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In Theaters January 20th 
Available on VOD February 1st
A Documentary That Takes a Rare Look At How Street Artists’ Attempts To Share 
Free Art With The Public Is Being Threatened By Art Dealers 
SAVING BANKSY is the true story of one misguided art collector’s attempt to save Banksy’s famous “Haight Street Rat” from destruction and the auction block. His efforts to save the Rat are met with threats from city officials, snubs from museums and a flurry of six-figure offers from art dealers who cannot wait to get their hands on the painting.
SAVING BANKSY is a rare behind the scenes look at how Banksy works and the secretive world of street art and graffiti. The film explores how Street Artists’ attempts to share free art with the public is being threatened by art dealers who remove paintings from walls and sell them for big money. “Saving Banksy” asks the question, ‘What would you do if you found a million dollar Banksy spray-painted on the side of your building?’
British artist Banksy is an international sensation. He has created some of the world’s most iconic street-art. His work is deemed illegal by authorities, but at auction Banksy street-paintings sell for hundreds-of-thousands of dollars. While his work is created for the public, Banksy paintings are being removed by art dealers and re-sold at auction for huge profits, and the artist receives nothing.
SAVING BANKSY was directed by Colin Day with narration by Paul Polycarpou, and features interviews with top Street and Graffiti artists from across the globe, including Ben Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E Friedman.
Directed by: Colin Day

Produced by: Mike Tarrolly, Eva Boros, Paul Polycarpou

Executive Producers: Kevin Zinger, Eva Boros and Brian Greif
Featuring: Ben Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen E Friedman.
Language: English
Genre: Documentary

01/20/17 – New York, NY @ Cinema Village
01/20/17 – Hollywood, CA @ Arena Cinelounge
01/13/17 – Phoenix, AZ @ Film Bar
01/20/17 – San Francisco, CA @ The Roxie
01/20/17 – Portland, OR @ Cinema 21
01/27/17 – New Orleans, LA @ The Zeitgeist
01/27/17 – Tempe, AZ @ Harkins Valley Art
01/27/17 – Ithaca, NY @ Cinemapolis
01/27/17 – Portland, OR @ Hollywood Theatre
01/27/17–  Albuquerque, NM @ The Guild Cinema
02/03/17 – Columbus, Oh @ Gateway FC
02/03/17 – Chicago, IL @ Siskel Film Center
02/03/17 – Buffalo, NY @ The Screening Room
 02/03/17 – Peoria, IL @ Landmark Cinemas

Travel-friendly boats pack away in a backpack

Paying to do any type of water activity while you’re on vacation or traveling can get pricy and most of the time you’re confined to a set amount of time doing the activity.  Innova Kayaks makes inflatable and portable boats that can be set up in 10 minutes or less and are made from rubber-coated Nitrylon™ fabric, which is rugged and superior quality over ones made from PVC. The boats are easily and conveniently folded into its own drybag/backpack, meaning no need for a car rack or trailer to haul it and it can easily be taken on a plane. Innova Kayaks make a range of products from single person kayaks, like the Twist l, to a fishing boat that can easily accommodate a 3 HP motor, like the Innova ALFONSO.

Instead of trying to find space in an overcrowded garage or parking one on the side of the house, Innova Kayak makes it possible to store a fishing boat in the closet or even under the bed. Well known for making kayaks and canoes easier to store, Innova is announcing the introduction of a new fishing-specific kayak and canoe to its inflatable boat lineup.

Innova’s first inflatable kayak designed for fishing, the Halibut is a single-person kayak. It is designed for stability without sacrificing speed and agility in the water. The floor of the boat is equipped with a slip resistant floor planks making it possible to easily balance while standing in the Halibut and maintain a strong stance for casting and reeling. Measuring 12 ft. 3 in. long and 36 in. wide, the Halibut can be maneuvered into extremely tight and shallow bodies of water normally found in hard-to-reach and inaccessible locations.

The boat packs down into 27 in. x 18 in. x 12 in. and weighs 46 lb. with a load capacity of 211 lb. The Halibut features a high standing, adjustable seat, to make boarding and landing a little easier with gear. The Halibut comes equipped with a fishing rod holder, a metal sonar probe bracket and rubber lines for securing gear and tackle boxes. Other workings of the Halibut inflatable fishing kayak include: a bracket board, water bottle holder, bow/stern lines, safety lines on each side, grab handles, a tracking fin, a safety release valve in the bottom of the boat and repair kit. The Halibut is shipped to buyers inside a reusable transport bag.

Innova’s other new addition to its fishing line is the Alfonso. The Alfonso is an inflatable fishing canoe that can to accommodate long fishing adventures as well as paddle trips on lakes and rivers. The Alfonso features a transom that can accommodate a small motor, and two fishing rod holders.

Like the Halibut, the Alfonso also has slip resistant floorboards to reinforce stability, lines for storing gear, a water bottle holder, a safety relief valve, repair kit and transport bag. Additionally, the Alfonso offers the option to use traditional canoe oars with oarlock holders built into the boat. It also features two slip resistant plywood seat boards that can be placed over the inflatable seats to create a hard surface for cleaning fish.

The Alfonso can transport up to three passengers. It measures 14 ft. long, 48 in. wide and has a load capacity of 903 lb. Its packed dimensions are 22 in. x 18 in. x 10 in. and its packed weight is 76 lb.

The Halibut has an MSRP of $1,199 and the Alfonso retails for $1,599. To find a retailer or to purchase the Halibut or Alfonso online, visit

About Innova Kayak

Innova Kayak is a North American distributor of popular European inflatable kayaks, manufactured by Gumotex in the Czech Republic. Founded over 20 years ago, Innova promotes and sells flat water and moderate white water inflatables, boats that are light, can be stored in small places, carried to remote locations, checked in on commercial aircraft, set up quickly, and be on the water in a matter of minutes.

Located in Burlington, Washington, Innova has dealers ranging from small shops to some of the largest retailers in the US and Canada. Innova kayaks can be found both online and in many brick and mortar store locations.