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Why Organic Skincare is The Best Care

With virtually not a sea, but an entire ocean of organic skincare products, a girl can find herself completely perplexed. There are products out there that claim to do wonders, but once you learn how to decode labels and learn which potentially toxic ingredients to steer clear from, you will reconsider your skincare choices and turn to the bright side – which is, of course, the organic side. Aside from all natural and organic ingredients that clearly send the message that what you see is what you get, opting for organic lifestyle comes with numerous benefits you can practically write a book about. We will try to keep it short and sweet, while providing you with all the information as to why the organic route is the best (and only) route for you, so stay tuned.


Taking care of Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been so kind to us, and it’s high time we start returning the favor. Of course, recycling and going green in other aspects of life has a huge positive impact, but even baby steps like opting for organic cosmetics do their due diligence. Conventional beauty products are made with ingredients that were harvested with pesticides and other harmful chemicals, which can greatly damage the soil. On the other hand, by using natural and organic products, you are promoting the manufacturing of cleaner products. The ingredients are made from chemical-free farms, the processing method is cleaner, and the cycle is then normally completed with more recycling-friendly containers, such as Ilia Beauty whose product come in recycled aluminum packaging. All of this helps to promote a healthier planet. As for animals, our furry and less-furry co-habitants, they are kept from harm’s way as well, as all organic companies have a strict cruelty-free policy.

Equal care for all

The scary thing about synthetic products is that you never know if you are allergic to a certain ingredient because you can barely pronounce them, let alone understand them. Even though the front label might indicate which skin type a given product is best suited for, that’s not a guarantee that a product is adequate for you. Another perk of using organic products is that they are frill-free. As all the ingredients are natural, like it is the case with Dr Hauschka products. They are suitable for all skin types, there is little to absolutely no risk of developing irritation or rashes. Organic beauty products are hypo-allergenic and ensure that your skin is well taken care of. What’s more, unlike chemical-filled products, they are very gentle.

Something for every wallet

Having nurtured, well-cared for skin is important, but so is not going bankrupt in the process. This is yet another benefit that comes with going organic – it won’t cost you a million to look like a million. Not only are these products way less pricey than synthetic ones, but they’re also often sold for a cheap price during sales. Just be resourceful enough to look for great deals.

Skin-aging obliterated

Sun exposure, stress, unhealthy lifestyle and synthetic makeup take a toll on your skin. The lesson is, use sunblock, foster a healthy lifestyle and diet, and rethink the choices lying in your makeup bag. Makeup made with natural minerals generally provides a certain level of sun protection. The skin on the face is thinner and more susceptible to UV-related skin aging, so choosing a mineral-rich organic cosmetic product may help support healthy, and youthful-looking skin. Because of their structure, these products don’t dehydrate your skin and are not aggressive. Given that most organic beauty products contain natural oils, vitamins, as well as titanium oxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide, not only will your skin be nourished and hydrated, it will also be shielded from negative effects of sun exposure.

Celebrity stamp of approval

This may not be as important as other reasons, but if we take into account that most celebrities have a flawless complexion, it wouldn’t hurt to follow in their footsteps. For instance, if you’re looking for an all-natural (anti-aging) lip tint, take a cue from Leighton Meester and try out the tints from Bite Beauty. Other all-natural celebrity favorites are Tata Harper, whose entire line is highly praised by Gwyneth Paltrow; and let’s not forget Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba who even founded their own organic and natural cosmetics companies, Kora Organics and the Honest Company respectively.  



Recovering Alcoholics Can Actually Be Great Dads

6 Tips To Help You Parent The Right Way

The night before Michael Graubart’s first of four children was born, he told a friend in Alcoholics Anonymous, “I’m not ready for this.”

He was 41.

Few men are 100% ready to be a father when the time comes, but recovering alcoholics and addicts struggle perhaps more than anyone else to get fatherhood right and not repeat the mistakes they witnessed growing up.

“Parenting isn’t a game of perfect, but alcoholics can be perfectionists, and we have to learn to lighten up,” Graubart says.

“We might not have had the best role models growing up, but we can be outstanding dads ourselves” (

Graubart offers tips on how to be an outstanding father even if one is a recovering addict or alcoholic:

  • Embrace your manhood—it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In our society, people sometimes make fun of the concept of manhood, turning it into a caricature of John Wayne. In reality, true manhood is the willingness to embrace personal responsibility as an adult. Your child needs a man, not a guy, for a father.
  • Discipline yourself before you discipline your child. If you want your child to grow up the right way, you’ve got to grow up first. This means confronting the areas where you may have tolerated your own immaturity because it wasn’t really affecting anyone that seriously. Not anymore!
  • Anger doesn’t belong in your home. The most damaging thing you can do to your kids is use anger on them or your spouse. Anger terrifies kids without educating them about the right way to do things. Instead of anger, find another way to make your points.
  • You will lose every fight with your wife. If you win, you lose. If you tie, you lose. And if you lose, you lose. So why bother?

Always reward good behavior and good grades. At the office you can win trips and trophies for doing a great job. I’ve made trophies for my kids for being a “great older brother” or just simply for getting great grades. Everybody loves awards, especially kids.

Your kids don’t need to know everything about you. Don’t overshare about your drinking and drugging days. It may be entertaining to you, but it’s usually terrifying to kids to hear what a meatball their dad really was.

“Your kids just want a man they can look up to, not a cartoon superhero,” Graubart says. “If you’re sincere, present, loving, and doing your best, your kids will forgive you for the mistakes you’ll invariably make.”

About Michael Graubart

Michael Graubart (, author of “Sober Dad: The Manual For Perfectly Imperfect Parenting,” is a long-time sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous, has been a member of Al-Anon for decades, and attends Overeaters Anonymous meetings as well. As he says, “If it moves, I’m obsessed with it, and if it stands still, I’m addicted to it.” A New York Times bestselling author, Graubart is married and the father of four children. He writes under a pseudonym to maintain his anonymity and speak frankly about his experiences in 12 Step recovery.