Premium Case with Premium Quality – Mujjo Case for the S8/S8+

Mujjo, a Dutch company with an eye for premium leather cases, has ventured out to included a collection for the S8/S8+. The S8 currently does not have Samsung branded Leather cases, so for those who want to look fashionable with your newly purchased phone, look no further then Mujjo.

Mujjo’s leather cases are unique, and you can tell the quality of materials that the use for these leather cases. Not only do they look smooth and clean from the outside, but the interior provides extra support for those unfortunate falls.

The back of the case looks slim and doesn’t block the camera, so its easy to get to the fingerprint scanner.

The Saddle Tan design is sleek on any color of your S8, and definitely accentuates the curves on the S8/S8+. The black leather case is smooth and clean, and hides very well, so you can focus on your task, but still look fashionable doing so.

Solely for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the cases start at €44.90, ranging up to €49.90. (US: $48.84, ranging up to $54.28) Available for order and on (ships worldwide) and via authorized resellers.

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