Samsung Galaxy S8+ – Initial Impressions

I’m loving it so far.

A lot of changes have been made from the original S7 upto the S8. But there are a few things that I want to mention about, within my first few hours of the device.


Samsung finally removed their iconic physical ‘Home’ button and replaced it with an on-screen home button. While it may be strange for older Samsung users, after a while, you get used to where it is and doesn’t become a bother. (You can also change the placement of the ‘Back’ and ‘Recents’ button, respectively). Because of this bold design move, you have more screen to body ratio, and I see myself wanting to see videos on full screen.

Another benefit of the screen, is that multi-tasking feels more natural and doesn’t feel like you’re losing real-estate. I made a quick phone and still was able to text flawlessly on my S8+. It brought the best of both worlds.


TouchWiz UI is notorious for being slow and just buggy when you need it to work at its potential. Using it for about 4 hours, I had no issues with lag. It was a surprise because as a Samsung user, I am used to the occasional hiccup. But it works flawlessly, with less bugs.

With the Nougat update, categorizing your Apps have never been easier. It takes a quick drag and drop to get your Apps in a Folder and color them to your liking.


The camera improved greatly. Front camera mega pixels improved upto 8MP, which allows for some great looking photos with friends. With HDR Auto and Flash in the front of the camera, it gives more options to get that perfect shot with friends!


These are only quick things that I was able to get a hold of. I’ll be sure to write a more comprehensive review on what makes this phone a good addition to your lifestyle.

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