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Four Ways To Help You Get Forty Winks

We all know that sleep can have so many physical and mental health benefits, but sometimes it just feels impossible to drift off. The stresses of modern life mean that more people than ever are suffering from insomnia. The rise of technology and the fact we are constantly reachable by work has meant that our homelife has been affected, and our sleep has suffered as a result.  


Though there is no single cure that is guaranteed to fix it, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

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Get Into A Nightly Routine


You will find it much easier to sleep if you get into a nightly routine. Go to bed at the same time each night, and try to keep this going on weekends as well. Your body should then find it easier to adapt to a wake-sleep cycle. Try to find some relaxing activities to do just before bed. Many people like to have a shower or bath as a way of soothing their bodies. Others enjoy some gentle yoga. Try to avoid watching TV or movies as some studies have shown these can interfere with your sleeping patterns. Think about removing all technology from the bedroom completely. In a world that is so interconnected, it can be nice to have a room that is a place to simply switch off. Instead try listening to some calming music or reading a chapter of a book.


Avoid Eating and Drinking Too Much Close to Bedtime


Try to limit the amount you eat and drink when you are approaching bedtime as this can interrupt your sleep. Getting up to go to the toilet can totally interfere with your sleep, so try not to drink much one hour before bed. Before this however, apple cider vinegar has been found to provide certain health benefits. Find out more at The Alternative Daily. Caffeine and alcohol are two other substances that have been proven to disrupt sleep, so again these are best avoided late on in the evening time.


Get Comfortable


Try out some different sleeping attire to find out what you are most comfortable in. Also, vary the different types of duvet and blankets depending on how warm the night is. If you are someone who gets easily disturbed by noise, try out sleeping with some ear plugs in. Similarly, if you find light disruptive to your sleeping pattern, try out an eye mask. An alternative is investing in a blackout blind that totally blocks out the light from your window.


Find A Way of Clearing Your Mind


This can be the trickiest one. With so many stresses in modern life, one of the main causes of insomnia is simply having too much on your mind. A technique that some people use is writing everything they are worrying about down in a notebook and coming back to it the next morning. Another way is through meditation, which is the process of clearing your mind and existing in the present rather than being consumed by the events that cannot be changed in the past or future.



Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Blender?

The blender is a fantastic tool in the kitchen, if yours is sitting around gathering dust it’s time to make a change! It allows you to prepare foods you simply would not be able to any other way, and can really help to elevate your cooking. Here are some of the things you can make in your blender and get the very most out of it.



The most obvious thing to make in a blender (and the reason most people buy one) is to make smoothies. Smoothies are fantastic, they’re a great way to get more fruit into your diet and make an easy breakfast or snack. Even fussy kids who don’t like fruit will generally sip on a tasty smoothie so it’s something the whole family can get on board with. For an excellent smoothie, every time use frozen mixed berries, chopped frozen banana (for thickness and sweetness) and juice or almond milk. From there you can add any additional ingredients of your choice. Goji berries for a nutrient-packed boost, avocado for good fats, Greek yogurt for protein, even a handful of spinach which you can’t taste when it’s with the other ingredients. Once you have that base smoothie right, you can tailor it with any extras you like so experiment and work out your favorite combinations.




Soup is such a convenient, versatile lunch. It’s light, healthy and a doddle to make if you have a powerful blender such as a Vitamix. There are a variety of models so some research will help you decide on the best Vitamix for you. Roast or boil some veggies, leave to cool and then blend with some stock and herbs. Heat up the mixture in a saucepan and swirl through some cream, creme fraiche or natural yogurt to finish. It’s a great way to use up the odds and ends you have left of your week’s veggies and is a super nutrient rich and healthy lunch. Eat with some wholemeal bread for added fiber if you want something more substantial.



Many of us indulge on unhealthy and expensive curries at the weekend from takeaways, but there’s no need as it’s so simple to make your own. To create your base sauce start with onions- lots of them. Around six large onions will do the trick, chop them and cook them down until they’re brown and sticky for maximum flavor. Add some herbs and spices- garlic powder, turmeric, coriander leaf, paprika and cumin seeds are good choices. Blend up this mixture with a tin or two tomatoes and a tablespoon of vegetable oil, and you have a great base sauce. You can cook this down to reduce it if you want a thicker consistency or add a little water if it’s too thick. Taste your sauce as you go, decide if it needs anything else adding. If you’re not confident with herbs and spices, buy a curry paste (not sauce) jar and add a few tablespoons of this instead. Add some marinated cooked chicken and simmer for thirty minutes until the flavors are infused. Stir through cream or natural yogurt and serve with basmati rice for the perfect weekend treat.




Buying ready made breadcrumbs is kind of expensive, and they can be a little crunchy and bland too. Making your own is far better, they taste nicer, and it’s a good way to use up stale bread. Plus they freeze nicely so if you make a big batch, simply divide into sandwich bags and pop in the freezer to use when you need them Slightly toasted or stale bread (but be aware of mold which is not good!) works best. For added flavor put in a pinch of herbs too. Breadcrumbs are useful for a technique called ‘penang.’ Here you coat meat, fish, even firm cheese in flour, then dip it in beaten egg and finally rolling it in the breadcrumbs. You can cook these in the deep fat fryer, but for a healthier option put them on a baking sheet and cook in the oven. You can make homemade breaded chicken, nuggets, goujons, fish fingers, even mozzarella sticks using this method.




Have you got fruit trees in your garden, or just regularly manage to snag good prices on fruit? A good way to use these up is by turning them into puree. Chop up the fruit and cook it down in a saucepan until it’s caramelized. Once cooled blend it up and put it into containers. If these will be used in recipes or cooking at a later date, you could freeze it in icecube trays. Simply pop out a cube or two from the freezer as needed and use it however you like.



New Garfield Cat Litter

(Miami, FL – February, 23rd 2017) After last year’s successful launch at Global Pet Expo, 7Pets is pleased to bring Garfield Cat Litter to this year’s edition, which will be held from March 22nd to March 24th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. This time around, those who stop by booth #1591 will be able to see how all three 100% natural versions of Garfield Cat Litter work, along with the achievements the brand is proud to have collected throughout its first year in the market.
7Pets’ all natural and unique hygienic litter solution for cats has already reached the shelves of relevant chains, such as Shoprite, in addition to significant online venues, such as “Considering that we brought Garfield Cat Litter to the American market only one year ago, we are pleased with the results”, explains Andre Santos, Director of Sales at 7Pets. “The great feedback Garfield Cat Litter has received from our growing customer base also makes us confident that this year Global Pet Expo will work even better for us”, he adds.

MICROSITE – To make it easier for visitors to find Garfield Cat Litter at Global Pet Expo 2017, 7Pets launched a microsite exclusively for the event. By accessing, those who are attending the trade show will also be able to learn more about the brand, how the product works, and even confirm a visit at the company’s booth.

PRODUCT – Garfield Cat Litter has an exclusive formula consisting solely of natural ingredients from South America. The blend of these ingredients enables instant clumping and eliminates the strong ammonia odor that is distinctive of cat’s urine. Additionally, the biodegradable versions are flushable in the toilet (green and purple packages) making it easier for pet owners to maintain litter boxes. The product is gentle on paws, dust-free, and because there are no added chemicals the litter is unscented. Furthermore, its white color allows for the tracking of potential health issues which can be indicated by the presence of blood in the cat’s urine, for example. 7Pets partnered with Paws, Inc. to license the Garfield brand. “Garfield is a very particular cat. He loves his creature comforts and is meticulous about cleanliness. This product lives up to his high expectations,” said Garfield’s creator, Jim Davis.

About 7Pets

After realizing that the pet industry, for years, had failed to eliminate the ammonia odor of cat’s urine without using chemicals or fragrances, specialists at 7Pets created a natural and fragrance-free formula that completely eliminates the ammonia smell. Further tests showed that, besides neutralizing the odor, the formula also offered extremely high absorbency and instant clumping. 7Pets, an American company headquartered in Miami, Florida, presents the most effective cat litter ever invented, available in two versions: biodegradable (green and purple packages) and non- flushable (yellow package).

About Paws, Inc.

Cartoonist Jim Davis’ company, Paws, Inc., located near Albany, Indiana, was founded in 1981 to handle the creative end of the Garfield licensing business.  Today, Paws is the sole owner of all copyrights and trademarks for the Garfield property, and controls not only the creative angle of the fat cat’s flourishing empire, but also the licensing, marketing, and brand management of Garfield and the Garfield characters.


Exercise Yourself Beautiful

The importance of a workout for fitness and health is not lost on any of us. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, or just strengthening our bodies for the daily grind, it is essential to focus on fitness.


That said, doing things for the “right reasons” is not an incentive for everyone. Knowing that we should do something, does not always translate into actually doing it – or doing it with any enthusiasm. We know that we should eat right but that alone is sometimes not enough. Let’s face it: advertisers know that. That’s why so many tempting foods are advertised as “guilty pleasures”.

So wrong, but so right…


So to strengthen the incentive, is it perhaps a good idea to sometimes we a little less noble? A little more… shallow? This bears some thinking about. Does it matter why you do the right thing, if you still end up doing the right thing? In other words, if you don’t feel motivated to work out for fitness and health alone, why not work out for beauty? It’s not like it’s a bad thing, after all.


In any case, once you start doing something and get into a pattern, you see the benefits beyond what first convinced you to begin. So if you want to look better, here are some workout tips that will also have you feeling and looking better.


Can Your Workout Improve Your Skin?


Now, it is worth noting that working out with a full face of makeup on will diminish any benefits to beauty you get. In fact, you should cleanse your face before working out for maximum benefit. But yes, your workout can be a pivotal part of good skincare.


In exercising, you better regulate production of cortisol – the body’s stress hormone. Too much cortisol causes the skin to age, thinning and encouraging blemishes. Not to mention that the best workout supplements have benefits for the skin. As AlgaeCal reviews point out, the supplement provides calcium, which aids healthy skin and regeneration. Remember: always check with a doctor before starting any supplements.


So the more you work out and supplement yourself to do so, the less cortisol in your system – and that means your skin will be better than ever.


Can Your Workout Help Your Hair?

What can exercise do for your locks?


You will no doubt be picturing a line of people on treadmills, red faced and sweaty. How, you might be wondering, could this ever be good for your hair? Especially as you’ll shower afterwards, and doesn’t that strip the hair of its natural oils?


Studies show that, in fact, a vigorous workout can be one of the best things you do for your crowning glory. Far from making hair dirtier for no reason, intense cardio releases toxins. This benefits the release of purer, healthier sebum on the scalp – an oil that stops hair becoming dry and lifeless. As another benefit, exercise stimulates blood flow which can increase the speed at which your hair grows.


And Another Thing…


Beauty is more than skin deep. We all know how exercise can help the skin and hair now, but it’s fair to say that everyone looks better when they’re smiling. And there, again, exercise has you covered. By working out, you will release endorphins, your body’s natural “happiness hormone”.


Just one note of caution. Studies have shown that too much endurance exercise can be bad for your teeth. Avoid sugary energy drinks (just avoid them anyway – they’re not good for you in any way, shape or form) and when working out, try to limit how much you breathe through your mouth. Mouth breathing can dry your palate, which harms teeth, and as a double-protection you should gently brush your teeth after any gym session.



Big Night Out? Preen Yourself Presentable

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We’ve all been there. You enjoy yourself a bit too much on a wild night out and start to regret it slightly when you wake up in the morning. You wouldn’t trade the fun for anything, but it might be nice to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy instead of like you’ve just taken an 18-hour flight. On top of not feeling too great, you don’t exactly look amazing, either. You’re still tired and you look a little pale, but you’ve got places to be. Maybe you even have to be at work. If you’re panicking, don’t worry too much. You can make yourself presentable, and no one will be able to tell what you got up to last night.


Start with a Shower


Before you do anything, get in the shower. Or if you have time, take a relaxing bath. The warm water will loosen your muscles and help you to start feeling a bit more human. You’re probably a little sweaty from the night before too, and you certainly don’t want to leave the house smelling of sweat, smoke, or anything else unpleasant. If you’ve got a headache, give your scalp a little massage when you wash your hair, and it should help you let go of some tension. If you need to wake up a bit faster, try a cold blast from the shower.

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Curing Your Hangover


Helping yourself to feel better will help you look better too. You won’t have such a miserable expression on your face or find yourself wincing through the day. If you’re smart and well-prepared, you might have taken one of a number of available hangover helpers the night before. They’re meant to stop you getting a hangover in the first place. But if you haven’t taken one, everyone has their favorite hangover cures. From sugary drinks to fried breakfasts and healthy smoothies, you’re sure to have something that will help you feel better. Make sure you have plenty to drink and try to eat something too.


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Dealing with Tired Eyes


Your eyes can give you away if you wake up feeling worse for wear. Even if you haven’t been drinking, when you’re tired, your eyes can really show it. If you can get them looking a little more normal, you’ll look and feel better. First, deal with any puffiness using your preferred method. It might be cold spoons, teabags, or a fancy beauty product. Bloodshot eyes don’t look great either, but some eye drops can help to soothe them. And, of course, doing your eye makeup will hide all manner of sins.


Get Glowing


If you’re looking a little sallow after a night out, it’s easy to fix. Start by moisturizing so your skin is smooth and hydrated. You’ll look much more fresh-faced once your skin is looking a little healthier. Next, you can apply some foundation, perhaps some bronzer, and an illuminator. Give your skin a brighter look so you appear more radiant than you feel.


You can turn a good night out into a good morning if you take the right steps. You’ll be looking and feeling better in no time.