SoapSox Launches Disney Line of Bath Toys Perfect for Easing Bath Time Anxiety

I am over the moon about this specific bath toy! My daughter loves bath time, however, she cries the first few seconds every time I put her in. Having a plush Minnie Mouse with her, definitely eases her initial uneasiness.

I love the fact that you can insert soap directly into the toy, so it’s not only a fun addition to bath time, but it aides in the cleaning process too. And clean up is easy! I throw mine right into the wash, or, you can hang to dry just like you would with a loofah. We have Minnie, but various other Disney characters are available as well.

Since it’s plush and kid-friendly, it can hang out with your child outside the bath as well. Wet or dry, it’s such a great toy to keep handy.

SoapSox Disney Bath Toys retail for $14.95, and are available to purchase on their website:


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