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Frownies Introduces NEW Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream

Frownies, the trusted name in beauty for over three centuries, has just introduced their NEW Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream. All natural, and filled with ingredients such as caffeine, pomegranate and green tea, this anti-aging treatment helps to eliminate the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and eye bags. When used regularly, your eyes will look years younger!

Frownies Introduces NEW Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream

Unlock the key to younger looking skin with this enhanced formula

Trade those brown spots and fine lines for a radiant glow with FrowniesNEW Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream. Enhanced with natural ingredients such as caffeine, pomegranate and green tea, this anti-aging serum helps to eliminate the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and eye bags. Stores are stocked with the latest skincare products promising to make you look years younger – but which formulas actually work? A three week study revealed that Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream can significantly reduce the appearance of baggy under eye, as well as dark circles!

Discover how the different Organic ingredients in Frownies’ Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream keep your skin looking fresh:

Green Tea: Exceptionally rich in Proanthocyanidins, green tea plays a key role in boosting hydration and protecting the eyes from environmental damage while diminishing the appearance of dark, unsightly circles under the eyes.

Pomegranate: Considered a superfruit, this natural ingredient provides immediate tightening and lifting benefits that help reduce the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

Aspen Bark Extract: High in natural salicylates, this 100% natural, preservative alternative has the added benefit of pore refinement and acne control.

Aloe Vera: With over 75 different nutrients that help provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, this ideal ingredient reduces inflammation while acting as a protective layer on the skin.

We all approach aging differently, and there’s no shame in slowing down the process with a little help from modern skincare. Keep your eyes looking years younger while battling the effects of aging with Frownies’ NEW Immune Perfect Eye Wrinkle Cream.


For four generations, Frownies has been run by a family of women committed to ageless beauty since 1889. Understanding that injections and surgery aren’t the answer, Frownies are highly nourishing, luxurious skin treatments of potent, all-natural anti-aging antioxidants that effectively address the physical causes of lines, wrinkles and cellulite.  Frownies are a Hollywood favorite used by classic beauties like Olivia de Havilland and hot trendy new stars like Rashida Jones. Other celebrity fans include Missy Pyle, Rene Russo, and the always beautiful and ageless Raquel Welch.


Mother’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Mom!

Mother’s Day is around the corner, do you need some advice for the coming big day? No worries, Heydoyou is always here to help you about the gift ideas. Below is info on a number of excellent gift ideas for Mother’s Day!

For the New Mom: Help Her Feel her Best with this Luxury Line!

The Baby Zala brand has a variety of multi-functional mom essentials to help moms with babies look and feel their best!

Moms with breastfeeding babies are loving these Gorgeous Infiniti Shawls: perfect for cooler spring and summer nights as they are light weight, versatile, and ideal for traveling! They can be worn a variety of ways, and can even convert into a stroller canopy for your baby with a snap of a few buttons.

Choose from more luxurious yet practical goods helping make moms’ lives easier, such as:

For the Domestic Diva Mom: Help her Stay Nourished On the Go – (and Pack your Lunches)! 

ECOlunchbox is an award-winning line of kitchen containers is ideal for packing food on the go Every ECOlunchbox product is plastic-free, and made with non-toxic materials such as stainless steel, cotton or plastic-free silicone. Choose from an array of various sized containers, bags, bentos, and utensils, here. ECOlunchbox products are:

  • Reusable
  • Healthy for people and planet
  • Made from high-quality stainless steel
  • Plastic-free, Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Hassel-free, easy to wash by hand or toss in  dishwasher

For the Beauty Guru Mom: Help her Fight the Signs of Stress with this Anti-Aging Line! 

Aminocare – Aminocare’s line carries over 30 everyday skincare essentials with nourishing ingredients such as amino acids, potent anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and vitamin E. This all natural line is the ideal choice for Anti-Aging remedies that Hydrate Skin, Renew damaged skin cells, and that Repair imperfections. Available at stores nationwide and


For the Mom who Appreciates a Good Cocktail: Help Her Kick Back and Relax with this Healthy Drink Mixer! 

Offer up a toast to her with RSVP Skinnies  when celebrating mom this year! Help her kick back and relax with a refreshing drink in hand from this healthy new beverage brand that fit moms are loving. “Skinnies” are the first zero calorie, all natural cocktail mixers on the market!  Choose from a variety of mouth-watering flavors that are made with 100% plant based ingredients, have Zero calories, and no sugar! Purchase on Amazon or

  • Zero calories, No Sugar
  • Pocket Sized Drink Mix Packets!
  • No Sugary Fruit Juices or Processed mixers
  • Made with 100% plant based ingredients
  • All natural
  • No preservatives or artificial coloring
  • Retail price: $6.00 per box of 6 packets
  • Purchase on Amazon, Facebook (Shopify) and on the company’s website at

For the Skin Obsessed Mom: Help Her Rejuvenate her Skin with this Skincare Secret! 

This is the product I will consider to get for my mom. Dew Puff Face and Body Cleansing Sponges are 100% plant based cleansing tools. Dew Puff has only one ingredient – konjac root – also known as elephant yam or kon-nyaku in Japanese. This sustainable root makes these sponges, when hydrated, exceptionally soft, hydrated sponge creates a layer of water between the sponge and the skin allowing it to ‘hydroplane’ over the skin. This makes for a thorough cleansing yet is less painful than using the hands!

Help your mom refresh her skin with Dew Puff –  a must-have for everyone who wants healthy, radiant skin. This one simple skincare tool cleans, exfoliates, and refreshes, leaving your face feeling like a baby’s butt! The Dew Puffis:

  • all natural
  • chemical and preservative free
  • vegan approved
  • reusable
  • eco-friendly
  • able to be used with any cleanser or soap, or even without!
  • perfect for every skin type
  • Only $8.00 each at, Amazon, and high end spas / stores nationwide!

Three varieties: Original, to use with one’s own cleanser and for sensitive skin. Dew Puff Bamboo Charcoal imparts all the detoxifying properties of charcoal-perfect for oily and blemished skin. Asian Clay delivers the healing qualities of clay-cleaning out impurities and supporting changing, aging skin.







Innovative Natural Korean Skin Care Line Uses Ancient Herbal Ingredients As a Game Changer

Premium Korean skin care line uses 2,000 years of herbal medicinal wisdom

to help people achieve phenomenal results at home

If there is one thing people in the U.S. are after it is the fountain of youth and healthy, great-looking skin. In fact, the Global Cosmetic Industry reports that the skin care market in the country is expected to reach $11 billion by 2018. Everyone has a “skin story,” and millions of people are on an endless search for effective skin care products that truly work with anti-aging effects. What they may not realize is the power of natural ancient herbal ingredients that can be found in some Korean skincare products, and it’s what celebrity make-up artists are buzzing about.

“Once you try our award-winning, herbal medicinal based natural Korean skin care products there is really no going back,” explains Lauren Ing, president of SMD Cosmetics International. “Women in South Korea are known for being selective consumers when it comes to skincare.  They truly demand the best. Our luxurious products have the most exclusive and highest quality, natural ingredients that produce amazing results.”

The trend is referred to as K-beauty, and it’s all about the ingredients. SMD Cosmetics produces one of the most popular prestigious skin care lines in South Korea, formulated on over 2,000 years of herbal medicine wisdom. SMDcosmetics was the first Korean skin care line to offer a non-toxic, safe, natural, premium herbal medicinal-based line. Since launching in the U.S., SMD products are being used by top celebrity make-up artists who have discovered how powerful natural skincare can really be, and how your skin can transform with the right products.

“It’s not only about great skin, but also giving people the confidence and knowledge of what they are putting on their skin,” explains Elizabeth Hoel-Chang, celebrity make-up artist from the television show ‘This is Us.’ “It’s a healthy, nutritional element to help preserve themselves. In a day and age of snake oil tonics and empty promises, the SMDCosmetic line of skin care is the miracle and truth people need to know about and have the ability to get it for themselves because they deserve it.”

Their best selling product, the Saromae Quintessential Snail Serum Concentrate, is the perfected result of combining the precise formulation of natural ingredients and ancient herbal science. It contains 62% pure snail filtrate extract, which is the perfect balance of efficacy and texture. This cruelty-free, all-in-one formula reduces wrinkles, dullness, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, and acne scarring. It also deeply hydrates, reverses signs of aging, and brightens the skin.

SMD Cosmetics has founded groundbreaking products since it’s inception, over 20 years ago. The creation of the exclusive Inhyunjin anti-aging line is true labor of love with six rare ingredients that are processed nine times over fifty days. The process includes fermentation, resulting in powerful probiotics that preserve the product, naturally. Some of the secret ancient herbal ingredients that help make it so powerful include:

  • Niacinamide helps improve skin’s elasticity, dramatically enhances its barrier function, and helps minimize appearance of discolorations.
  • Barley malt yeast extract contains essential amino acids, enhances smooth skin, improves moisture, and revives skin’s healthy tone and texture.
  • Fermented ingredients, which help to improve the skin’s elasticity.
  • Goji berries for their anti-aging properties.
  • Wilfordii root extract, which offers antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
  • Mulberry, an herb that is an antioxidant that helps unclog pores, tones the skin, and adds moisture.
  • Red ginseng extract, this prized herbal root has rejuvenating effects and can help restore the skin’s moisture balance, signs of aging and hyperpigmentation.

As an Asian, of course I love Korean Beauty. Especially like the good product like Saromae Radiance, the ultimate natural, innovative skin-brightening solution for even the most sensitive skin. Sarome Radiance is a breakthrough in Natural Brightening technology. Powered by ancient Asian herbal elements, this advanced, patented formula combinessafe, non-toxic, natural ingredients to help reduce: Hyperpigmentation, Sun damage, Age spots. Skin is visibly improved for a more luminous, glowing and beautiful you.

The SMD Cosmetics’ luxurious skincare, and the meticulous detail that goes into making each product, is made with the VIP, elite clientele in mind. From every exclusive ingredient, the careful selection of the environmentally friendly glass bottles, to the top-fashion designers that helped craft the award-winning design and packaging, no detail is overlooked.  Available online, for more information visit the site at:

About SMD Cosmetics:

SMD Cosmetics offers a premium line of award-winning, natural skincare products from South Korea. Founded over 20 years ago, SMD Cosmetics has perfected their patented formulas by using the most advanced natural skincare technology in combination with Asian herbal medicinal wisdom that is truly authentic. SMD Cosmetics is one of Korea’s most prestigious, top-selling skincare lines formulated by a team of researchers and chemists to revive, replenish and rejuvenate your skin using the power of nature and innovative technology. For more information, visit the site at:


Jacadi Pop-up Shop & Fashion Show

Heydoyou was invited by FIAF and Jacadi Paris to attend tonight’s Pop-up store shopping and fashion show event. FIAF Students walked the runway showcasing Jacadi’s new spring collection, including a special occasions dress line exclusively designed by French wedding designer Laure de Sagazan. It took place at a lovely and classic space just like the name “SKYROOM”. The atmosphere was very joyful as there were so many cute kids joining in the events. The fashion show started around 5:00pm, the kids walked on the stage to show the chic style of Jacadi Paris.

Colors sparkle and flowers bloom in this collection expertly crafted.

Elegant styles rooted in enchanting  French tradition.

When fashion shines and smiles are shared, every instant becomes an exceptional moment.

Wonderful childhood joys and beautiful memories shared by the whole family.

JACADI adds tenderness with each design to celebrate every exceptional moment.

Introducing JACADI’s special collaboration featuring three unique style by wedding designer


This young designer who has redefined wedding day fashion has created a one-of -a-kind offering for flower girls and children of honor on the big day. Rendezvous in store and at LAURE de SAGAZAN NYC showroom to discover the entire collection as of March 2017.


Girls 2 to 12 years, $235

Vintage inspired dress that captures a two piece look. Crepe dress with embroidered organdy top; low waist pleated belt and soft pleated skirt.


Girls 2 to 12 years, $179

Linen cotton pique dress featuring cotton organdy embroidered silk sleeves with a double button detailed finish along the back.


Girls 10 to 14 years, $139

Organdy cotton embroidered silk top.

Mademoiselle Jacadi.


Girls 10 to 14 years, $125

Linen cotton skirt.

Mademoiselle Jacadi.

The Brand:

Laure de Sagazan’s story begins in 2010, when Laure’s closest cousin dared her to design a wedding dress that would fully reflect her personality. Laure received so many compliments about the dress that she decided to launch her own brand. Her fiance -and co-founder-suggested it should be named after her. Laure de Sagazan was born in December of 2011.

Laure had always been fascinated about fashion antics and lace in all its forms. As a teenager, she would go to flea markets every month with her parents and would pick anything that would catch her eye, from 1950’s blouses to 1930’s scarves and from late 1900’s inspired night gowns to 1970’s flowy dresses, with a predilection for embroidered pieces and everything lace. And it shows in her collections.

5 years later, still surrounded by her fiance -now her husband- and her cousin, she just launched her 6th collection, and her effortless chic style has seduced thousands of brides-to-be all over the world. The Parisian atelier now enjoys over 30 people, and the demand has pushed the brand to expand in Italy, Spain, Belgium, the United kingdom, Portugal, and Japan, whether through franchises or in curated stores.

After finding inspiration in the golden age of Hollywood in her 2016 collection, Laure de Sagazan listened to the many phone calls the team received from American brides and decided to open a new atelier/showroom in New York.