Posts Written On May 19, 2017

Traditional Chinese Medicine Now in Individual Packets

Recently, we have seen significant increase in the practice and use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and these ancient formulas are now available for consumers in convenient and single-served all-natural drinkable packets thanks to DAO Labs. I have got a package of DAO. I really like it! The package looks very cute, so it can be not only for yourself but also could be a gift for someone you care about!

These formulas are effervescent powders comprised of Chinese herbs that are designed to be taken as a daily supplement to balance the body, mind and spirit while also working to improve digestion and alleviate symptoms of colds/allergies. MSRP: $28.20 per box of 15 individual sachets.  Available online at

DAO´s Formulas: 

  • Emotional Balance: Works to elevate moods and increase overall sense of well-being.
  • Digestive Harmony: Works to improve digestion and when used regularly, has been shown to improve overall digestive health.
  • Immunity Support (Cold/Allergy): Builds immunity while working to decrease the irritation and impact of colds and allergies. Perfect for occasional and frequent travelers that wish to enjoy the best experience in their destination.

DAO Labs product line is made with verified authentic Chinese herbs including Chinese Foxglove Rehmannia, Ginger and White Peony roots, Red Tangerine Peel, and Hawthorn and Forsythia fruit. All varieties are all-natural, vegetarian, and packaged and tested in the United States.


Chut Up Condiments

I love sauces and I was excited to discover this line of better-for-you condiments, cheekily named CHUT UP (with no added sugar or sass).

  • Founded by South-African born Chef Hugo Uys, owner of the long-term West Village’s iconic eatery: Paris Commune
  • Contracted for market development by Rutger’s Food Innovation Center
    • Who most recently did the same for Impossible Foods who just received $50MM in funding
  • Initial launch includes no-sugar added line of Beet Ketchup, Peri Peri Hot Sauce and Caramelized Onion & Apple Chutney
  • Kickstater website launched last week with 1/3 funding secured:
    • URL (case sensitive):
    • Need help reaching the finish line in order to:
      • Bring our first batch to market to supply our initial partners for the first few months
      • Develop new business through sampling and trial while we do our formal capital rise

CHUT UP has been taste-tested many of NYC’s leading chefs and some of CPG’s top minds, who all agree that we have something here that is unique, healthy and delicious. The $15K we are trying to raise will help support the restaurants and retail trials need to get the official sales rolling.