Posts Written On January 23, 2017

FaceTory the First Korean Sheet Mask Subscription Box

FaceTory, the subscription service that delivers curated boxes filled with Korean sheet masks right to subscribers’ doorsteps, has officially announced the launch of their box. Every month, subscribers will receive a variety of unique masks ranging in purpose and functionality. These sheet masks are included based on a curation process by a team of fun and knowledgeable sheet mask junkies sampling and testing out the products themselves. From news to tips and how-to videos, FaceTory informs their subscribers about their products in a fun and engaging way while still allowing the personality of the company to shine through. This allows consumers to discover the hard-to-find, new, and trending sheet mask brands in the comfort of their own homes.

“When beauty enthusiasts visit South Korea, sheet masks are one of the most popular products they bring back to the US. This is because sheet masks are one of the most effective products to improve skin conditions and a must have for the K-beauty skincare routine. There are more than 10,000 varieties of sheet masks available in the Korean market at this time, but less than 10% are readily available in the US.  We are on a mission to introduce these high quality and hidden sheet mask gems at an affordable price by carefully curating and directly sourcing them from the manufacturer…” – Sang Lee

Curation Process:

Every month we scour the Korean sheet mask market for fun and popular masks that have little to no exposure in the western market. We then personally try out each sheet mask and narrow down the selection before packing these hidden gems into our boxes.

Box options:

SEVEN LUX – A premium plan includes more diverse selections such as hydrogels and multi-step masks with higher quality ingredients. This box has 7 carefully curated sheet masks with a price of $14.95/month.

FOUR-ever FRESH – A great entry level plan for Kbeauties who are newly discovering sheet masks. This plan includes more fabric type masks such as cotton & cellulose with the most essential functions and features.  These 4 carefully curated sheet masks are only $4.95/month.


Soft and Chewy Treats: I and Love and You

I and Love and You has the perfect treats to help you two best friends kick off your new awesome journey together. As you know, Cami started school 3 weeks ago and she is doing really well!


Treats are used to deliver rewards for positive behavior during the training process. Dogs can get distracted easily and treats serve as reinforcement and a lure back to focus on the task at hand.

ILY’s Nice Jerky Bites are the perfect blend of the awesome taste your dog will definitely roll over for, and the nutritious benefits that keep him healthy. With three yummy flavor choices – Chicken + Salmon, Chicken + Duck and Beef + Lamb.  We were working on ‘Down’ for 2 weeks and finally, the ILY’s treats got her to do it!


For a filling post-train meal, ILY’s new Naked Essentials Kibble gets Spike back in action for the rest of the day. Three different recipe choices: Salmon + Trout, Chicken + Duck and Lamb + Bison.  Cami tried a bit of the kibble today and loved it! The ingredients are super and grain free. I will keep these on hand for days she is not having raw.

I and Love and You Nice Jerky Bites (SRP: $7.99) and Naked Essentials Kibble (SRP: $11.99 for 4lb bag) are available in stores at Kroger’s, Wegman’s and available online at,, and additional retailers.