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Four Simple Steps To Help Overcome Anxiety

Over the past few years, the conversation around mental health and anxiety has been much bigger, which can only be a good thing. But there are still many aspects of anxiety that are a little misunderstood or not comprehended by those that don’t suffer from it. The apprehension of events in life happening, as well as how you deal with certain triggers is important to understand and deal with. You might already have some coping mechanisms; you might not. So I’m just sharing today some ways to help you to overcome anxiety. Some methods work differently for different people, so finding out what works for you specifically is one of the best ways to deal with it all.



Sleep Well


If you regularly don’t sleep well, then it can have some pretty bad consequences. You will feel worse, and it can have a bad effect on your physical health, making it tougher to get through the day. But if you don’t sleep well, it also leads to feeling more anxious than normal. You’re not completely rested, so the smallest thing can irritate and upset you.




For some people, anxiety might have started when they were younger. But for many people, it is something that comes along in their teen years, and even later on in life. Could it be because we forget to play as we grow up? Playing reduces stress and helps us to feel more positive. Take breaks at work, play games with friends, even have something like a fidget cube or stress ball with you at work. But what are fidget cubes? They are a tool that can help to keep your hands busy and can help you to focus on what is happening. The fidgety side of you will be kept under control as you use one. So if you find it hard to focus when you feel anxious, then it could help.




We have long heard of the benefits of meditating. It can be a way to relax and refocus. But more recently, meditation has actually been found to increase the gray matter in our brains. So it helps you to rebalance and reduce stress. So it makes sense to give it a try. If you’re not sure where to start, you could just have some alone time with some gentle music and just sit. Listen to your breathing and go from there. It can work wonders if you feel a panic attack coming on.


Clear Your Mind


Clearing your mind can be easier said than done when it comes to anxiety. But it can be achieved. When you have a clear mind, it can mean a clear focus and a reduction in stress and anxiety. It could be that you use a notebook to write things down, then nothing is weighing on your mind. It could be that clearing your workspace and email list will help you. We’re all different, so just look for the things that will help you to clear your mind.


Alternative Medical Help For Those With An Open Mind

Unfortunately, most of the world isn’t in the right position to be offering free medical care to it’s population. Going to see a doctor can be expensive. And, it’s even worse if you have to go to the hospital. This sort of expense has led a lot of people to start looking for alternative methods to keep themselves healthy. From online resources to completely different methods of healing; there is loads you can try to cover your medical needs. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the best methods to use. So, now, you can start saving on your health; and, spending on things that bring more joy.

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In a lot of situations, people only need to see a doctor for some simple advice. If you don’t have a long-term condition; it’s probably quite rare that you actually have to see the doctor for more than just a couple of questions. Relying on the internet for these answers can be hard, though. A lot of the information to find will be hard to trust; thanks to the anonymous nature of this platform. Instead, you should be using a tool which connects you with doctors. There are loads of apps out there with the purpose of helping people to ask questions directly to a doctor. You have a to pay a small subscription fee; but, it’s still a lot cheaper than going to see them in the flesh. You just have to be prepared to talk to professionals from around the world.


There are a lot of people out there who claim to be able to heal you through spiritual methods. And, although a lot of people don’t always take them seriously; this sort of method can be successful. Experts like April Fontana have spent their entire lives studying and working to heal people with this sort of method. They have testimonials and success stories from people they have helped. So, their services must at least do something. It’s worth giving something like this a try. But, so some research beforehand. Only see someone with a lot of experience in helping those with big issues. And, with a lot of positive reviews.


If you go to a gym, you probably have access to a personal trainer. This is the professional with the least experience in medicine on this list; but, they can still be very helpful in a lot of areas. As part of the requirements to become a personal trainer, this sort of career has to be done by someone with knowledge of healing. They learn about the best methods to use when recovering. And, they see a lot of different people. This gives a personal trainer the benefit of real-world experience of a lot of healing. So, it’s worth using this resource; if you have it available.


Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what needs to be done; if you want to start making your medicine cheaper. A lot of people ignore these methods; thinking that a doctor is simply the best way to get it done. But, this is seldom the case. And, instead, it’s a good idea to shop around.


Featuring Yueming Qu’s “Young and Beautiful – Something About New York” Project

The graduates in illustration MFA Program at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) will be presenting their works in Gallery FIT located in the Museum at FIT on Seventh Avenue at 27th Street in New York City. The exhibition runs from June 13th to the end of the month. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, 12pm to 8pm, and Saturday, 10am to 5pm.The exhibition is titled “Thirteen Stories”, as there are thirteen students in this class. Fashion artist Yueming Qu will be showing her artworks from her book, titled:” Young and Beautiful – Something About New York”.

“Young and Beautiful – Something About New York” is a guide book of New York City using illustrations from some young girls’ perspectives. They are seventeen girls who live in New York City, whose age range from twenty to early thirties. The girls came from different countries, working in different fields, and looking extremely different, but now, all of them are living in the same city – New York. Yueming gathered these seventeen girls by friends’ introducing, Craigslist, Instagram, and even in the subway. All the girls are young, and beautiful no matter outside and inside. Yueming found the attractive points of these girls and interviewed with them. She asked questions about these girls’ lives in New York, and let them to introduce some good spots in the city, such as their favorite restaurants and the best nightlife places. Then Yueming would go to the spots to check out and illustrate them. At the exhibition, Yueming makes her work an interactive work. She printed her illustrations on nice paper and handcrafted them into magnets which the people attending the exhibit can interact with.

“New York is the most international city in the world. People here are comimg to chase their dreams from every corner of the earth, of course including these young girls. They are young, ambitious, hard working, but sometimes they feel tired of busy New York lives. I interviewed with them and get to know the real lives in this city, what they answered is what I drew on the paper. It is all real.” Yueming stated, “I know there are already thousands of guide books about this city, but the one I make is just from these young female New Yorkers’ perspectives.” Yueming loves doing live location sketches in the city because she thinks New York is the city that keeps changing but at the same time has a timeless beauty. Watercolor, gouache, ink and pen, she uses these materials to illustrate these fashionable girls with their suggestions about the city.

The two things make Yueming’s art style impressive are she originally came from China and majored in Chinese painting. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and got a Master of Art degree. Three years ago, she came to New York to be a fashion illustrator. Her artwork has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally and published in many magazines such as Interiors + Sources magazine and Woman’s Day magazine. She was invited to draw live sketches in New York Fashion Week every season.

Yueming still keeps using traditional Asian brushes to draw the color, and she uses pen to make fine lines. She says fashion illustration is not only about pretty girls, and it can go deeper than surface appearance. For more information contact Yueming Qu at



Discover NY: Mozzarella and Vino

New Yorkers are always looking for the good food in the city. I know sometimes it is very hard to find a nice place with wonderful food and reasonable price, also convenient to get there. Here is the place I recommend to you which I have to say this lovely restaurant deserves the love from all the New Yorkers.

Located in Midtown Manhattan just steps from MOMA is sleek antipasti and wine restaurant Mozzarella & Vino, owned by husband-and-wife-team Gianfranco Sorrentino and Paula Bolla-Sorrentino. The talented Chef Vito Gnazzo offers diners a delectable menu that reflects the simplicity of authentic Italian ingredients, with a heavy emphasis on the Mozzarella di Bufala Campania, Italian cheeses and affettati. Based mostly on classic Italian antipasti, such as arancini, panzarotti and mozzarella rolls, the restaurant also serves a wonderful selection of paninis, soups, salads, and of course mozzarella in all shapes and combinations – even on desserts. The restaurant continuously attracts a wide array of celebrities, including Paul McCartney, Glenn Lowery, Greg Proops and Andre Leon Talley.

Mozzarella & Vino’s enoteca style bar focuses on showcasing smaller family estate wines and independent Italian winemakers. A variety of wines by the glass are offered, as well as by the bottle. The selection greatly varies due to constant new discoveries. Signature dishes include Buffalo Mozzarella Roll Filled with Prosciutto San Daniele with a light pesto sauce served with baby arugula; Oven Roasted Veal Brisket served with sautéed spinach; and “Ravioli del Giorno,” homemade ravioli of the day. Diners can also enjoy a selection of homemade desserts, such as Vanilla Panna Cotta with strawberries, Dark Chocolate and Almond Cake with pistachio gelato, and Artisanal Italian Gelati and Sorbetti, all made in-house!

The Sorrentinos are committed to producing top quality Southern Italian gastronomy, to the use of authentic ingredients, and to keeping the tradition of Italian culture, and hospitality, vibrant and passionate. Chef Vito Gnazzo, formerly of three Michelin-starred restaurant Antica Osteria del Ponte and world-renowned REX il Ristorante in Los Angeles, is known for his “farm to table” approach to Southern Italian dining, something that attracts locals and visitors alike to Mozzarella & Vino and its sister restaurants Il Gattopardo and The Leopard at des Artistes. His commitment to bringing the best of the Italian culinary traditions to all of his creations has led to him being awarded two stars by The New York Times and two and half stars by the New York Post.

Originally from Naples, Italy, Gianfranco Sorrentino carries over 40 years of experience in restaurant management from the Quisisana Hotel in Capri, Dorchester Hotel in London, Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo, Bice restaurant in New York, Sette MoMA restaurant at the Museum of Modern Art of New York, and Union Bar & Grill in Great Barrington, MA. In September 2001, Sorrentino opened Il Gattopardo, just across from MoMA, and most recently (2011) the Sorrentinos embarked on one of the most rewarding journeys of their careers; the re-birth of the restaurant at New York landmark Hotel des Artistes.

Brazilian born and raised, of Italian parents from Veneto, Paula Bolla-Sorrentino is passionate for art, design and Italian culture. With fashion and design background, she had the opportunity of traveling around the world with top fashion designers, as well as worked in one of the most prestigious design firms of New York, Pentagram Design, as Graphic Designer. Graduated from FIT, but with the hospitality industry in her heart, Paula runs all visual and organizational aspects of the company, from Art Direction and flowers, graphic design, and customer relations, to make sure that guests are not only exposed to a wonderful gastronomical event on the table, but to a whole sensorial experience.

About Mozzarella & Vino

Mozzarella & Vino is located at the former Il Gattopardo space, at 33 west 54th Street in New York’s Midtown neighborhood. Talented Chef Vito Gnazzo is responsible for the delectable menu that reflects the simplicity of authentic Italian ingredients, with a heavy emphasis on the Mozzarella di bufala Campania, Italian cheeses and affettati. The enoteca style bar focuses on showcasing smaller family estate wines and independent Italian winemakers. Gnazzo is the ultimate artist behind the Southern Italian menus at Il Gattopardo group’s three restaurants: Il Gattopardo, The Leopard at des Artistes and Mozzarella & Vino, along with their busy Il Gattopardo Catering division.

For more information, call (646) 692-8849, or visit