Posts Written On March 25, 2017

100 Things to Do in Las Vegas Before You Die

With tons of family visiting as spring arrives, the handy travel companion, 100 Things to Do in Las Vegas Before You Die is a must have for locals and visitors alike. Author Laura Carroll and Adam Kealoha Causey curated the perfect Las Vegas itineraries and have you covered. The suggestions ranges from date night spots to wilderness exploration and family fun!

100 Things to Do in Las Vegas Before You Die has all of these itineraries and more!

Here are some of the suggestions from the book we visited.

Red Rock Canyon

The Venetian Gondolas

Las Vegas may have risen to fame as hotbed of forbidden fun, but in its modern incarnation, there’s something here for everyone.

We took a road trip to Hoover Dam

and visited the Seven Magic Mountains!

We have so many things on the list to do from this book to get through! Check it out and get your copy on Amazon


Spring Must Have – Liven locks with Reviv3 Haircare

Sick of scarves, beanies, and strong winds whipping your hair into a tangled mess? Thankfully, spring is here! That means putting away your parka and letting your lovely locks down. With Reviv3, you can achieve trendy tresses without harming any of the hairs on your pretty little head. A premium, all natural system that thickens and enriches your stunning strands without harmful chemicals, Reviv3 was founded on the growing desire for an effective, drug-free treatment for fine and low-volume hair.

It’s never easy to narrow down your favorite beauty products for the season – but, with Reviv3’s gentle cleansing and natural ingredients, it will make the top of the list. The intensive, 3-part system of PREP Cleanser ShampooPRIME Moisture+ Conditioner and TREAT Micro-Activ3 Treatment will wipe away those winter woes and get your hair set for spring. Carefully crafted with high quality ingredients to restore and maintain the shine in your hair and scalp, this brand does all the heavy lifting to deliver radiant results.

Turn your morning hair routine into a breeze with the hair must haves for spring: 

  • MEND Deep Hair Repair MaskA multi protein enriched, deep-strengthening masque for all hair types, this product repairs chemical damage, cuticle of the hair and moisture loss. Properly formulated with actives to maintain scalp health and support nutrient uptake, this masque stop hair breakage to keep your curls beautiful and bouncing.
  • BOOST Biotin Cellular ComplexWith tri-peptide and advanced respiratory complex, this salve is designed to return scalp skin to a more youthful state. Targeting the hair follicles, this intensive leave-in treatment fills out noticeable thinning hair for vibrant volume!
  • THICKEN Thickening SprayLooking for a voluminous vibe for your hair? Just pump a few sprays of this thickening solution and you’ll be ready to battle the elements! Providing thickness and strength without that pesky product build-up, this alcohol-free styling spray is a great natural alternative to adding volume, texture and shine to your tresses.
  • PROTECT Thermal ProtectorThis weightless leave-in conditioner provides complete protection from the overwhelming heat of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. Next time you’re stylin’ that updo on the go, throw on some of this thermal protector to increase shine, detangle and reduce frizz throughout your busy day.

Ditch those dry, winter locks with Reviv3 – a 3-part ProCare system to heal your scalp skin and safely prevent hair loss.

Want to freshen up your hair and scalp? To learn more about Reviv3’s effective products, visit