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Must Have Pieces To Achieve a Street-Chic Wardrobe

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Since you’re visiting this website, we assume that you’re gorgeous, fun, and have the basics of fashion. we bet you have the basics of a wardrobe like a mini black dress, a pair knee high boots and dark skinny jeans. Also, you might have all kinds of shirts, pants, dresses, and fun extras – but we tell you, with all the woman’s clothing you have, it gets a little bit annoying when you think your closet is not like a “real wardrobe”.


Figuring out how to turn your wardrobe from fine to fantastic is a very long time. Every girl knows the struggle and we’re no exception. By having a clear picture of some mix and matches using a few pieces can make your OOTDs (outfit of the day) look a little more awesome.


In this article, we’ve outlined some of the things you must have to a have a cool and trendy street-chic outfit every day.

Flannels for Comfort

To have a rocking wardrobe, flannels are always good to start. Here are some ways on how to wear it the “chic-style”:

○ Pair it with denim shorts, a Bohemian headband and casual rubber shoes such as Converse, Vans, Sperry and any other casual shoes.

○ Wear it under an oversized cardigan. Make sure it’s thick-knitted. Skinny jeans in the bottom and knee-high boots.

○ Tie it around your waist and wear a combat shoes.


Cropped Leather Jacket

Yes, we know it’s a little bit of an investment piece but purchasing a leather jacket doesn’t have to be that expensive. There are stores out there who are selling leather jackets for $25 and may last for 5 years and longer with the same buttery soft feeling when you purchase it. Here’s a few on how to be stylish with it:

○ Top it to your summer dress to extend its life until fall.

○ A crop top and sweatpants. Then put on the leather jacket.

  1. A Girly Dress – every woman needs a sweet, gorgeous, girly dress in their life. Look for something with a light but muted color so it may be perfect for winter as well. The color “cream” is the best for us!
    ○ A floral or some lacy dress with a chambray top to turn it into a skirt.

    ○ Tie a flannel in your waist or with a military-inspired jacket.
  2. A Simple Black Maxi Dress – A black maxi dress that is chic as ever is very versatile. The secret to a perfect black maxi dress? A simple design that you can always wear anywhere with comfort.

    ○ Don’t feel like showing too much skin? You can top this with a crop top to turn the dress into a skirt.

    ○ How about a pairing it with your chicest flat sandal, a statement necklace, and a red lipstick for a perfect date night look?
  3. An Oversized Sweater – Some teenage girls have this obsession to pink and peach sweaters during our high school days. Good thing, we didn’t adapt that fashion sense. Here’s a few on how to wear this the awesome way:

    ○ A distressed sweater and any kind of boots for a student walk look.

    ○ An oversized sweater and a pair of denim pants? Simple yet cool.


Take Away

These are just some of the pieces you need for you to have an awesome outfit every day. Having a wardrobe makeover doesn’t really need to be as expensive as you think. What’s most important is to be stylish without sacrificing comfort.



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Born into a world of make-believe as the daughter of a larger-than-life film producer, Joan Juliet Buck’s childhood was a whirlwind of famous faces, ever-changing home addresses, and a fascination with the shiny surfaces of things. When Joan became the first and only American woman ever to fill Paris Vogue‘s coveted position of Editor in Chief, a “figurehead in the cult of fashion and beauty,” she had the means to recreate for her aging father, now a widower, the life he’d enjoyed during his high-flying years, a splendid illusion of glamorous excess that could not be sustained indefinitely.

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The District at Green Valley Ranch location will be the 45th store for Soft Surroundings and is part of a seventeen store expansion planned for 2017, their largest expansion year to date.

Located in the trendy outdoor shopping plaza: The District at Green Valley Ranch.

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-Zuly G Schoeppner