost here! Chances are, you’ll be doing some traveling. Whether it’s for vacation or to simply visit a faraway relative, avoid hearing “I’m bored!” every few minutes by giving your kiddo something they’ll enjoy –  Wipenote Notebook!

Aside from all the video games and tablets, it can be challenging to find interesting, creative activities to keep kids busy. Get your child curious about new destinations and nurture their love of art with an accessory that’s great for long trips. Write, draw, and erase as many times as you want!

Let your little ones write and draw all their exciting experiences from your memorable family trip with Wipenote! Fun for all ages, this creative journal is the perfect way to keep your kid inspired on those long car or plane rides.

But it’s not only for kids. Wipenote is perfect tool for artists, designers, writers and students– you can create hundreds of sketches with the stroke of your pen and correct them instantly and endlessly with the tip of Lumocolor pen.

Throw this easy-to-pack, fun notebook in the car or your luggage for endless creations! Wondering how it works? Watch this creative video tutorial on the ins and outs of Wipenote.

Check out how Wipenote instills the wonder during any summer vacation:

  • Award-winning, original artwork cover art to enjoy
  • Ring binding allows for relocation of pages within seconds
  • More pages than competitors (50 instead of the regular 40)
  • Get additional pages online at
  • Only takes seconds for ink to dry
  • Safely place hands over work without smudging
  • Wipe away with damp towel
  • Comes in small medium and Large sizes, and has 3 options- blank,lines and grid.
  • Feel good saving trees

The Wipenote Notebook can be purchased at with prices ranging from $12.99-$18.99-$27.99 for the small, medium and large sizes.

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