Posts Written On December 23, 2016

Craft Memories This Holiday Season With Paper Punk

per Punk is the perfect stocking stuffer and gift for family and friends alike this holiday season.

I got these two gift sets, one is for my nephew, another is for myself and my boyfriend. This is definitely the perfect holiday gift choice, because people can playing this no matter they are young or old.

So let’s be busy doing this “paper work” with fun! This holiday season take matters into your own hands with Paper Punk – the best new gift for the creative on your list! Exercise your creativity using colorful 2D flat shapes that can transform your holiday get-up into a bold, 3D geometric shaped display. Paper Punk is a creative tool that helps bring the tangible world to life using your own hands.

Keep your little ones busy creating robots, unicorns, puppies, kittens and more while dinner is being prepared or even use these toys as a family bonding activity.

#MakeSomething with Paper Punk, an innovative paper-based building toy that provides endless imaginative and creative play for kids and the kid at heart.

With a few simple folds, colorful 2D flat shapes transform into bold 3D geometric pieces to create spectacular looking paper toys and art forms. Create and personalize your own magical unicorn, fold your way to a cool robot or Paper Punk yourself a cute little pet. Includes over 170 fun stickers so you can boldly transform your paper creations . No scissors or glue required. Available kits include Ape, Robot, Unicorn, Pup and Kitty.

More Ideas:


For boys and gentlemen, RIDE001 or URBAN FOLD .

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Review – Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (XBox One)

I’ll be honest. Prior to watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I have never seen a Star Wars movie. I also have never played a Lego game either, at least not in its entirety. So as a newcomer, I was in awe to see how the two franchises came together to weave a well structured game, not only in story, but in game design.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a beautiful game. From the moment you are thrown into the Battle of Endor, you encounter beautiful, lush environments and vivid colors that surround the area. It’s hard to believe that you’re looking at Lego blocks when the texture quality keeps you focused on the characters and your surroundings. The LEGO designs of famous Star Wars machines also look amazing. Whether you are riding on the X Wing or AT-ST, it looked nice to see them designed as LEGO’s. The cinematics are stunning, and the smaller details made me anticipate for the cut scenes in between gameplay.

Explosions look great in LEGO form.

The game keeps true to the story line of Star Wars Episode VI/VII, adding on light-hearted humor to appeal to its younger audiences while still having bits of adult humor. The game doesn’t take itself too serious, but has a good balance between its quirky and serious moments. I had a few good laughs throughout the main story and I often walked around just to hear the small character dialogues. The scene where Kylo Ren makes his appearance and has trouble using his lightsaber will be one of my favorite moments in the game.

Its ok, you’re still one of my favorite villains in the series.

When it comes to character controls, they are pretty straight forward. As the story progresses, you start to have the option to juggle between characters, each with their own quirks. Whats great about each character is that they feel different but play similarly. For example, Poe and Han Solo attack differently with their combination attacks, but they each have a grappling hook.

The characters themselves are important to advance the story and help unlock different areas and can help with various puzzles throughout the game. I had a bit of difficulty adjusting myself to swapping between the various characters, but it got easier once I found a flow to it. The overall difficulty of the game varies in terms of puzzles, but there are unlimited lives and immediate respawns. There’s no real penalty for death, so you can die as often as you’d like during a boss battle and not have to worry about starting from the beginning.

What stood out to me were the shoot outs. They were fast paced and the graphics also gave them another layer of intensity. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens brought the scenario to life, while I was scrambling to duck and cover and find the right button to press through out these fights. However, the game auto locks to your target, so it becomes easier and doesn’t take a lot of effort on your end. Regardless, it kept the game fresh at crucial times.

star wars, lego, poe

The flight combat was also nice to play, even though it felt a bit too fast paced at times. However, you experience close quarters flying as well as open range. Its tougher to dodge in close quarters but it feels like a high flying pursuit chase against the enemies, and the game is essentially piloting the ship for you. Open range feels very much like any other space shooter, with easier controls, such as flying backwards/dodging with one button. It still looks visually pleasing, and the objectives are simple enough. Once again, the cost of death isn’t too high, and you’ll respawn close to where you last left off.

The puzzles were anywhere between simple and difficult, but they were never frustrating. A lot of the puzzles involve swapping between characters and their special abilities (Poe and his grappling hook, or BB-8 and his hacking skills). You also know what characters you will need, just by hovering over the puzzle itself. You’ll start to feel the monotony of certain character puzzles, but the combat and exploring takes care of that on its own.

While you can advance through the game rather easily, there is an incentive to go back to worlds that you’ve traveled before and get more unlockables that you couldn’t get with other characters. There is an endless amount of replayability in this game that adds in a few extra hours, without feeling like a chore.

Closing Thoughts
While the game itself is targeted towards younger audiences, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of either Star Wars or loves playing LEGO games. The puzzles are fun, the fighting feels smooth and there is an endless amount of fun for multiplayer co-op. This is a great addition for any gamer in your household for the Holidays.

Rating: 8.5/10


How To Achieve Gorgeous Holiday Looks

‘Tis the season to treat your loved ones, but why shouldn’t you indulge your own needs and look and feel as gorgeous as ever this holiday season?! Now you can, thanks to the latest innovation from the brand that revolutionized the cosmetics application industry/process:  BRUSHCRAFT by Artis!

This new addition to high-end, cult-favorite, Artis Brush, BrushCraft offers modern makeup brushes to those who consider make up an artistry and are looking to achieve a fast, flawless finish. Continuing to transform the beauty industry with his unique and forward-looking perspective, Matthew Waitesmith, Artis Founder, and creative visionary, created BrushCraft to address the challenges of makeup “self-application”. He wanted to deliver superior cosmetic performance with a line that combines ergonomics with design, function, and performance.

With a twist on the traditional makeup brush to make it more maneuverable and easy-to-use, Artis has rewritten the story. He created accessible makeup brushes that offer a fun, yet efficient makeup application process. By turning the fibers at a right angle, using trademarked, man-made and engineered NuFibre, and including many more fibers in each bundle than in conventional animal hair brushes, BrushCraft improves performance and provides better makeup results every time you use these brushes.

The BrushCraft Makeup Brush – The Components:

·         BrushCraft Linear 1 – This brush is designed to help make a line of color easier. The Linear 1 has a thin row of fibers aligned perfectly so that you can pick eyeshadow or liner and by gently pulling the brush across the skin, you can create a thin line of makeup. Great for lining eyes, or filling in and perfecting brows. 

·         BrushCraft Circle 1R – This brush contains a fiber bundle that is a cylinder shape, but with a rounded domed top at the fiber tips. The shape and size make it great for applying eyeshadow and blending, spot concealing, focused contouring, and lip color.

·         BrushCraft Oval 3 – The Oval 3 is the perfect size and shape for applying eyeshadow products to the lid area. You can do an all-over application of color, or use it to emphasize the outside corners of the lid or along the upper and lower lash lines. Also good for applying concealer to areas under the eyes.

·         BrushCraft Oval 6 – This is the perfect size and shape brush for applying foundation, contour, and blush. Pick up a small amount of product and gently sweep it across the area of the face you want to cover. This brush has over 60,000 individual fibers in the bundle, which is the main reason it applies and blends product beautifully.

Most makeup artists—and the same is true for most makeup wearers—only use a few brushes to achieve the majority of results. However, the industry tells consumers to have a brush for every single part of the face and every single product. BrushCraft by Artis believes it’s better to have a few great brushes, each doing many different applications. which can work with many different formulas.

The BrushCraft Makeup Brush retails for $18.50 – $24.50.