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Do You Waste Money by Buying Skin Care in a Jar? There is a Better Way if You Want Youthful Skin and a Naturally Beautiful Look.

Fleur de Santé’s innovative formulas, designed with rare extracts of ultra-delicate medicinal flowers and top-performing stem cell cultures, require an extra level of protection. Fusing the effectiveness of the advanced airless packaging and the sleek look of Fleur de Santé bottles reflects what the new collection of creams and serums represents – a unique combination of visible benefits from state-of-the-art formulas with luxurious textures and scents that require progressive packaging to keep their features unchanged.

Investing in long-term research of rare and potent active ingredients and developing the most powerful formulas, there is a need for packaging that contributes to the preservation of all the components. As it happens, many of the most beneficial ingredients in the formulas are not stable, which means they are not effective if exposed to light and air. Fleur de Santé airless bottles offer a sophisticated way of product dispensing that preserves and protects the integrity of the luxurious formulas while delivering first-rate functionality.

Fleur de Sante is the only brand in the world utilizing medicinal Swedish and French flowers in its clinically proven formulations. Chosen from more than 150 species, these beauties work wonders for your skin.

“Think about it! If you spend substantial time, effort and money on breakthrough research, you wouldn’t want to waste the results by placing your formula in a jar to be exposed to the damaging effects of air, light and moisture, would you? We think our breakthrough formulas deserve more. We want you to enjoy their benefits for as long as possible, and to do so we needed to make sure every cream and serum remains as clean as possible while you use it, ” says Mathias Tonnesson, CEO of Laboratoire Fleur de Santé.

Once hermetically sealed, Fleur de Santé’s formulas won’t be exposed to the oxygen in air that combined with light puts oxidative stress on the product (thus generating free radicals which we want to fight!). It’s simply impossible to keep your skin care product clean if it’s in a jar – every time you open it, you let oxygen in. As a result, your product is worthless very soon. We’re devoted to keeping skin care fresh, clean and airless!

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About Fleur de Santé:

Fleur de Santé was founded in 1980, with the distinction of being the only brand in the world to utilize Swedish and French medicinal flowers in their beneficial formulations. The tradition continues as the brand is experiencing a re-birth with CEO Mathias Tonnesson. His passion to create skin care with “every detail considered” sees the latest clinically proven collections containing antioxidant-rich Champagne extract, plant stem cell-boosted flowers, and airless packaging that makes every formulation more effective. 95% natural and never tested on animals, Fleur de Santé is more than premium skin care – it is the result of one man’s passion to create products made from love.