Posts Written On December 04, 2016

The best gift to give this season!

The gift of timeless art is extremely underrated. This holiday seasons give some one the world, with MOVA Minis! With new designs, there is sure to be a globe or work of art that matches any room in your home!

Give Someone the World with MOVA Minis

On the quest for a one-of-a-kind gift? Nothing says “You mean the world to me” better than a stellar MOVA Mini by MOVA Creations. A technological and decorative marvel, the MOVA Mini collection is a mesmerizing gift packed with endless wonder. Choose from 7 gorgeous mini globes that range from Vincent Van Gogh’s legendary masterpiece “Starry Nights” to a red hot and ultra-romantic, heart themed globe.

MOVA® Minis use ambient light and the earth’s magnetic field to stimulate its perpetual movement. Each globe is a well-engineered masterpiece that requires the highest level of detail, precision and craftsmanship. Captivating and alluring, MOVA® Minis create a tranquil environment to incite peace of mind, relaxation, and serenity. MOVA® Minis are one of the world’s only globes that are assembled by hand!


  • Luxury home décor: accurate recreations of landscapes with 3D imaging and printing that add an upscale style to your home.
  • Whimsical movement and shape: globes rotate continuously on their own creating a peaceful and elegant atmosphere.
  • Truly one-of-a-kind: a variety of artists, such as fine-art painters and specialized globe artists have used their talent to create the masterpiece MOVA® Mini.
  • No batteries required: MOVA® Minis are powered by discreet high-tech solar panels and magnetic elements.

MOVA® Minis remain timeless with thoughtful aesthetics, precision technology, and upscale artistic design. Using only the finest materials with highest quality imagery and patented technology with eco-conscious design, MOVA® Minis are a unique addition to luxury and décor markets. Starting at $110, this is a beautiful way to bring valuable serenity into the home or office today.