Posts Written On January 12, 2017

Lomo’Instant Automat Review – A Retrospective Blast from the Past.

Technology is always advancing. Just twenty years ago, it would be hard to catch everyday moments if you didn’t have a camera around you. But with the convenience of smartphone cameras, it has been increasingly easier to capture these every day occurrences that are important to you. But what has become a convenience, also has dropped in significance. Photos no longer hold the same weight as it did once. It almost feels like the art form has been dwindled to just another simple commodity. This is where the Lomo’Instant Automat appears. The Automat deviates from this monotony and brings it to the palm of your hand for true candid captures.

Anyone can look amazing with a quick shot on the Automat

Every shot with the Automat feels like the perfect shot. Starting from the two simple modes (Auto and Manual), you’re given a lot more freedom to play around with the various modes. What is a nice feature, is the Zone Focusing on the Automat. It gives you 3 options (Portrait, Group and Landscape) so you can feel in control with your shots. Powered by 2 CC batteries*, it lasts for a while and I never had to worry about running out of juice while I was out taking shots.

You also have one of Automat’s best features, which is its Automatic Mode. It hones in to the best possible lighting/shutter speed and aperture to create an amazing image, so you don’t have to go through all the trouble of trying to set it up. For newcomers who are trying to get great shots no matter what, this is best go-to option.

The camera comes with a fixed 35mm lens, but Lomography has amazing accessories, such as various lens that you can attach to, if you want to get more technical with your shots.

The camera feels great to hold on, to especially with the lens strap that is provided to you. It fits snug in virtually any coat pocket and in a backpack as well. It takes Fujifilm Instax Mini* films, which are great pocket sized photos that look great to hang on any wall in your apartment/home. The Automat also has an LED Counter, that helps you keep track of how many shots you have left and how many you’ve taken thus far.

Something about the Automat that I personally enjoyed, is the convenience. All it takes is a one click on the side of the Lens to turn it on and I can get ready to take as many shots as I wanted to. It took me a few tries to play around with the settings, but each photo gets better then the last, creating memories to hold onto.

The biggest takeaway from any beginner who wants to have a memory of nostalgia, or to a veteran who wants to hone their craft in an unorthodox way, the Automat has a bit of both. This is a camera I recommend to anyone who wants to deviate from the norm and create captivating images that allow to express a different form of creativity.

*Reminder: Fujifilm Instax Mini and batteries are not included. You can find the Fujifilm Instax Mini in Lomography’s Online Shop.