Posts Written On March 31, 2017

Dryel 101: Housekeeping for the Modern Day Wifey

I recently celebrated my 4-year wedding anniversary and I learned so much in this time. There are no ‘guides’ on how to be a wife these days but there are certainly tips I’ll be happy to share with you, along with our friends from Dryel.  So before I was married, I only did laundry for myself and my dog Jacob. It was so easy to just throw everything in together to wash, then everything into the dryer to dry. Once I got married, I learned about laundry from my husband. With his background in fashion, great taste in clothes and a conscious budget, he taught be how to stop ‘ruining’ his stuff.

For example, here are some laundry rules I never knew before:

  1. Wash towels on their own to prevent fuzzies on your clothes
  2. Wash whites separately in warm
  3. Wash darks separately in cold
  4. Red clothes will almost always bleed in color and make white/light items pink!
  5. Zip everything up before you wash it, and tie any drawstrings
  6. Some clothes are dry clean only
  7. Some clothes are hang dry only

Now that I have the basics, I have upgraded to laundry innovators and new technologies! I was so lucky to work with Dryel last year and will continue to work with them on testing out their range of products. If you are a laundry newbie or a modern wifey like me, take note! While we lived in New York, there were dry cleaners on every corner but now that we are in Vegas, you have to drive everywhere to even see another person. Suburban life is part of growing up and as we prepare to have a family, efficiency, convenience are of the utmost importance.

Getting into my 30’s now, I want to buy some nice quality clothes and take good care of them too! I am a huge fan of fast fashion brands but once in blue moon, I will purchase something that needs me to take good care it. In comes Dryel, the at-home dry cleaning and laundry solution.  Dryel cleans 10 garments for the cost of one dry cleaned garment, and it works great on ALL YOUR CLOTHES everything from sweaters to blouses, blazers, dresses and trousers. The heat of your dryer activates the Dryel ULTRAcleaning cloth to release cleaning agent and steam that penetrate the clothing fibers. These vapors remove body soil and odors from your clothes that are then vented out of your dryer. Your clothes are left with a breezy clean scent. Dryel uses biodegradable cleaning agents and no harsh chemicals.

I started getting back into styling again and the handy on the go pen has been a lifesaver! This works even on dry clean only garments too!

  • Dryel On the Go Stain Pen helps remove fresh stains instantly
  • It’s even safe on dry clean only clothes, delicates and hand washables such as wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics
  • While squeezing pen, use scrubber like an eraser to eliminate stain and blot if needed
  • Ultra compact, it meets TSA 3-1-1 carry-on liquid requirements

Le Petit Marseillais: Now available in the USA

Francophiles and world travelers alike can now rejoice! The #1 body wash brand in France, Le Petit Marseillais™, announced its expansion into the United States with an initial array of gentle body washes in five sun-kissed scents. While new to many consumers in the U.S., Le Petit Marseillais™ has been a household staple of French families for decades.

Le Petit Marseillais™ was born in Provence, and its identity remains rooted in the sunny ingredients and joie de vivre of the South of France. Inspired by the centuries-old tradition of olive oil based soap making in the region, Le Petit Marseillais™ started out as just a few products sold in local pharmacies before growing into the beloved brand it is today. Then and now, the products feature fragrance notes that evoke the natural bounty of the region: lavender, nectarine and orange blossom among other scents crafted to bring out the same vibrant associations as the French countryside.

“The spirit of Le Petit Marseillais™ goes beyond ingredients,” says Dawn Kidd, Senior Marketing Director at Johnson & Johnson, Consumer Inc. “These products capture an entire way of life in the South of France – the sun-kissed countryside, vibrant colors and simple pleasures of Provence, now its appeal is universal. We are thrilled to bring the product line to the U.S.”

Starting in January, Americans had the opportunity to indulge in the same uplifting shower experience as the French do with the brand’s first five body wash offerings in the U.S.: Orange Blossom, Lavender Honey, Vanilla Milk, White Peach & Nectarine and Cotton Milk & Poppy, available nationwide and priced at $4.99 for 400ml.

Today, in celebration of its stateside debut, Le Petit Marseillais™ introduced an expanded collection of 17 products in the specialty bath & body aisle at Walmart. The comprehensive portfolio of cult beauty favorites includes an assortment of eight body and hand moisturizers, two liquid hand soaps, six body washes and a bar soap with prices ranging from $3.99-$7.97.

For more information and details on where to buy Le Petit Marseillais™, visit

About Le Petit Marseillais™:

Le Petit Marseillais™ was born in Provence in 1985, and its identity remains rooted in the sun-kissed ingredients, true-to-nature scents and authentic, timeless values of the South of France. Drawing inspiration from the centuries-old tradition of olive oil-based soap making in the South of France, Le Petit Marseillais™ began as just a few products sold in local pharmacies before growing into the household name in body care it maintains today. While best known for gentle, evocatively-scented body washes, the brand’s range of more than 200 products across the body cleansing, moisturizing, deodorant, facial care and haircare categories have become household staples in 21 countries worldwide. Le Petit Marseillais™ debuted in North America in 2017.