Iridescent Trend Continues

There is no stopping the magical trend of Iridescence in fashion right now. With so much monochromatic outfits, the best way to incorporate this trend in your wardrobe is with accessories of course!  The rainbow effect works to brighten up any outfit and goes so well with every single color. In the sun, it pops like crazy!

Here are my favorites for the summer!.

  1. Moonstone Magic -bohemian style brand that sells exquisite Moonstone jewelry. Check out their Moonstone Ring Gemstone and which one you like the best! Their rings are very comfortable and do not tarnish. Made with 925 Sterling Silver,  legends are told about the power of prophecy it can give by placing the stone in one’s mouth on a full moon. Aside from being a fascinating jewelry piece, the gem in this Moonstone Ring is deemed as one of the most spectacular stones on earth. And I have to agree since it is one of my birthstones!

2. Tom Ford Sphinx Cream Eye Shadow – OMG love the way this shimmers! I want to find a dupe… any suggestions?

3. Shoes!!  These are crazy but they remind me of a pair of Converse Mood sneakers I had in the 90’s. I love the Oil slick look.

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