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An impressive collection by world-renowned artist Romero Britto will be on exhibition and available for acquisition at the Gallery of Music & Art at the Forum Shops @ Caesars. With an iconic style, Romero Britto is an international artist that uses vibrant, bold and colorful patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him. His playful themes and hard‐edged compositions, combined with his unique talent, unshakable resolve and belief in his art, have granted him worldwide recognition, with exhibitions in galleries and museums in over 100 countries and counting. The Las Vegas exhibition opens on Tuesday, January 24 with a live Artist Appearance from 6-9 pm.The gallery appearance is free to the public








Carmex Daily Care™ Moisturizing Lip Balms

Whether it’s a tinted moisturizer, face lotion, or lip balm, ensuring your skin is protected from the sun’s harsh rays is vital year-round, not just during lazy summer days spent on the beach. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, even on cloudy days, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin1. Moreover, UV rays reflect off of water, snow and sand, making it easier to burn, so it’s important to protect your skin, including your lips, from sun damage throughout all seasons with products containing SPF like Carmex Daily Care™ Moisturizing Lip Balms.

Carmex Daily Care™ Moisturizing Lip Balms provide SPF 15 sun protection. Additionally, these lip balms are waterproof up to 80 minutes and are travel-friendly, making them an ideal companion for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and swimming. This lip balm is formulated withpetrolatum to aid moisturization and create a long-lasting water resistant barrier, beeswax for long-lasting wear and cocoa seed butter for moisturization to help your lips stay soft and supple.


Since the lips are so vulnerable, it’s important to take the proper precautions to protect them. NYC Dermatologist, Neil Sadick, M.D.** believes that, “Just like the rest of your body, your lips need protection from the sun in order to maintain their overall health and appearance. Remembering to use a lip balm that contains SPF year-round will help lips stay younger looking and also help prevent against sunburn.” To guarantee your lips stay healthy and protected 365 days out of the year, here are 3 tips to keep in mind, courtesy of Carmex® and Dr. Sadick:


  1. “The skin on the lips does not produce melanin, which means it has no natural protection from the sun and since UV rays are equally damaging in the winter as they are in the summer, it is important to lubricate lips with a moisturizing lip balm that has a SPF in it, likeCarmex Daily Care™ Moisturizing Lip Balmsevery day,” says Dr. Sadick. “Ingredients such asbeeswax, shea butter, Vitamin E andalmondjojoba or coconut oils will help moisturize the delicate skin on your lips.”


  1. “Maintain a good water intake everyday to ensure hydration from the inside out.” advises Dr. Sadick, “In both the winter and the summer there is increased transepidermal water loss, and since the lips are constantly exposed to the elements, they are more susceptible to dryness through this process. Drinking lots of fluids helps replenish the extra water lost through the epidermis.”


  1. “The skin on the lips is unique; it has no sebaceous glands, which means that it cannot make its own oils to keep it moisturized. Refrain from licking your lips, as the enzymes in the saliva dry them out even more. If you feel the need to lick your lips, then you should apply a lip balm likeCarmex®,” states Dr. Sadick. “If your lips are severely cracked, try exfoliating once a month with a fruit-acid-based alpha or beta hydroxy acid product. This will allow the removal of dead cells, allow better penetration of the lip balm ingredients, like SPF and stimulate cell remodeling.”


The seasons may change, but your lip care routine should remain consistent. So, before you head out on the slopes or take to the water for activities, swipe on Carmex Daily Care™ Moisturizing Lip Balms for moisturization and sun protection. Carmex Daily Care™ Moisturizing Lip Balms may be found at retailers nationwide for $1.59 and is available in Orange Dream, Tropical Colada, Winter Mint and Honeydew Melon flavors. For more information, please visit:


How to Behave Around Service Dogs

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If your first instinct when you see a service dog is to think, “Aww, how cute,” you’re pretty typical.  Who doesn’t love and want to approach these hard-working canine helpers?  Behaving appropriately around these furry friends while they’re at work is a huge help to their owners and their dogs. Let’s take a look at how the public should know about how to behave around service dogs.

Service Dog Behaving Lovingly Beside Pool


Gifts for Her (AND for Him) for Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is almost HERE! Are you in need of some gift inspiration?

Gifts for Her


Jessture: Take a look at this HOT fashion trend that is a must-have for the lady of fitness, leisure and luxury:  “The Athleisure Style” – Perfect for a laid-back, social occasion. This outfit is perfect for those who are looking for style, comfort and elegance. Featuring all white drop crotch joggers, tapered legs and a long sleeve pullover sweatshirt with zipper embellishments adorning the front, this look seamlessly combines casual and sophisticated wear into one stylish outfit.

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

In a world where emails, texts, and social media is the mainstream way of communicating with our friends and family, there is something truly unique about receiving a handwritten note. This year for Valentine’s Day, send a card to your loved ones and add a personal touch with a handwritten note with the Calligraphy Starter Kit. Laura Hooper Calligraphy can teach you the art of modern pointed pen to make your handwritten notes look as beautiful as they are touching. TheCalligraphy Starter Kit features a guide book with easy and detailed instructions to help you on your calligraphy journey.

Mother Trucker & Co.

As seen in Life & Style Magazine and US Weekly, Mother Trucker & co. is a California-based trucker hat company that is dazzling, sexy and full of personality.  Founded in the summer of 2015, Mother Trucker co. features specially designed trucker style hats with fun and hip phrases perfect to describe every occasion of your life and personality. With sayings such as Grateful and #THANKFULthese hats will take your fashion sense to a new level this season! 

Trust Fund Beauty

Are you ready to make a statement with her lipstick? Do your nails need a fashion pick-me-up? Try the high fashion and trendy colors with Trust Fund’s lipstick and nail polishes! Their shades are sure to be the perfect complement to any outfit! Although each of their products have quirky and fun titles, Trust Fund Beauty takes beauty seriously, ensuring you can “trust” them to make you feel beautiful. Trust Fund sells nail polish and lipstick products formulated with love in the U.S.A. and EU, which are always vegan and cruelty-free. 

Funktional Wearables: Treat Yourself, Lady!

Whether you are at work, out to dinner or at a special event, you can track your heart rate and steps in a discreet and fashionable way with the NEW Fitbit Charger from Funktional Wearables. From vintage elegance to casual boho-chic, the Fitbit Charge 2 has beautiful designs to amp up your arm candy for any occasion. Or, try the sleek and smooth HR Protective Covers; made with the perfect mix of protection, durability, and fashion-forward elements, these protective covers add maximum security to your activity tracker and are also interchangeable. Currently available in 2 designs and 10 finishes, these lightweight protective covers are designed for both men and women and are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Give Yourself a Break, Lady: Let LHCalligraphy Help you Decorate your Home for the Holidays 

Bring the holiday cheer to your home with one of a kind Christmas decorations from Laura Hooper Calligraphy. Laura’s holiday collection offers a variety of festive goods that features Laura’s hand calligraphy and watercolor designs that are digitized for printing and transformed into a stunning work of art. Whether you are hosting a Christmas cocktail party or throwing a grand New Year’s bash, Laura Hooper Calligraphy has everything you need to decorate your home for the holidays.

Orobos NYC

You don’t have to compromise style for warmth with Orobos NYC. Each piece will make you look like your walking on a high fashion runway with this hip urban clothing company. These designs are inspired by a World Community, incorporating the best of various cultures in silhouettes, fabrics, details, fit and special touches. Slay this holiday season in Orobos NYC!

Unisex Gifts

Ebb & Flow Jewelry: Treat Yourself or Your BFF to a Piece of Brock O’Hurn’s Passion Project! 

Beautiful Jewelry from a Beautiful Man:) Ebb & Flow offers handmade jewelry by actor Brock O’Hurn, also named the “Most Handsome Man on the Internet” by Huffington Post. OH, YEAH! You read that right, the American heartthrob with over 2.3 million Instagram followers is not only making gorgeous jewelry but with every Ebb & Flow purchase, you’ll receive a signed picture of Brock himself. WHEW! Is it the holiday apple cider or did it just get a little hot in here?

Aminocare: Anti-Aging Skincare Essentials for Men and Women!

Want to keep soft, glowing skin this winter? Aminocare’s high-performance products are the most effective, natural anti-aging beauty remedies. Their skincare line is a MUST – especially for those with sensitive skin.  Choose from over 30 everyday skincare essentials with nourishing ingredients such as amino acids, potent anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and vitamin E, such as Aminocare Reverse Face Cream.

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Anti-Aging
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Renews damaged skin cells
  • Repairs imperfections
  • NO parabens, dyes, or mineral oil
  • never tested on animals
  • MEN’s Skincare line also available!
  • Available at stores nationwide and

Invigorate Oils 

From family road trips to the daily commute, we spend a lot of time in our cars. So, why do we settle for those overpowering, headache-inducing car fresheners? For everyone who likes the clean, natural scents of essential oils in their homes, there’s finally a way to enjoy them on-the-go with the Invigorate Car Essential Oil Diffuser. With the Invigorate Car Essential Oil Diffuser you can tackle your day surrounded by your favorite aromas. It’s the perfect gift for friends and family who want to live more naturally, love essential oils, or could benefit from the calming and healing power of scent.

Dew Puff: The Best Natural Skincare Tool for Guys and Girls!

Looking for an easy and affordable stocking-stuffer for the guys and girls in the family? You can’t go wrong with the Dew Puff konjac sponge, as seen in Comso! 

Dew Puff is a must-have for everyone who wants healthy, fresh and blemish-free skin. This one simple skincare tool cleans, exfoliates, and refreshes, leaving your face feeling like a baby’s butt! The Dew Puff is:

  • all natural
  • chemical and preservative free
  • vegan approved
  • reusable
  • eco-friendly
  • able to be used with any cleanser or soap, or even without!
  • perfect for every skin type
  • only $8.00 each at, Amazon, and high end spas / stores nationwide!
  • click here to view a demo video of Dew Puff.

Hot Logic Mini

This one of a kind portable mini oven cooks meals from scratch, reheats leftovers and keeps food HOT for hours! It’s truly a “smart oven” and whether you’re a 7 or 87, using the Hot Logic Mini is a cinch! With no tricky buttons, dials or timers, the Hot Logic Mini makes it impossible to overcook a meal as it doesn’t go past boiling point. Just pop a meal in the bag, plug it in and off you go. Eat in a hour, or 8 hours later. Food will be cooked (or reheated) to perfection.

A Must-Have Kitchen Tool for Everyone!

The NEW magic Opener COMBO is something everyone should have in their kitchen. As seen on the Today Show, this one handy tool helps open an array of various sized bottle caps and cans. It’s a must-have for those who has trouble opening caps and lids of any size!

Super easy to use, magic Opener COMBO can twist, flip and pop open practically all of your favorite beverages and food cans with no problem. Watch this short demo video by clicking here

  • Opens 16 popular brand bottle and can cap sizes
  • includes a can opener for soda cans and larger food can pull-tabs
  • Includes 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked
  • Available online here. 
  • $29.84

Funktional Wearables: Gifts for the Fit Man in your Life 

Whether you are at work, out to dinner or at a special event, you can track your heart rate and steps in a discreet and fashionable way with the NEW Fitbit Charger from Funktional Wearables. Try the sleek and smooth HR Protective Covers; made with the perfect mix of protection, durability, and fashion-forward elements, these protective covers add maximum security to your activity tracker and are also interchangeable.Currently available in 2 designs and 10 finishes, these lightweight protective covers are designed for both men and women and are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel.