Posts Written On December 01, 2016

In the Biz: DABBA


I had a chance to interview Laura and Janis, founders of DABBA at Cosmoprof Asia to find out more about them and their brand’s inspiration. Millennial Entrepreneurs all have one thing in common, they really go for it! No excuses, no greediness, no shortcuts and 100% putting something into the universe that matters and has a message.

DABBA are fine, nuanced, genuine plant extracts – created for different people and different events. Souls of northern plants enticed out of their meadows at the perfect time, hour of the day and temperature and transformed into blossom water to enrich, satiate and harmonise your life and sing the beautiful and profound story of this land, Latvia.

DABBA floral waters are always made of fresh, certified organic, powerful plants, juicy fruit, colorful flowers and wild tree leaves according to the ECOCERT standard for organic cosmetics*. DABBA floral waters are made with 100% natural ingredients, 99% of which are from organic farming.

I have been using and loving my Apple Water from DABBA since we met a few weeks ago! Thank you for your time 🙂

Where are you from/where do you live?

After university years in Rīga and few more years traveling around the globe I have settled in Cēsis which is a small and charming historical town in Northern Latvia.

If there was a theme song in your life, what would it be?

Hard to pick one song and call it a theme. My playlist is changing constantly but if I have to choose one let it be Les Enfants du Paradis by World’s End Girlfriend.


What advice would you give to someone who wants to do what you do?

This is something that you may have heard many times before but you have to love what you do to be the best at it. This is how you judge each step you make, think of it in terms “I love it” or “Not”. If you don’t love your designs, your ideas, your products, blog posts.. no one will.


What is the key to being successful/to stand out in your industry?

I guess you have to start with some smaller things than the whole industry. For example I do feel that DABBA range of Floral Waters is successful and sets the standard to many other producers which is due to the uncompromising quality level and the story behind the concept. This is all about taking your own experience your own ideas and reflecting them on your brand and products.

What is your favorite quote?

I do believe that even the most unfortunate things (seemingly) are bringing you towards something better, something that you may not be able see from where you stand at that moment.

Where can people find you online?