Presari – use for problem solving research

Presari  – a channel changer for search engines that lets you select where you want your results to come from using a hand-picked selection of over 700 search engines – all hand selected by me because of the quality and curated content they provide.  It helps cut through the ads and SEO manipulated results you see with the common search engines and gets you to relevant quality content faster.

Presari can be used for problem solving research, for fun and entertainment, for personal health and lifestyle improvement, and for geographic and topical lead generation. The goal is to help people create opportunity with better knowledge and connections.

Presari packs a huge amount of search engine choices into a very small amount of space. You enter a keyword and click on an icon and the results open for you. Sure, you can wade through the swamp of mostly useless results on Google and Bing, or you can go right to some the social media. And you can tailor your own search dashboard to display whatever you want from over 734 search engines in whatever categories you choose to call them.  To save time and reduce or even eliminate typing, you can also save a search to your Favorites. And you can also help people learn and solve problems because you can share your searches any number of ways, too.

There are a couple of startup sources set up for you to get started, and then you can click on settings and tailor your dashboard to include anything you want.

Go to Settings. Click on a new Source Group. Give it a name. Then load it up with sources. Choose a category, click on search engines to add them to your Source Group. Blue is off, Green is on. Save all or none. Play with it to get a feel for how it works.  Then save your selection. You get up to 10 source groups and five one-clicks.

Then have at it – the sky is the limit. Presari isn’t open yet. We are going into a full private beta this next week. So I’d welcome your feedback., We are seeking ideas and recommendations on how to make it better. If you like it, you will be among the first to write about it. There are some amazing things to be found when one has access to search beyond Google. I built some specialized and comprehensive time saving keyword drop downs into Presari that can be used to help save time getting to better results.  I can show you how to do this yourself anytime. Targeting with topical and geographic keywords is much easier than you might imagine and you can do it yourself quickly anytime.


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