November Hotness – 9th Annual Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

Last week at BEMF was a success, as they brought a plethora of cutting edge music to Brooklyn.

There were so many great music artists played at the festival.

Full lineup:

Anna Homler & Jorge Martin: Breadwoman * Amtrac * Angel-Ho * Asquith * Barnt * Ben Sims * Ben Vida * Benji B * Chino Amobi * Danny Daze * Diamond Terrifier Cipher w/ Don Devore & Michael Beharie * DJ’s Nina and Nicely * DJ Qu * Function * Greg Gow * Gobby * Greg Fox * Gunnar Haslam * Honey Dijon * Infinity Ink * Jey Kurmis * Jimmy Edgar * Joey Anderson * Jon Fay * Jubilee * Justin Cudmore * Kerri Chandler * Kidnap Kid * King Britt * Levon Vincent * Mary Yuzovskaya * Mike Servito * RAMZi * Roisin Murphy * Route 8 (Live) * Silent Servant * The Black Madonna * Tristan Perich* Truncate * Turtle Bugg

Here are some photos that you could get the idea how cool it was! (Credit: Zachary Filkoff / Ross Figlerski)

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BEMF’s goal is to showcase the music and creative community intertwined with Brooklyn’s electronic music scene, and highlight its place in the global community. The ever changing milieu of Brooklyn, the influence it wields given its place in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic major cities and the rapidly changing landscape of American dance music, provide BEMF a unique position to foster a dialogue around dance music that extends beyond any dancefloor or Borough delineation.

BEMF’s venue partners include some of the Borough’s most reputable spaces, including Output, Analog BKNY, Good Room, The Knockdown Center, Trans-Pecos and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Partnering with multi-disciplinary creative hub Trans-Pecos to host South African artist and NON Records Co-Founder Angel-Ho. In alignment with this focus on non-traditional venues, BEMF has announced their 11/11 showcase at an undisclosed underground venue featuring Levon Vincent, Joey Anderson, and Mary Yuzovskaya.

As a continuation of their cross-medium, culturally entrenched programming BEMF has created the TRANSFERENCE series in collaboration with Sam Hillmer and RVNG at The Knockdown Center. New this year, TRANSFERENCE offers three nights of electronic music fused with visual arts practice with uniquely choreographed, audio-visual experiences like Airport Music for Black Folks featuring NON Record’s Chino Amobi choreographed by Richard Kennedy, Diamond Terrifier Cipher with Don Devore and Michael Beharie, Breadwoman with Anna Homler & Jorge Martin, plus standalone performances by RAMZi, Gobby, Greg Fox, DJ’s Nina and Nicely, Suzi Analogue/VHVL, Ben Vida, and Tristan Perich.


Want to know more about BEMF and get ready for the next year? Click here,

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