Educational Toys by EduShape for the Littles



Ever since becoming a new mom in February, I’ve been obsessing over keeping my baby occupied and mentally stimulated. Now that she’s almost 9 months old, her eyes gravitate to the TV whenever it’s on which freaks me out.

I discovered Space Links by Edushape. Similar to Legos, they are colorful, chubby links that strategically fit together, and are the perfect distraction from the TV and cell phone. They are supposed to build motor skills, visual development, and hand-eye coordination which is huge. I gave them to my daughter a little early, as the ideal age would be around 12+ months, however, she’s super into them. She hasn’t figured out how to link them yet, but loves the colors and shapes, and is getting more and more interested in how they operate. The best part is that they are easy to grip for her tiny little hands and fingers, giving her the confidence to grasp as many as possible with both hands, it’s so cute!


I plan to gift these to my soon-to-be-mom and mom friends as they are a bit out of the ordinary, yet very practical for young children.

More info on Space Links and other educational toys by EduShape can be found on their website:

Happy momming!


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