Stay fresh before, during and after your activity with Purequosa’s on the go cleansing power!

Quick, Easy & Efficient…  The Product You Need In 2017

Stay fresh before, during and after your activity with Purequosa’s on the go cleansing power!

Feeling like you need to take a shower after your run, bike ride, yoga class or other workout, but don’t have time? Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle, Purequosa is a shower replacement ideal for anyone looking for a quick way to feel and look fresh! Simply spray Purequosa organic cleansing spray all over your body before and after your workout or after your long flight. This hydrating formula is suitable for sensitive skin and is free from any alcohol and chemicals.   It’s pure!

Keep Purequosa in your gym bag, purse, and luggage so you can always feel fresh no matter where you are. Check out Purequosa’s top picks for right now:

  •  Desert Body Spray: Show your skin some love with this hydrating formula. The starchy root of the yucca contains a healthy mix of vitamins,
    minerals and plant-based nutrients. Desert Body Spray will make you feel refreshed after your activity!
  •  Rain Body Spray: No shower necessary. Watery, crisp and light, this spray is a must have for those with a busy lifestyle.  Our Rain Body Spray also contains Tea Tree Oil.
  • Coastal Body Spray: A breezy spray that will instantly make your body feel clean and fresh. This spray is perfect when you want to squeeze in a quick yoga class during your lunch break.  Coastal also contains Sage known to be an antifungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiseptic, and antibacterial. Wow

Purequosa is handmade in small batches to ensure the quality and freshness of your product.
Purequosa not only makes you feel refreshed but it can also help to cleanse your bike helmet, yoga mat and other workout accessories!
You can find Purequosa at H20 Closet, Mixx Yoga, and Asana Fit or purchase directly at


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