Posts Written On January 22, 2017

Tinder Date Spot Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant, recently opened a new location in Summerlin! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we recommend this to be a cool and fun Tinder date spot!

No pressure or anything weird when it comes to Tinder dating. You don’t want to have too much pressure so the perfect setting is important. Chronic Tacos has healthy and fun ‘fast food’ and a full bar too!  First dates are all about getting to know each other so avoid clubs and stuffy settings. You can learn a lot about your date by what they order and if they like sauce or not. These are the fun facts you will always remember if the relationship goes further!

Take your Tinder Date to the new Chronic Tacos

Address: 9460 W. Flamingo Rd., Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV 89147


Feel the Love on Valentine’s Day with PetPlate

A survey from Plano Pet Treats indicates that we like to bestow our pets with special treats on the most romantic day of the year. is a perfect gift for pet parents who want to show their furry friends their affection on Valentine’s Day by feeding them a wholesome diet of fresh-cooked ingredients, without any of the work. makes it easy for pet parents to nourish their pets with love by delivering fully-prepared meals made from real ingredients, such as USDA meat and fresh vegetables. PetPlate meals do not contain any by-products, rendered meats or preservatives. The meals are designed by a veterinary clinical nutritionist for nutritional balance, and are pre-portioned and ready to serve. Cold-pressure technology is used to destroy harmful bacteria and lock in nutrition and flavor. The company offers a convenient subscription service that automatically ships the meals directly to the consumer on a regular basis.

As you know, both Jacob and Cami were on home cooked meals! Jacob almost always had chicken stew or beef stew and Cami has been on raw since 8 weeks old. I am always open to checking out new ways to feed your pet. I think PetPlate is a wonderful option for people who don’t have time to cook for their dogs.

Receive $40 off their first order when they enter the coupon code LOVE at checkout.


Daydream View: Initial Impressions

The popularity of Virtual Reality cannot be avoided anymore. What was once a commodity for developers, is now easily accessible in any home. Its no surprise that Google is now venturing into Virtual Reality.

The Daydream View comes in three different colors, for the price of $79 (at the time of this review, the actual price has gone down) In comparison to many other Virtual Reality Headsets out there, its a steal. This is a basic, entry level Virtual Reality headset that allows users to get a taste of it, powered by similar services that you would expect Google to have. The only offside to it, is that its very limited to the Google Pixel phones.

The look and feel of the Daydream View is great. Its covered in a nice fabric, so it feels nice, and the headset alone is comfortable to be worn for a long period of time. In comparison to other headsets, (Gear VR, Playstation VR), it doesn’t feel like a heavy piece of plastic and it covers your peripherals so it feels as if you are truly immersed in what you are seeing.

Set up is rather simple and doesn’t take too long to get it running. You need to have Bluetooth enabled to power the VR. During the software setup, you’ll learn how to use the remote. While at first glance the remote may seem to be detrimental to the whole immersive experience, it becomes more clear as the tutorial progresses, why the remote is so important. There are no button options on the Daydream View; everything is done manually on the remote. For example, the buttons help align your center, and can also be used to head to the Home screen.

The difference of the layout and idea of Daydream, feels like something out of a kids movie. With very cel-shaded graphics and pixelated art, its easy to be awed by what you are looking at.

If you are part of the Android/Google Ecosystem, you’re going to love it. The option of playing purchased movies from Google Movies on the VR is a beautiful experience. The quality is great. You also have various other apps that allow for a movie like experience in Virutal Reality.

A few issues with the Daydream View is that while there is plenty of content, the majority of it is just for viewing purposes and not much else. The quality of content that is presented was a bit lackluster. I opened up a Youtube VR video of Star Wars, but it didn’t feel immersive, particularly because the graphics were not high quality. The other issue is the mono-speaker that detriments the true immersion. Don’t expect to run the Daydream View VR for a long time. Within 30min of playing around with Virtual Reality, I saw a significant decrease in battery life on it. (35% decrease)

Until then, I’ll still play around more and give more of a concrete review of the Daydream View.


New Years + Holiday Glam by Bad Medina

Bring the Glam this New Year’s with Bad Medina Cosmetics’ Diamond-Infused Lip Paints 

Doralie Medina of Bad Medina Cosmetics believes in Glam for All, and her makeup line is empowering others to flaunt their own unique styles with confidence through innovative products featuring bold, beautiful colors with phenomenal staying power.

From natural glam to femme fatale, these diamond-infused lip paints are helping Baddies ditch winter blues and rock their perfect pout:

  • Young Rouge –  Nothing says fierce like a classic red lip! Show the world who’s boss with a bold red that complements any skin tone.
  • Thanks Boo – This creamy cashmere is a versatile nude that glides on effortlessly for lips that are ready for anything.
  • Darling – Anyone who loves a playful pout will enjoy this berry-tinged sweet treat with the perfect hint of shimmer.

All of Bad Medina’s Lip Paints feature intensely rich pigments and are infused with luminous diamond dust to subtly illuminate lips to create a smooth and flawless finish. Channeling the upscale, glamorous vibe of old Hollywood with a modern twist, Bad Medina’s Stacked and Loaded Lip Paints glide on smooth, dry matte and just need one coat to pack a punch that slays all day. 


Bad Medina Cosmetics is an independent makeup line founded by Doralie Medina, better known to the world as Bad Medina, a fearless believer in being your own kind of beautiful.   Her goal for the Bad Medina line is to inspire others to flaunt their own unique style with confidence by creating a line that makes it easy for them to look as gorgeous and confident as they feel. The Bad Medina line is strongly influenced by Bad’s affinity for pin-up glamour and her determination to make quality products that can keep up with even the most active of fashionistas. In addition to the saturated colors and long-lasting wear, each product is infused with Baddie Diamonds, which manipulate light to subtly illuminate lips and face to help reduce the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles to create a smooth and flawless finish.