One product you must have at kitchen- Edge of Belgravia Knives

No matter you live in the small apartment at a big city in New York or live in a big house, kitchen is always one of the most important space at home. Like me, I live in New York, and lots of people say people in New York never cook which is not true at all. Almost of my friends will choose to cook at home for a simple dinner after work or cook at the weekends with friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. I know sometimes the good cookware makes you feel like cooking more, such as the good knives.

Here has a super cool knife set I recommend to you, it’s the Black Diamond knife Block.

When I unpacked the package, I realize how beautiful it is. It looks very modern and well-designed. So I believe this product is not only for yourself, it also can be a perfect gift for your friends.

Black Diamond, the unique, angular float knife block is a piece of art for the kitchen. Christian Bird’s design is faithful to Edge of Belgravia’s avant-garde hallmark bringing together innovative design and supreme utility.

Designed for maximum flexibility, Black Diamond is suitable for most knives – as long as the blade is thinner than four millimetres. Tightly packed, it can fit up to 11 knives but will appear a complete unit with just two.

  • Unique design by Christian Bird
  • Fits up to 11 knives
  • Easy extraction



Futuristic in conception this unique float knife block brings to mind the angles of a rough cut diamond, while its architectural quality reflects the finely angled handles of our signature range of chef knives.

NOW is $99.00 USD, you SAVE $25.00 USD

This unique, angular float knife block designed by Christian Bird is a piece of art for the kitchen.
Clever use of weighting secures the knives in their blocks, just as slight angling allows for easy extraction. Designed for maximum flexibility it is suitable for most knives.

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Precision manifests the combination of bold design and the superb cutting capability of the stainless steel blade. It represents just as much an effective cooking tool as a piece of art. We believe this is the key to inspired cooking.

Precision is the unique creation of contemporary London designer Christian Bird. Christian is thrilled by perfection. His design fuses the perfection of the diamond-like facet shape handle with a unique and carefully thought out blade design. These knives were designed for precision in cooking.

  • The most affordable range
  • Unique design by Christian
  • Bird Coated stainless steel; Non-stick blade coating
  • Easy to sharpen

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