Posts Written On March 06, 2017

Keep Calm and Think Spring Break With Frownies’ Immune Shield

The winter is winding down and we have sunny days coming our way. We all know how damaging the sun can be to our skin, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it. Frownies’ Immune Shield builds a natural defense for your skin. Packed with ceramides acting identical to skin membrane, they support and improve the structure of skin for after sun care to keep you looking younger and will help defend against harmful UV rays. Frownies’ Immune Shield is perfect for any warm weather stories you may have coming up as we approach Spring.

Warm weather is just around the corner and while we love spending more time outdoors, we aren’t big fans of what it does to our skin. Rich in antioxidants, peptides, and beneficial lipids, Frownies’ Immune Shield helps to soften and smooth the appearance of skin – while keeping it au natural. Don’t let the beach kill your vibe, moisturize with Immune Shield, the barrier serum that builds a natural defense for your skin. Packed with ceramides acting identical to skin membrane, they support and improve the structure of skin for after sun care to keep you looking younger and help defend against harmful UV rays.

The future looks bright with Frownies. Check out the 100% whole plant-based ingredients that make up Immune Shield’s fortifying formula:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: This oil is able to penetrate the skin cells and won’t clog your pores. It’s safe for daily use and keeps your skin looking radiant and silky smooth all day.
  • Grape Seed Oil: High in anti-inflammatory antioxidants that have the ability to slow down the aging process and prevent acne, grape seed oil helps to reduce dark circles and minimize scars.
  • Non GMO Avena Sativa Kernel Oil: Used for moisturizing and sunscreen, this product is loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants to make for a must-have anti-aging serum.
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil: This oil offers protection against UV rays, as well as treatment for sunburns. The sterols in the product help to restore your skin’s moisture and retain it.
  • Avocado Oil: A rich, fatty oil, this is extremely protective against the sun’s rays. With avocado being very nutritious and packed with vitamins, it’s the perfect solution for dry skin.
  • Vitamin E: Whole vitamin E natural preservatives not only extend the shelf life of the product, but promote healing for your dehydrated skin.

Feel comfortable in your skin this Spring Break with help from Frownies’ Immune Shield. Prepare the skin and build it’s natural barrier before sun exposure. You may still like and SPF during extended sun exposure but get prepped for the best skin in the sun use Immune Shield before and after sun exposure. Apply Immune Shield just after your shower or bath while the skin is damp and open. Full of vitamins and essential oils, this product will allow you to show some skin without bringing damage to it in the sun. Made only with natural ingredients, the purely plant-based formula combats the most difficult cases of skin conditions. Immune Shield is your secret weapon against UV rays damage, wrinkles, scars, dry skin, and more!


For four generations, Frownies has been run by a family of women committed to ageless beauty since 1889. Understanding that injections and surgery aren’t the answer, Frownies are highly nourishing, luxurious skin treatments of potent, all-natural anti-aging antioxidants that effectively address the physical causes of lines, wrinkles and cellulite.  Frownies are a Hollywood favorite used by classic beauties like Olivia de Havilland and hot trendy new stars like Rashida Jones. Other celebrity fans include Missy Pyle, Rene Russo, and the always beautiful and ageless Raquel Welch.


Wedding planning guide for noobs

Not every woman wants to get married nor does every girl keep a box of her wedding dreams under the bed, but those who do – now they are to be adored for their lovely enthusiasm and joy.

However, what appears to be very symptomatic with the future brides is that, while they serve as perfect bridesmaids and could easily take up on a role of wedding planners in those moments, when it comes to their wedding – they get entirely lost and overwhelmed. After all, there’s so much to do behind the scenes and an already fragile, excited bride-to-be can’t possibly handle it all without proper organization.

If you are one of the future, adorable brides with no clue what to do next, we’re giving you an insight into things that’ll help you organize your glorious wedding and give it that sweet, personal flair. We’ve made the entire list based on the most common errors brides make or oversee, so – enjoy your read and all the future planning:

Only the loved ones

Yes, your dear aunty from there and there did send a card, wishing you a happy marriage but given you can barely remember her face, let alone anything else about her, it’s safe to say she isn’t going to cut the guest list… just like plenty others won’t.

Cut throat! That’s the bride we love! To enjoy your wedding fully, without much drama (and consideration for people you don’t actually know all that well), the key is to invite the people you love, see or talk to often, and those who keep your heart warm. Even if your wedding turns out to be smaller than you’d expected, that’s okay – all of them are people that’ll help make unforgettable memories with you on your fabulous day.

Keep it original

An all-white wedding invitation may be a great, elegant choice, but so will a vibrant, personalized one! Hey, just remember – how many of the all-white invitations have you stashed in a drawer somewhere and have no idea whose weddings were they from! To make your W-day memorable and your guests pleasantly surprised with their invitations, choose personalized wedding invitation templates that are absolutely you!

Bridesmaids can do it alone

We are absolutely sure you aren’t one of those annoying brides forcing her gusto onto everyone else, especially the bridesmaids. Be your quirky, free-spirit self and let the bridesmaids choose their own dresses! The only thing you should be supervising is the style they opt for… no one wants a bridesmaid dressed in circus colors, right? Well, unless that’s the wedding theme!

Dress for amazement

While most brides love going shopping for their wedding gown with their best friend, we strongly suggest you do it alone. Or, at least – do the first few rounds of browsing by yourself and present your bestie with your final options. Then, go for some champagne and wedding gown try-ons and make it a day!

The best way to start your gown hunting is to explore online offers, magazine editorials and search for the best wedding shops in your town (or towns around). You’d be surprised what all you’ll find!

Venue is key

Just as choosing the right gown is crucial for the bride’s look so is picking a venue for the entire wedding vibe. The type of venue you opt for is the type of wedding you’re planning to hold – so make sure you pick right! If you are going for a theme wedding, make sure you talk it out with the venue renters – while some venues are super excited to offer pre-planning options (some even offer decoration, too), others aren’t that enthusiastic about it. Oh and – explore your options, don’t book until you are sure!

We wish you a happy and beautiful wedding and a lovely married life afterward. Send us some pics!