Hair La Vie for Dry Winter Hair

Since I prefer to use organic beauty products, I am always on the lookout for new organic products on the market. Sometimes, it takes me a handful of tries until I find one that I like because I’m super picky. I recently started using the Hair La Vie collection from La Muse Beauty. When the cooler temperatures roll around, my hair and scalp get dry, and I needed something that doesn’t only address the moisture in my hair, but the moisture in my scalp. I noticed a difference after about 2 weeks.

My absolute favorite item is the Moroccan Repair Serum. As long as you start at the tips of your hair and work your way up to the root, it isn’t greasy at all. Plus it smells fantastic! My hair is balayaged at the moment, so the coloring products have made my hair more frizzy than usual, and the serum smooths it just right without it looking “piecy” if that makes sense.

I use the serum on my towel dried hair as opposed to after it’s already dry. If your hair is extremely frizzy, try it both ways; you might prefer one way or the other.

The shampoo has a thinner consistency than I’m used to, so I pour it right onto my hair instead of putting it in my hand first, so I don’t waste any. But it lathers up nicely (even without SLS) unlike some of the other organic shampoos I’ve tried. I NEED that lather!!! One of the shampoo’s ingredients is tea tree essential oil which great for scalp imbalances. It also has a cooling sensation on your scalp upon application.

The conditioner is really thick which I love. It really seals in the moisture which as I mentioned, gets sucked right out of my hair in the colder months. It also doesn’t leave a residue behind, like some conditioners do. It is a wonderful detangler as well, for those of you with long locks that brush your hair in the shower after conditioning.

All in all, if you struggle with dryness or damage (who doesn’t?!), I really recommend these products. They also have a hair mask and vitamins if you struggle with hair thinning. Check out their entire line of products here:

Revitalize & Restore Shampoo and Conditioner: $43.50 each/8fl. oz each
Moroccan Repair Serum: $29.50/2fl. oz.


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